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don't miss christmas

Christmas Eve to Christmas

These two days are an important match to end my year.

Yes, it's the day of the match.

I think that women who are working as dads are probably quite conscious of it.

Of course, I am one of them.

I can't help but think that I'm a woman who just counts money, but these two days are also a turning point for me to think that it was a good year.

To be honest, in the last two days, I've been facing my father quite seriously, and if I didn't make any money at all, it's a day of competition to the extent that I think, "This year is over."

Of course, from the underwear to the appearance of the appearance, we use the regular team that has been carefully selected. (Never wear underwear for bench staff.)

I also have a passion for makeup. (I usually wear light makeup, but on this day, I spent three times as long as usual.)

This time, Eve and Papa are the same, so Eve put all her effort into it.

However, after spending time at the hotel, any man will cool down at least once the next day.

I believe this is the case with any man.

Once you hold a woman, the next day your attitude will change slightly from the first day.

what does this mean?

A simple story, the purse strings are re-tied.

In other words, it's going to be tough.

This is a matter of life and death for a woman who is working as a dad.

Therefore, in order for the second day to be treated the same as the first day, it is necessary for the women to make an effort.

Of course, depending on the person, wouldn't it be nice to meet another daddy?I think there is also an opinion.

But then, depending on the papa, he might get jealous, make him feel bad, and possibly cut the contract.

That is not all.

There is also the possibility of giving another woman more tribute than I do.

How about this?I think so, and it can't be helped if papa likes me because she's prettier than me and has a better style.

However, if I can prevent it even a little with my efforts, I will choose to make efforts.

It also helps me improve my level, and although it sounds bad, I don't want to miss good customers. (This is something that all women who are working as dads should be able to understand.)

So, for Christmas, I won with a red thong, which I don't usually wear. (Christmas color)

However, it seems that these seemingly useless efforts were not in vain.

The reason is that I have never had my contract terminated during this period, I have achieved some results, and my requests have been fulfilled every year.

If you don't make an effort, I think you're out.

The reason is that I didn't make any effort to say this when I just started my dad activity.

Perhaps because of that, I didn't have a long-lasting dad.

That's exactly why the contract was canceled after about 4 months on average.

However, at each event such as Christmas, she becomes more enthusiastic, and the time she spends with her father increases considerably. (all in years)

Some people are a few years old. (Present progressive form)

So, on the 2nd day of the Christmas show, I'm going to wear a completely different outfit than Eve, so I wonder if I'm wearing a costume?I brought a suitcase of rank.

On the first day of Eve, I wore a sporty street outfit, and on the second day, I wore long knee-high boots.

Of course, these two days have completely different tastes, so the make-up will also change considerably.

However, the dad who spends is the same.

I think I was unexpectedly seen as a "calculating woman", but I think my dad made a good impression.

The reason is that he treated me exactly the same way on the second day. (Maybe women will notice it soon.)

So she took me shopping like she did on Eve and made me as happy as she did on the first day.

From my point of view, it's the same as Santa coming two days in a row.

Of course, it was easy for me to ask for financial advice, which was necessary in my daily life, and they listened to me very much.

In other words, it is a review of the fee at the time of the contract.

Every year, if you put in a lot of effort to improve your appearance and treat your father at Christmas, you will be offered an amount that will satisfy you in terms of money.

If this is your birthday or White Day, you can't do this.

After all, I think that negotiations can be done because I'm with the same dad on the same Christmas as Eve.

However, surprisingly, among the women around me who are working as dads, there are some people who simply say that it is easy to earn money or that it is good to be spoiled.

But it's not that easy.

If you have the looks of a model or actress, negotiations that can be easily done will be quite difficult if you are at the average level.

I think it's an average level, so I'm trying not to get bored as much as possible.

I'm sure there are an overwhelming number of average-level women in dad activities.

So I think my story is more realistic.

Even I, who is at the average level, can get some results just by changing my appearance in two days. I think it's a very natural flow.

So, if you spend two days of the Christmas period with the same dad, try changing your image completely, including your appearance.

If you haven't done this before, what?Why does daddy look so different?I think the female side will feel it, and it will be easier for us to comply with this request. (However, it may be troublesome to bring a suitcase, but please put up with it. I don't think it's a pain if you switch to work.)

In the end, the result of this Christmas was about 2 in total gifts in two days. (Total return to dad is about 50)

After that, the amount I received every month also increased by about 10.

After all, the 10 increase in the money I received from my dad every month is a big deal for me. (Because it changes 120 million per year)

What would you do if you could change 120 yen a year just by working hard on your father in the last two days?Of course, I think that the content of the contract with the dad is different for each individual, but don't you think it's worth the effort?I think I should.

During my two days of Christmas, I was able to achieve somewhat satisfactory results in my dad activities.

But be careful.

Some dads don't like talking about money at Christmas.

Please use your own judgment when negotiating.

It's just that the aim is two days of Christmas.

Please try it next Christmas.

This is also a warning, but don't forget that it's always "Christmas negotiations with self-improvement".

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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