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NG manners and clothes at luxury hotels

A new year has begun.

I think there are not many people who have started a new life.There may be many difficult things in your unfamiliar life, but please do your best.

Hello everyone!This is Tsukishima.

Dinner at the hotel restaurant in the lobby of the luxury ○○ hotel where the meeting place has never been!

It often happens when you are doing dad life.

And in such a luxury hotel【Dress code】There is

Do you know specifically what kind of clothes are acceptable and what are not? ?

I don't know.Such things

However, it is said that women's clothes are not so strict.

So, this time, I would like to talk about what to wear when dining at a hotel for women.


First of all, when meeting at the hotel, as a major premise[Do not use overly exposed styles].

[Bare feet are not good manners]is not it.

About NG clothes and items

as useless clothes


·mini skirt

・Damaged denim

·No sleeve

・Short pants

Avoid anything that exposes too much or is inappropriate.


There are also useless items.


·Ruck sack


・ Sandals

·Knee-high boots

・Long necklace, large bracelet (Also avoid anything that might hit the plate and make noise. )

The above frank impression fashion is not suitable for a luxury hotel.

Try to avoid it.

Also, just because it is a dress or dress,

・A tight dress that shows off your body line

・ Extreme mini length

・Highly revealing dress

The above is also NG.

It is better not to think that it is more erotic to show your body line because it is a dad activity.

Invisible eroticism rather than visible eroticism

It's invisible eroticism rather than visible eroticism.

The eroticism you are showing is not classy.Valleys are vulgar in such places.

Men are embarrassed if the woman walking next to them doesn't follow their manners.

Clothes don't have to be expensive, and you don't have to decide hard.

Why don't you just remember the rules of ng and choose clothes?


About table manners

Also, table manners are something you have to learn.


Tsukishima wasn't confident either, so I did some research.

・Keep the noise low when eating

・It is also NG to speak loudly.

・ Do not lift dishes (Don't hold your glass when the waiter pours you waterstomach)

・Go to the bathroom first (no standing up while eating)

・Luggage should be kept to a minimum

It seems.

Tsukishima, I was holding a glass when I was given water without knowing it!It's a violation of good manners... (I learned a lot.)

Among the points of mannersIt is also NG to put lipstick on the glassIt was written!

(It is said that it is good to turn it off lightly before eating.)


Manners are difficult.

Tsukishima is also full of things he doesn't know.she is always studying

Women with long hair should tie it up.

Tsukishima was afraid of the manners of this hairstyle, so he cut it short (laughs)


If you know that you will be going in advance, be sure to check in advance.

There are still many things I can't write,

It's definitely better to read the etiquette sentences of someone who has learned and written more thoroughly than Tsukishima, who just did a little research.


The more I get involved in dad life,You can also study manners as an adult woman, so this is also the case with manners,It will also give you an opportunity to grow as a person.I think.

Tsukishima will do her best so that she can become a classy and wonderful woman!



Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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