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Another world to learn from “Sociology of Papa Katsu”

Hello!It's a leaf.

Officially, she is a high-income Arafo girl who sprinkles negative ions and is full of erotic things in her head every day.

It's winter It's winter!

Christmas lights outside.

Even in Arafo, the tension rises at Christmas.

I love fur!I also love bulky materials!

I usually only wear career woman style fashion, but I like it because just adding fur adds a lot of femininity.

It's the perfect season for men and women who are working as dads, as it makes them miss people and want to stick with them.

By the way, this time, the book I read to learn about dad life,

Mr. Shingo Sakazume's "Sociology of Papa Katsu - What's the Difference Between Compensated Dating and Mistress Contracts?"

I would like to talk about it, so please stay with me until the end.

Women's interviews are noteworthy

I love books.

Literary books, practical books, and philosophical books.She is an around-the-world girl who can come to anything.

I mostly read books when I take a bath, but lately, it's been a blissful time to read alone (for up to two hours at most) at a cafe.

The most recent book I read was "The Sociology of Papa Katsu: What's the Difference Between Compensated Dating and Mistress Contracts?" by Shingo Sakazume, which I mentioned earlier.

Real time!

I'm reading Shingo Sakazume's previous work, "Hajimete no Rin Gaku", so I'm excited.

Well, "the sociology of dad life" in the dating club.

Even so, dating clubs are becoming a big society that cannot be expressed in a single word.

In this book, interviews with various men and women who use the dating club are posted, so it was exciting to hear the voices of the people.

A female college student who is half adult and half child, a dating type D who was invited by a friend to join.

An unsuccessful gravure talent who grew up in a poor family.

Tall elite model with more than 1 yen once.

A middle-aged married woman who is addicted to dating sites.


Personally, I get to hear a lot of stories about men from dads I've actually met, so it was the women's interviews that piqued my interest.

woman i feel the same way

A dating club that everyone registered for their own circumstances and reasons.

There are various uses for the allowance you receive, and it may be somewhere between one hand and two hands.

The one that I felt closest to me was a woman who works as a dad on the side.

He doesn't get hot in particular, and is somewhat calm.

A normal 28-year-old with nothing in particular to gain or lose.

Both women and men often have their heads filled with dating clubs immediately after registration.

If you're a woman, you'll be nervous, but you'll expect an offer from a man, and you'll try to free up your schedule.

Men will spend hours on the female member page after joining.

It's often the content in the question box of the universe (lol)

At first, everyone is overwhelmed.

After that, stepping on the number of occasions, both men and women get used to it.

I've already cooled down and got used to it.

And since I realized that it's not cute not to be nervous, I've been making myself nervous without hesitation.

I think this is one of the things that gave me some leeway.

what everyone wants

As the days go by, I feel that the modern dating club is a service that matches the times.

Of course there are wives who blame their husbands for going to sex clubs or using dating clubs, and I don't deny that as a legitimate right...

I don't think there's much difference between women of all ages who are addicted to host clubs and housewives who use rental boyfriends that have been popular for a few years.

Far from being much different, it's essentially the same.

Everyone is hit by "temporary excitement".

Each person wants to be fulfilled, and for me, I wanted to "learn more than I am now."

After much consideration, I chose a dating club as "a place where you can quickly meet men with high capacity and high status."

It's not just pure money.

I don't want a heartless relationship.

It doesn't matter if you're married or unmarried, but you don't need a married man with a complicated misunderstanding.

I want a man with more than that in terms of humanity, annual income, and experience.

I felt that I didn't need anyone other than that person in my life ahead.

That's why I arrived at the dating club.

The solution is unity of thought

In his book, he mentions dating clubs as “the most remote places for free love,” and I want to raise my hand high and shout, “I agree!”

Stupid people who ask silly questions in the question box shouldn't join, and I think it's better not to join people who lack liberalism and dating club literacy.

This is what I felt strongly again from the book.

I think there will be a small problem because there is a slight gap between men and women in this part.

I'm human, so I can't help it.

You probably won't get seriously injured if you meet someone at a dating club than if you meet someone in a dating club or have an affair.

However, is it an appropriate expression to say that there are a lot of mild injuries such as blisters?

I think everyone should study more.

Both men and women, of course.

If we don't reconfirm the essence and way of dating clubs and unify our thoughts, there will surely be many people who go in strange directions.

I'm already around XNUMX, and I have a lot of social experience.

They are quite cooperative.

That's why the dating club is right for me, and I can live without denying myself that I live while doing dad activities.

And above all, my greatest asset is the various experiences I have had with the many wonderful men I have met at this dating club.

I will continue to work as a dad with a pure feeling that I want to continue to increase such assets that cannot be changed with money.

I want both men and women to read and study Shingo Sakazume's "The Sociology of Papa Katsu - What's the Difference Between Compensated Dating and Mistress Contracts?"

Mistress, assisted dating, adultery, etc.

It's funny because I want to apply it to some genre and give an answer.

Dating clubs have a proper category of "dating club", and I think that it is a completely new world where each story is created in that field.

If so, you may find a different world in your daddy activities from tomorrow.

Thank you again for reading.

Thank you for reading.


I love humans!She shows interest in everything, and her head is always full of erotic things.She wants people around me to be happy, not just for herself.I want to be a special existence that makes everyone feel surrounded by negative ions just by being there, but sometimes makes their heart beat faster.This is a column that suggests a little eroticism, enjoying "dates" at dating clubs, neither papa activities nor mistresses.

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