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my 2022 christmas eve

How did you spend your Christmas Eve this year?


Of course, you were a dad, right?By any chance, did you spend time with your real boyfriend?I think that Christmas Eve is a very important father's day for women.

The reason is because it's the last closing event of the year.

Also, this is my personal feeling, but I think it's also the day when daddy's purse strings loosen the most.

There are various events such as birthdays in a year, and to be honest, I am indebted to my dad every month.

But what is it?

I feel like I spend Christmas events with my dad every year, but there is something special inside me.

I always think about this time of year.

For example, is it because it's easy to create memories, or is it because you feel the cold air outside and then eat in a warm hotel, which creates an atmosphere?

For some reason, even though it's a Christian event, I'm spending time with my dad, and every year I'm surrounded by a unique atmosphere compared to my own birthday celebration.

Even when I go to see a movie with my dad, the conversation after the movie is more lively in the winter than in the summer, and I feel like I'm more likely to stick with it anywhere.

It's my feeling, but I love Christmas.

In 2022, I had a good time with my dad.

How did I spend Christmas Eve like that?Introducing.

In the first place, I don't have a real boyfriend. (It's embarrassing)

So, I didn't want to spend time alone, so I made plans for Christmas with my dad pretty early on. (That's what I remember she was talking about from September)

In 2022, it felt like the corona ruckus was settled, so I could go anywhere. (Don't be afraid of viruses)

That's how the second half of 2022 was uki.

So, I suggested that on the 24th, we go shopping first.

It's obvious, but it's not just my shopping.

I was planning to buy one for my dad too. (I can't buy expensive things)

It can't be helped that this is called calculation, but this kind of consideration is really important for dad life.

Many women go shopping for their own items.

But you know, it's not just words to express my gratitude to my dad, but it's also very important to attach actions like this.

The reason is that the father himself is from the side of us young women, and I think he can convey his feelings just by saying it in words.

But, in the first place, you chose us and supported us because you wanted to be with us, right?I think you can honestly say anything about women. (Of course it's also a lie)

However, by showing something together, the atmosphere of the place changes considerably, and something more than words can be conveyed.

In terms of feeling, it's the same as we receive money.

No matter how much your papa promises to support you, if it doesn't take shape, how serious do you feel?This should be the same for us as seen from the papas. (maybe it's just a matter of taste)

Therefore, when you go shopping with Papa, it's important not only to choose things for yourself, but to actually choose Papa's things, and it's also important to praise him.

Really, this alone will convince Papa and make him happy.

It's really important to make them feel like, "Oh, you're not with me just because you want things." (It also leads to thoughtfulness that connects with one dad for a long time)

In my case, I actually pay for it.

I've said it many times, but I can't buy something that expensive, so I won't buy it or choose it. (We recommend around 1 neckties and tiepins.)

Going back to the topic, this time I went shopping in Ginza.

At that time, the bill was about 20.

That's why I searched for a gift at around 1, which is XNUMX%.

Surprisingly, there aren't many things you can buy for 2 yen in Ginza, but that's not the case.

This year, I had a feeling that I wanted to send something different, so I watched various things with Papa.

Then, I found a thing called "Oh! This is good!"

It's a sneaker.

Actually, the dad I met always wore leather shoes for some reason.

I think it has something to do with age.

What about casual leather shoes?I always wondered, and I definitely thought sneakers were easier to walk.

If your legs are weak, isn't it better to wear sneakers that are lighter than leather shoes?I tried to recommend it to my dad.

So, instead of Nike, I asked them to look at branded sneakers together and try them on.

Then, my dad seemed to like the 3 yen, which is a little expensive for me.

So, I bought it a little and gave it as a gift on the spot.

In the store, I changed from leather shoes to sneakers and moved to the hotel restaurant I had reserved. (After all, I received a compliment that sneakers are easier to walk.)

This year the hotel was more crowded than last year.

A lot of people including tourists from the lobby. (It was saved because my dad made a reservation early.)

From there, enter the room once, change clothes lightly, and go to the restaurant in the hotel.

I had a little laugh here.

This may be a coincidence, or it may be my mistake.

I entered the restaurant, got to the table I had reserved, and looked around.

I never thought that.

The surroundings were full of women who were active as dads. (I will withhold the name of the hotel.)

I think that's probably the woman who has a contract with Papa.

When I asked why I thought so, the conversation was obviously strange.

Do daughters and fathers love each other so much at the table?That's what I thought.

But, for some reason, I felt a little happy.

Because there are so many people around me who are working as dads, and I don't have a real boyfriend, so I was thinking of spending time with my dad.

I had no idea there were so many people like me.

Also, I wonder if dad life itself is a pretty familiar job?I was able to feel. (This is my real knowledge that I happened to see on Christmas Eve.)

And, as usual after eating, my dad said to me in the elevator.

"Did you see the kids around you? That's definitely true, right?" (The feeling was the same as what I felt)

I'll leave it up to you to imagine how I spent my time at the hotel with my dad after this.

By the way, there are many rose petals scattered in the bath of the room, and I was able to taste the feeling of becoming a princess. (I thought that I would never have been able to experience such a bath unless I was working as a dad.)

Why is the smell of roses so wonderful?

This is how I spent my 2022 Christmas Eve.

Next time, let's talk about Christmas.

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