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A story about applying for a dad activity with an adult relationship

I would like to tell you a story about a man I met while working part-time at a cabaret club who asked me to act as a dad with an adult relationship.

"My dad asked me for an adult relationship... what should I do?'

If you have such a problem, please refer to it.


I met the man I would like to introduce this time (Mr. A) at a cabaret club where I worked part-time.

"A tall and lively girl!I was the one who was called.

I remember that Mr. A, who works at a TV station, was doing well, and thanks to that, my sales also improved.

The gentlemanly and sociable Mr. A was about twice my age, but he was a very attractive man.

sudden offer

About half a year after Mr. A started going to a cabaret club, he approached me with this story.

"I'm going to the store, so how about an adult relationship?"When.

In cabaret clubs, there is a word "pillow business", and it is not uncommon for customers and girls to become adults.

However, I have resistance to pillow sales andsorry….'' I told him.

Then A said:

"Do you know Papa-katsu?It may be a matter of how you say it, but in Papa-katsu, adult relationships are normal.Of course I will give you my allowance!I would be happy if you could think about it separately from nominations at cabaret clubs.'

It was a time when other men approached me about papa activities, so I had some knowledge about papa activities.

I was swayed because I had heard attractive stories such as being able to live a rich life as a dad, but as a result I decided to decline.

As for the relationship after that, we both became uncomfortable after this incident, and naturally stopped contacting each other.

My sales were down and I was sick for a while.

I never thought I would be so depressed about a man I met at a cabaret club.

The reason why I refused the dad activity with an adult relationship

When I refused to act as a dad with an adult relationship

"I wonder if I shouldn't have refused after all.""I may have done something wrong'

I thought so many times.

There was a time when I struggled with various things, but as a result,I'm glad I declined"I think.

The reason why I refused to work with Mr. A as a dad is as follows.

I thought it wouldn't last long

There are various styles of daddy activities, but I thought that daddy activities involving adult relationships would not last long.

In the beginning, you may be inflamed with each other and meet frequently.

However, I thought that since I had already formed an adult relationship, it would not develop into a relationship beyond that, and as a result, I would get tired of it at an early stage.

It is a well-known story that one of the secrets to success in papa katsu is not to enter into a contract with an adult.

I didn't accept the invitation this time because I had a strong feeling that "I want to succeed if I'm going to do dad activities!"

It's sad that any relationship doesn't last long.

I felt like I was being bought with money, and I didn't like it

Having an adult relationship means that there is a physical connection.

It might have been different if I had a personality that was more straightforward and enjoyable, but it was also the part that stuck with me the most.

I have no resistance to having a physical relationship with the natural flow, but from the beginning, I think that daddy activity with a physical relationship is "bought with moneyI had such a strong idea that I could not accept it honestly.

If the father activity is an adult relationship from the beginning, it will not be possible to have an equal relationship, and even if the relationship continues, I think it will be painful for me.

You want to enjoy your life as a dad without worrying about various things.

I want to do my best without being related to adults

I had an interest in dad activities, so I didn't have a negative image originally.

Rather "Someday I want to do my best as a dad!I thought.

That's why I think I wanted to stick to the daddy activity that I had decided in myself, without being related to adults.

I was afraid that if I learned to earn money in relation to my body, my values ​​and thoughts would change completely.

Maybe I was able to do my best, but this is just my imagination, but as someone who has lived my life determined to never do anything against my own will, no matter how I think about it, there is no adult relationship. I didn't have a choice to do dad life.

in a good way "strong core", in a bad sense "inflexibleThat's who I am.

I don't know if this personality is good or bad, but I decided to stick to this matter without changing myself.

I was worried about my decision for a while, but now that I think about it, I think I made a good decision.

Let's start dad activity after being convinced

It is said that many men want a daddy activity with an adult relationship.

It seems that more and more girls are making contracts that are different from what they had originally envisioned, as the benefits are better than dating-only dad activities and the demand is high.

It's not that I deny daddy activities involving adult relationships, but sooner or later men who get everything a girl gets "bored" and switch to the next girl.

No matter how much dad life is, it's painful and sad to say goodbye to a man who once had a relationship.

Let's start looking for Daddy!A girl who thinks that she wants her to do her best without changing her own policy of papa katsu.

Don't lie to your feelings, and don't be swept away by the atmosphere!Please start your own dad life.

Former college hostess, current columnist. She started working as a dad with the motto of "enlivening daddy with conversation and atmosphere".I will tell you about the things about dad life!

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