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[PR] Flag Maker and President Kida's ALL NIGHT UNIVERSE

Thank you for all your continued patronage.
We will hold [Papa Katsu Summit vol.3] delivered by Universe Club!

What is “Papa Katsu Summit”?


First, let's talk about the summit.

Summit is generally a common name for "developed country summit" (major country summit). (Omitted) Not only conferences between countries, but also events where representatives of companies and industries gather to exchange opinions are sometimes called 'summits'.



What is “Papa Katsu Summit”?

It is a place where people who stand at the top and best of the dad life industry gather and exchange opinions.


The 3rd time of such "Papa Katsu Summit"
This is Kita, the representative of our company, and the flag maker who is familiar with the question box answerer and column writer!


There are as many forms of social activity as there are people.

We hope that this papa-katsu summit will serve as a forum for exchanging opinions on your dating activities, with a focus on dating activities.


In addition, we are always looking for topics that we would like you to take up at the Papa Katsu Summit in the comments section of this blog.

Please come and join us.



Also, the agenda that you want to be taken up at the Papa Katsu Summit

Please refer toBlogWe are looking for you at any time in the comments section.


Please come and join us.


Time & Date

Held from 12:1 on Wednesday, December 18


<Time schedule>

XNUMX:XNUMX Real-time Q&A and chat time with Flag Maker and President Kida

XNUMX:XNUMX Flag Maker and President Kida's All Night Universe

* The first half will be the “Papa Live Worries Counseling Room” and the second half will be the “XNUMXst P-XNUMX Grand Prix”.



○ Contents of Papa Katsu Summit

[The first half of the corner is “Papa Life Worries Counseling Room”]

The flag maker and President Kida will answer the concerns, questions, and consultations received from everyone in advance.

I would love to hear from these two!I want to ask you a question!I want you to take a consultation!If you are interested, please apply to the following reception desk about the contents.

In the past, President Kida used to give sharp answers in an anonymous question box, but recently he has not appeared remarkably.In other words, I think the opportunity to have President Kida answer directly is quite valuable.

I would like to ask President Kida a question!I want you to solve my worries!Or I want to be cut short by President Kida!If you are that kind of person, please apply! ! (smile)

The flag maker will also answer without any prejudice from his own experience.In addition, I can do tarot fortune-telling as a hobby, so if you have a fortune-telling hope, I will accept it.

without hesitation!We look forward to your application!


[The corner in the second half is "The XNUMXst P-XNUMX Grand Prix"]

Titled "The XNUMXst P-XNUMX Grand Prix", the best "Papa Katsu Episode" will be selected by Flag Maker and President Kida.

The winner of the "XNUMXst P-XNUMX Grand Prix", which was selected as the best "papa katsu episode", will receive an [Amazon gift certificate XNUMX]!

In addition, we will present [Amazon gift certificate] to all applicants introduced in the corner.

*We will inform you of the Amazon gift card number by e-mail at a later date.

Therefore, we are looking for a “papa activity episode” called “This is it!” from dads and papa active girls.


Any episode will do.

・ Such a wonderful (worst) episode

・Episode where I met such a wonderful (worst) partner

・ A wonderful (worst) date experience that actually happened

・ “Aru Aru” episode of the dating club

・ A story of a failed daddy life that I still regret

・I made a parody of Papa Katsu story, etc…

The best episode will be decided on the spot by Flag Maker and President Kida.


There is no need to hold back or conjecture, such as episodes that make you cringe after reading, suspenseful horror experiences, crazy dating episodes, impossible failure stories, etc.!Don't hesitate to apply! !

○ Application method and reception desk

Reception counter:flagmaker@universe-club.jp

* The application period is until XNUMX:XNUMX on Sunday, November XNUMXth.

*Please send an email to the above address with the items ①②③ below.

① Pen name

② Application corner name (papa live trouble consultation or P-XNUMX Grand Prix)

③ Contents (worries, questions, content of fortune-telling hope or content of dad activity episode)


○ How to participate in Papa Katsu Summit

<Participation URL for Papa Live Summit>

On the dayClick here for the guidelines.Please enter from


Recommended for:
Considering joining the Universe Club

● I would like to hear from the club staff.

Using other dating clubs or matching apps

● I am worried about dating club activities

We are looking forward to your participation!


* When participating in the Papa Katsu Summit from a mobile phone, a special app DL is required.



After completing DL and registration, please participate from the invitation email.



・ How to DL the Papa Katsu Summit app

From the above link, DL the application of the corresponding OS (Android procedure in the example)


After registering for Papa Katsu Summit, press [Participate in session] from the invitation email.

Papa Katsu Summit will be held as soon as it is time.

After DL, the already registered Papa Katsu Summit will be registered in the app.

You can also participate from here.


We look forward to your participation!



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