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The reason why dad activities are useful because of the corona vortex

In the world, there is no sign of recovery from a monster named Corona.

Even if you look at the daily news, it is broadcast every day that the damage to the economy is immeasurable.

But is it really just the economy?That's what I think.

Who is the economy for?Yes, for us humans.

Isn't it becoming a world where even dreaming is not allowed?That's what I feel when I look at the media.

It may be just me, but don't you think that dreams and hopes are a guidepost necessary for living?No, it must be so.

Because there is no point in living in a world without dreams and hopes.

Japan has a lot of suicides.

I think that's where it all started.

There, this time's Corona Vortex.

Naturally, the number of suicides will increase like never before.

I also see that it is centered on young children.

The reason is that there is a disadvantage that the mental is overwhelmingly weaker than the elderly.

Women, in particular, still have a lower employment rate than men, even today.

And their income is lower than that of men.

This is reality.

Surely, all the women of the world understand and understand it and spend their days?

I am one of them.

It's a matter of course, but it may be a word that shouldn't be said when there's a lot of noise in the corona vortex like this.

I want to go out and do what I want to do.

I want to live a better life than I have now.

From the negative topic of corona, I want to create something I like and shift the topic to a positive one.

However, even if you only do ordinary work, your dreams and hopes are easily swept away by the wind like dust.

I see papa activities as a revolutionary way to save women in this corona time.

Speaking of beauty, I want to focus only on romance with my dad, and I don't want to think too much about life and money.

The reason is that dad activity = I don't want to ask for money.

But honestly, it's hard.

I was cornered to a level where I couldn't live without being a daddy.

I didn't want to complain to my dad.

But as expected, at the end of December 2020, I complained.


Dad just said one word to me.

Is it okay to overdo it?If you want to cry, you can cry, and if you need money, talk to me.

He said to me and gave me some pocket money.

To be honest, at that time, the burden on my shoulders was lifted and I cried with a feeling of weakness.

At that time, I had one thought.

Do not overdo it.

Yune should throw up in front of Papa.

And isn't papa katsu the only way to save young women in the Corona Vortex?thought she.

Conversely, is there a country that guarantees women who can't rely on their parents or relatives?

But my dad helps me.

Even if my mentality is broken, no one will help me.

But Papa is also the mouthpiece for that.

Of course, there are still many people in the world who do not have a very good impression of dad activities.

This is reality.

And it's not just a women's issue.

Same with men.

The world is full of negative aura.

There are many men who are tired and they look more natural in today's world.

If a woman who works as a father can give such a man a little comfort, it will be a win-win relationship, and I feel that this is also suitable for the current era, and it is a natural sight. It can also be said.

I'm sure the person who denies dad life is the one who can't see the contents?I often think so, is that also true?It's just that dad activity itself may be more subject to evaluation?

It is not even evaluated as one of the ways for women to live.

In times like these, the gap between rich and poor is easy to understand.

And in this era, what is important and what is unnecessary.

Honestly, I'm saved by papa katsu.

Of course, it's the same since before it became corona.

I recommend dad activity to people around me.

After all, being a dad isn't as dirty as people say it is.

Depending on the person, most people will say that it is prostitution or unclean, but before that, what is dad life like?Most people don't know.

From my point of view as a daddy, I feel like I'm being deprived of one of the ways women live.

Before that, by doing papa katsu.I hear that there are many people who are getting closer to their dreams and hopes, and I am one of them.

Papa activity is a job that gives comfort to men.

I think the media should just say this.

The reason is that minors are prohibited in the first place, and it is strange that others interfere in free romance between adults.

Do not you think so?

Of course, it may not be real love.

However, there are many people who feel blissful in such love.

It is true that there are places that are a little far from the real world.

For example, every time we meet, a woman like me, who usually has a low income, eats at a fancy restaurant.

It's unreal.

But the man I am with enjoys such an unrealistic space.

Wouldn't it be nice to have such a world?

I have one hypothesis.

I have a feeling that from around this year onwards, dad activities will begin to be more appreciated in the world.

Even now, there are quite a few dedicated matching apps that allow you to easily live with your dad.

And it is quite popular among women.

However, it is an app after all.

Signing up and meeting your dad at a dating club is a big difference.

The reason is that the app is only a simple one and has male standards.

However, dating clubs have a certain degree of screening, so from a woman's point of view, the chances of meeting a high-spec dad are high.

In 2021, I feel that the system of dad activity itself will evolve more and more.

For example, if there is an invitation from a dad you care about, you can automatically receive a notification from the app like Kuroneko, and you can see the picture and profile on the spot.

Of course, the same can be said for men.

In a nutshell, maybe Papa Katsu will be standardized as a profession for women in the wake of COVID-XNUMX?I'm making a prediction without permission.

It's just my wish that it would be nice to be able to do it.

Because honestly there is no such stable income despite the corona vortex.

I don't think it will collapse in any kind of recession.

After all, I have the impression that the people who become dads are not so affected by the economy.

It's just my theory, though.

No matter how big a company you enter, the chances of you being laid off are high these days.

However, you can say that dad activities are work, and you can say that you are taken care of in love.

I hate to say it, but there are some gray areas.

But is that the opposite in today's world?I think

After all, can you say that the economy is unstable = gray?I can see the future, but I can't see it.

Will you collapse?I don't know if it will collapse.

But Papa Katsu is honest and clear.

would you like to go out with me?break up?continue?Shall we continue?do you get some pocket money?won't you take it?

It's really simple, isn't it?

That's why men who don't like it can refuse from here.

A system that is kind to women, which is rare in this era.

In the future, I think that the more severe the corona vortex, the more this papa activity will come to life among women.

Because there is no other business that is so wonderful for women.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

Articles by Kumiko Mine

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