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Don't dream about dating clubs!

hello everyone!This is Tsukishima.

Today I would like to talk about the reality of dad life.

More than enough sales pitches to inflate dreams

If you search for the word Papa-katsu,

[I bought a tower apartment! ]

[I'm getting 100 million a month! ]

I think you can see it on various sites.

More than enough sales pitches to inflate the dream.I think there are many women who have various thoughts about such words.


Certainly beautiful women like models, actresses and idols,

High-spec women who have some kind of special skill may get a pawn and such a dreamy story.



There are only a handful of women like that.

It's better to look at reality.It's not that sweet in the world.

If you're just a little cuter than usual, you won't get such a good story.


Anyone who meets the passing standards in terms of appearance, personality, and determination will be able to register.

However, I think there are already a lot of girls who are normal to slightly cute among the ultimate beauties.


For once, replace yourself with ugly.

So here is what Tsukishima is chanting this time! ! !

A comedian said on TV.

[Replace yourself with ugly once]
I think it's really good.For once, replace yourself with ugly.

I asked a friend who wants to do dad activities from now on about dad activities.

First, Mr. A

(22 years old, normal face, high school graduate hostess.)

"I don't know because I've never done it, but if I go to a hotel, I want 10 to 20~"

yes! ! ! !Not! !

The person who hits such a dad is a lottery level.

Daddy life is often not more than I imagined.

Mr. Yukichi is reliable, and you can get overwhelmingly more than daily payment,

Some even say XNUMX. (actually was)

Of course, there are people who give more, but not at all.It's better to think that my pocket money has grown hair.

In what ways are you better than other people?

First of all, I would like to ask

What specs do you have that are second to none? ?

A beautiful look that is second to none?

Speaking ability?

SEX power?

In what ways are you better than other people?

So, as I said earlier, please [replace yourself with ugly once].

I wish I could receive more allowance than I imagined

・Can you give yourself this much? ?

at least

・That's about it because it's ugly.

and.yes.You don't have to get hurt.


When I thought I was ugly, I was just treated a little kindly
Humility and kindness to me! !
A heart of kindness and service in return is born.
Don't you think a warm world will be born? (smile)

Arrogance will eventually lead to conflict with the other party.

"I'm cute.Of course I got this much.』

This arrogance will eventually lead to conflict with the other party.

you have to.

Consider yourself ugly for once.

I have to be kind because I'm ugly.
I'm ugly, so maybe I should do this.

I want to be beautiful because I'm ugly.
It's ugly, so I think it's better to dress up a little.

May I.Beautiful women are cool in T-shirts and jeans.

Can you wear it cool?

Tsukishima is just a girl who goes to rock music shows.

Let's have the humility that most women in the world are ugly and I am one of them.


I digressed a little.

I think 10 is a little big money even for a rich person.

It's up to you to make or polish the value that you can get.

There is room for growth.for all women.Just know your current worth.

I had such a hard time, but I can only get this

What a Zara.It was just such an encounter.

So don't dream too much.There are many rich men who are stingy.

May I? ?Do you know where people's feelings of [disappointment] come from?



It is born from

Because I have a lot of expectations.It's like that because you can inflate your dreams on your own.

What is the point of joining a dating club?

Absolute peace of mind.There is no such thing as not getting it.

Isn't it very reassuring just to lose 0? ?

If you don't understand, please read Tsukishima's article here.


It is very important to be able to work with peace of mind.

Don't expect too much and act humbly!


Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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