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How to use my own dad life

The number of women who are active as dads has increased considerably in the world, and there is a lot of mood around them as if they are going to try it for the first time.

I have already been a dad for several years.

Honestly, I think it's long if you ask me if this is long.

In terms of my career, that's quite a few years. (so I won't reveal how many years here)

There are many women who are already doing daddy activities, and people who are about to start daddy activities, and many people think that daddy life is just about making money.

Of course, I do it for the money.

This is a matter of course.

To the end, it is limited to rich people or Omasa who has a wonderful status.

This is my target. (sorry for bad words)

Strangely, my principle is not to make a basic contract with a young man.

The reason, as I may have mentioned before, is that the ups and downs are intense, so slightly younger men (around the age of 40 to early XNUMX) are basically not eligible.

Based on my past experience, you usually start to hold back payments in less than a year.

For example, what used to be a nice restaurant has started to turn into a bar in Shimbashi. (extreme but true story)

Sometimes it was normal for the amount of the gift he gave me to be less than half the price.

My guess is that the company's management has deteriorated.Has the economy taken a turn for the worse?I thought about

However, if the uncle is of a certain age, the basics are safe.

Almost stable with no ups and downs.

That's why I can do dad life with the same feeling as when I signed the contract for many years.

Of course, I think that the mindset is different for each woman, so it's just my opinion.

So, when I was working as a dad, I suddenly felt something.

It's a waste to just receive an allowance even though I've been introduced to a wonderful man at the dating club.

After all, you're usually introducing people you wouldn't normally meet, right?Isn't this a great opportunity?I thought.

So, isn't papa activity just a way to receive allowances and gifts?That's what I thought.

Of course, I didn't hear this from anyone, and I didn't get advice from the dating club.

This is my own opinion and opinion.

So, from about the 4th year of being a dad, I changed the way I deal with my dad.

I wonder if I can turn it in the direction where I can do something by myself or get some help as much as possible.

That's why, honestly, I refrained from begging for allowances and presents. (To show humility to Daddy)

This was just my little challenge.

On the other hand, it's not like I don't get any allowance at all, so I feel like I get the bare minimum. (I think it's about enough to live normally every month)

Can you live on that from Daddy?I've been told about.

Maybe he had a contract with another woman?The price was quite cheap, and there were many people who didn't answer even if they asked what they wanted.

So, rather than discussing presents and allowances, would you like me to give you some kind of business or work?I started to have a lot of consultations.

For example, if there is a restaurant that you don't need, can you leave it to me?I pretended to be worried about the future and tried to talk.

Can you teach me some management techniques?And.

In particular, I wonder if I often consulted with her when I finished working at night. (At times like this, men are naive.)

Then, after all, it is a rich uncle.

I'll give you one of my shops, so would you like to open one?People appeared here and there who said something like that.

However, I am almost an amateur in management.

From the beginning, there is no way I can do it normally, and I don't have the funds.

So, when you talk to Papa, you're certainly worried about the future, aren't you?Well, I'm eating and drinking now, so would you like to be hired and be the owner there?He said, and I actually started working there.

From my point of view, rather than receiving a large allowance, I felt that I was receiving a much higher reward than receiving a Hermès Birkin.

I mean, even if you say you're hired, you're the owner, aren't you?It's also risk-free.

What about your relationship with your father?

Of course, there are concerns here.

As it is, the mistress relationship continues, but in the end, the relationship is exactly the same as when I was working as a dad.

I myself think of dad activities only as part of my business, so the basic response is the same.

Apart from that, Papa never once complained.

In fact, after becoming a restaurant owner, I was able to learn a lot, and I was very satisfied with the fact that I had stepped into an industry I had no knowledge of.

Now, even though it's small, the shop is doing well, and he gave me the rights as a present.

That's why I'm now running a store from being hired to being the real owner.

And I continue to work as a dad separately.

Anyway, Papa Katsu is a great way to build connections, and if you need some goods at a store, you can ask a different papa to make it for you.

If the management deteriorates, it would be nice to have a different papa take care of it.

If you think so, isn't dad life amazing?It's really a woman's side, and if you're going to get a subsidy from the country, you'll be saved by a lot of dad activities.

If it's a female manager, it's even more so.

These days, there are many female entrepreneurs.

How do you run your store?I always wondered.

Would you like to stay sometimes?Why is the female owner of this restaurant dressed so beautifully when there are so few customers?

It's my own imagination, but I wonder if they are doing business with the same mindset as me?I thought to myself.

'Cause then you can't believe it?If you have a rich dad behind you, there's nothing to be afraid of.

same as me now.

I have nothing to fear.

Fundraising is the most difficult part of running a business.

But this is basically stable by doing papa katsu, and at least I won't be able to eat.

If you destroy the store, there's no such thing as being covered in debt.

Papa himself always advises against it.

Most of the dads introduced by dating clubs are rich and have some kind of status.

So I am a professional at work.

I am always pampered.

I want to tell all women because there are ways to use this kind of dad life.

Now that the economy is really getting worse, I think it would be nice if all the women in the world could be happy by being a dad.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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