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The story of [Brief Papa] that my daddy friend met

The other day, I heard an interesting (!?) surprising story from a daddy friend.

His dad's name isbriefs dad. "

What kind of dad was he?!

my relationship with my friends

Before talking about Brief Papa, I would like to briefly introduce my relationship with my friend (hereafter A-chan).

I met A-chan when I was working at a cabaret club.

It's been a long time since I graduated, but this girl is a working hostess!

She has a high sense of beauty and is quite fussed with plastic surgery.

He has a refreshing personality and is easy to get along with, and we still keep in touch.

It was a talk about dating clubs that got us talking about dad activities.

"Sumire-chan, do you know the dating club?was asked, "I know~' and then 'I've just started being a dad!and came out.

A-chan is working as a dad because of his physical relationship, and now he earns more than his main job, hostesses!

It's a look that dads like, so I was convinced that I could get a lot of allowance.

What is the brief dad that my daddy friend met

The flow of A-chan's dad life is meal → hotel → dissolution.

I haven't heard the details of the allowance, but I think she's working at a high-end cabaret club, so I think she's getting a lot.

"Sumire-chan, listen to me! … Dad was in briefs!'

I thought it was rare these days, but recently there are fashionable briefs, so maybe that's it?When I asked a question...

"Those white briefs that little kids wear!I mean, I wondered if anyone is wearing them these days!?'

and wry smile.

However, if it's just pants, I have my preferences, so I don't have to say that much.Thought I was.

If you follow me for the time being...

"That's... the center part was bright yellow.You know without me telling you, right?It's pee...'

Certainly it is a don pull!

"Dad looks great, celebrity level!I'm the owner of an apparel-related company, so I'm fashionable... but my briefs are bright yellow...'

A-Chan seemed surprised by the gap.

"Did you have sex with that daddy?”,

"I did it!But I'm still curious about the briefs...'

"Didn't you really enjoy sex?It's kind of like... work.'

Since A-chan was doing daddy activities on the premise of sex, I thought that he was definitely diligent, but I was surprised that he was surprisingly doing daddy activities with a lot of feelings!

…At the same time, I also remembered that sex with my dad, who had a physical relationship, was far from a relationship like dad life.Maybe many of the daddy girls feel the same!was the moment I thought.

Are briefs not allowed? How much attention should be paid to underwear?

This is the briefs that A-chan said that she was overwhelmed, but I thought about whether the briefs themselves were bad in the first place.

Personally, whatever the design, the brief itself is "ア リ"I think.

White briefs are especially rare these days, so I even feel that they tend to leave an impression on the contrary.

However, it is NG to face sex with a yellow stain on the center part!

It may be unavoidable depending on the situation, but isn't this a violation of manners?

No matter what kind of handsome daddy you are, this part alone will make you lose your charm!

Even A-chan should have been more concerned about the yellow stains than the briefs themselves.

When wearing underwear that easily gets dirty, I felt that it was necessary to consider things such as changing shoes just before entering.

I think this applies not only to dads, but to girls as well.

A-chan is very particular about her underwear, and when she meets her father, she always wears something new or equivalent.

that is"manners for dad'' he said.

That's why there was a lot of things to think about this brief dad.

In the "I don't know if I take it off!Some people may think that, but I also felt that it was because of this kind of detailed consideration that I was successful as a dad active girl.

Paying attention to your underwear is the manners of dad life

After listening to A-chan's story, I learned that underwear is seen more than I imagined and that it is an item that leads to motivation. I felt it was part of it.

Depending on whether or not you give such detailed consideration, it will be connected to whether or not daddy repeats.

Both dads and girls should use this article as an opportunity to review their underwear.

There may be stains or holes.

"You don't have to find out!”, please welcome the day of the date after considering that each other can be comfortable and have fun with daddy life until the end.

Former college hostess, current columnist. She started working as a dad with the motto of "enlivening daddy with conversation and atmosphere".I will tell you about the things about dad life!

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