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Do you need to maintain your style as a dad?


Recently, what I think about being a dad.

Tonight, Tokyo is extremely cold and my face seems to freeze.

On a day like this, I want to relax while drinking cocoa slowly at home or at the shop.

In the midst of this, I made an appointment with a friend for dinner after a long time, so I went to Ginza.

The other girl is also my best friend who is about the same age as me.

And, no matter what I hide, she is just like me, working as a dad to make a living.

I go out to eat with her every month, and more than anything, we have a relationship where we can openly talk about our dad activities.

That's why, when the girls' talk starts, a fairly graphic conversation begins. (I am a little concerned about my surroundings when I speak.)

So, the part that ended up in the conversation between the two was the body shape.

I'm a little on the thin side, but my friend is pretty chubby. (A forbidden phrase that cannot be said in front of the person)

Then there was the matter of maintaining style.

In fact, she has a body type that is easy to gain weight, it seems that it has always been that way.

Apart from that, even when I'm with him, I've never felt like he's eating too much, and I don't even have the image of him snacking on sweets.

If I had to say one thing, I wouldn't have the image of a well-traveled taxi.

That's why I can't think of a reason why she's gaining weight other than lack of exercise.

It seems that he himself is aware of that.

However, since I am of the same sex, I only know her side as a friend.

If you just look at her, she has a pretty good personality, and you could call her femininity, or even feel sexy whenever she moves.

For example, when I stand up from my seat, or just sit on a bench, there is an atmosphere that I don't have.

In terms of body type, there is something nicer about a person than someone who is chubby but thin.

It seems that he wants to lose weight, but let's leave it there.

So we talk about each other's daddy life situation, but she is popular with men anyway.

She has five dads with her.

Also, I just heard the story, but it seems that all the dads are crazy about her.

Women feel like they've become prettier if they lose weight no matter what, and some people gain confidence.

I also go to the gym every week and do my best to maintain my figure.

Especially on the buttocks and hips, once the flesh sticks to it, it does not come off easily.

That's why a weekly gym is an essential part of my life.

Quite a person who is working hard for me.

However, looking at her, she hardly thinks about maintaining her style.

It's true that he's not a big eater, but I've never heard of him restricting his diet.

If you've never heard of being dumped by a man, you'd always have the image of being popular.

However, rather than from the same generation, it is an image that is always popular with older people.

If I was a college student, I wouldn't be envious.

However, as a person who works as a dad, there are some parts that are a little unsatisfying.

I may be out of character when I say this.

That's why Papa-katsu may end up being an unpopular woman who can't date many people at once.

However, going to the gym every week and working hard makes me look stupid, and can I do her trick to make her look chubby and sexy?If you ask me, it would be impossible.

Perhaps there is a big difference between the image of a woman who thinks “I am popular” and the image of “the ideal woman that men who become dads envision” in dad activities?I've been thinking about it lately.

When I say the opinion of the female side, I care about how thin I am and the line of my body.

There, I thought that the character that each woman has is added and evaluated by men.

Therefore, maintaining style is an essential element to enter the entrance.

I felt that way, and I thought it was natural to do that, so I worked hard, and I still do.

I'm a little confident in my style.

However, when I see her, I find myself unable to accept it.

She has a big butt, and even when she's wearing fishnet tights, the pattern is always stretched sideways.

Even a woman like me sometimes laughs.

However, when I look at her like that, I think she's cute, and I feel like I might even love her.

So I asked her many questions.

What kind of place would your daddy say he likes?That's right.

Then she said one word.

It's comfortable to hold, and just being together makes me happy and relieved.

This is what they say.

To me, it contained all the top 10 words a man would ever want to hear.

Women shouldn't just be skinny.

Her way of life that all my thoughts so far denied.

I myself fell into a sense of ending that I could not admit.

I have quite a few female friends who are working as dads.

Other than her, most people are trying to lose weight.

I wonder if I was obsessed with something terribly silly in my dad life?I felt.

I'm sure it doesn't matter if the man who becomes a daddy is a skinny woman?I thought about

It certainly makes sense when you think about it.

On the spot, men get tired of meeting thin and beautiful women a few times.

In comparison, her type has a variety of characters, and although she is fat, she also has a good atmosphere.

So no matter how many times you meet him, you won't get tired of it.

Actually, my favorite type of men are fat people.

I love the so-called bear-like figure.

That's why I'm not good at building muscles or having a narcissistic thin body.

Therefore, if you see her in the male version.

Then, I was able to have a lot of sympathy for my papa's impression of her.

Um, the puyo puyo texture and the comfort of holding it are really the best, and I never get tired of it.

What I want to say here is that there are a lot of women who are working as dads and are on unreasonable diets. (including me)

That is to say that there are many things that "doesn't work as a dad".

I want you to understand that chubby can be used as a weapon in papa katsu.

When I looked at her, I also thought that I should quit unreasonable diets.

Rather than that, I wonder if it's better to exercise but eat what you like and improve your skin's luster.I seriously felt that.

That's why I don't think it makes much sense for me to maintain my style as a dad.

All the women who want to be a dad from now on.

There should be a lot of kids who are worried about their body shape and shut themselves up.

By all means, please come out to the table and try papa katsu.

There is a high possibility that Papa actively likes that.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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