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How to make a difference in dad life Vol.2

daddy understands everything

I'm sure you all are loved by your wonderful father.

I am one of them, and I am loved and cared for by various fathers.

Every day, I try not to forget my gratitude to the men who have become my father.

So, how do you deal with the dads who have contracts? When I say correspondence, what I'm talking about is how we interact.

For example, he smiles every time we meet, and he touches his body a lot.

Why am I talking like this? In other words, the other day I had a friend who was working as a father just like me.

It seems that the child has created quite a character for the father he has a contract with and is able to perform well.

That's why I purposely pretended not to understand. (When I heard the story, it sounded pretty stupid.)

So I told her.

``I'm sure that father will definitely know about ○○-chan's real character, right?''

I'm sure women who have been dads for a long time will understand, but don't all dads basically see this as amazing? I feel like I'm being watched when I'm less nervous.

The moment a woman lets her guard down, her true nature always comes out.

Especially after sex or when you wake up in the morning.

Most men who become fathers don't miss the moment.

From what I've seen, almost all men feel that way.

That's why when I have a request for my dad, he can read my mood in advance and ask me first.

To that extent, my father is watching and understands many things. (This is just based on my experience with the men I've had contracts with.)

That's why I don't think small tricks will work for dads.

So, how can you get an advantage in your father's career?

In my case, I basically try not to praise my dad unnecessarily or smile more than necessary.

Even if someone buys something for me.

Of course, I'm talking about the minimum level of courtesy, so don't get me wrong.

What I'm trying to say is to refrain from exaggerated behavior such as being overly happy or excited.

All the women around me who are also active fathers seem to be more excited than necessary and express their joy for their fathers.

I think I've probably done that in the past too.

But one day I realized something.

That's the part that says, ``Is Dad really looking for such an exaggerated way of joy from me?''

That is not all.

Will praising dad more than necessary create a good bond? That's the point.

Certainly, as a person, if you give something as a gift or take care of something to make the other person happy, you probably don't feel bad about doing it.

However, I thought about this through my father's life.

What if we thought of this as a normal, everyday occurrence for dads? Isn't she seen as a woman who has something to offer? That's right.

I wonder if there will be a bond with my dad or a relationship of trust? That's what I thought.

Of course, since you're a dad, it's natural to have such interactions with men, and I'm sure there are many women who want that.

But what if you look at it from a long-term perspective through the life of a father with that man? Can we really have a long-lasting relationship? And each time, he praises them needlessly and exaggerates his joy.

If I were a man, I'd probably get bored.

Of course, it's not a bad thing to be happy, and I don't think it's a bad thing to praise someone either.

I'm talking about the "strengths and weaknesses" of this.

If you stay “strong” all the time, won’t you become paralyzed? That's what I'm talking about.

How to express to my dad

When I receive something from my father, I always try to smile once or twice and express slight joy.

When Dad asks me to help him with something, I try to thank him in a simple manner, rather than being overly excited.

Why is that?

The reason is simple.

Up until now, when I've been observing the dads I've signed contracts with, I've found that they take my reactions seriously, and they often take it as a serious thank you.

Besides, while spending time with daddy, not praising him unnecessarily can actually be good for daddy.

How would you feel if you were praised by someone who doesn't always praise you? Can't you feel the joy multiplied many times over? I'm exactly that type.

Of course, this doesn't apply to all men.

However, if you praise your child unnecessarily, even his father may look at you with suspicion and ask, ``Are you really meaning it?'' (In my experience, when this happens, it is difficult to repair.)

Also, there are dads who have contracts with multiple women.

Only the father who said that would be extremely attractive.

Wouldn't you get bored if all the other women had the same reaction to your dad? Don't you think it's difficult to get someone to think of you as special unless you take a different approach? It goes without saying that if everyone around you is more beautiful than you, you will be at a disadvantage in the long run unless you do something about it.

So, I came to the conclusion that ``normal is the best option.''

Yes, everything is normal.

It means to face your father and express yourself while keeping common sense in mind.

After all, you don't usually have such an exaggerated reaction when you receive something, right? You don't praise people unnecessarily, do you? Once she got to know her father enough, he no longer doubted her, and most of all, he no longer asked her, ``Are you sure you really thought that?''

Is this proof that you have built a relationship of trust with your father? That's what I think.

The better you become as a father, the more female rivals you will have, and women who lack self-confidence may be kicked down.

However, if you naturally come to the above analysis and are able to respond to your father, you may be surprised that he will look at you in a different way from how he looks at other women. .

After all, I can feel what I said every day from my dad, so why not give it a try?

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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