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The result of verifying the difference between dad activity and adultery

Hello!It's a leaf.

Officially, she is a high-income Arafo girl who sprinkles negative ions and is full of erotic things in her head every day.

A few months have passed since I was able to build a leisurely and relaxed relationship with Arafo's daddy activities, which continued to accelerate at once until the summer was over.

While cherishing two Arafif men who have a good relationship, I am loosely dating with a total of three dads, one Arafo man who randomly takes me on trips and dates.

Two of the three are doctors, and the other one is a company executive.

Well, this time, I was asked about the relationship for the future by one of the executives of the Arafif company, so I will start examining it with my feelings!

In the first place, it's a dad life

If we don't check our feelings again and again, we're becoming an atmosphere that doesn't seem like a simple affair.

As I briefly wrote in an earlier column, he completely"lover"I insist.

little by little!

It's supposed to be a relationship that makes you want to rush in, but we continue to associate with each other while doing well every time.

Emails that continue every day from morning to night. (Because I have a wife and children, this is email, not LINE.)

The number of people saying they love me has also increased.

Unfortunately, I don't have a crush on this man, but is it a feeling of gratitude that resembles the affection I have for my husband?is of course.

Thanks to the allowance I receive from him, I can live without lowering my salary at the bank.

Shopping in units of 10 yen can be done without hesitation than before.

what can i do for himI have more opportunities to think about it.

However, it is completely different from complete romantic feelings.

Far from unconditional love.

Of course, he has no uplifting emotions here, and his feelings are calm.

Is there any chance that this will change in the future?

In the first place, it is necessary not to forget that it is a dad activity.

I'm always training every day to get my thoughts back to this origin.

Our future in question

To Dad the other day,“Will I be in the future that Leaf-chan draws?”I was asked bluntly.

Daddy seems to be considering divorce depending on me.

It's less than a year old, and it's like they're drawing a future for us who just met.

Of course, I don't know if you're serious.Rather, I would like it to be a lie.
I was puzzled.

I don't know the correct answer.

how should i answer?

I would like to know the model answer.

If this is a new lover, the answer is simple.

However, our relationship is a special relationship in a sense, and it should not be a relationship that draws the future.

I was convinced that it was a relationship that shouldn't be depicted, and of course I can't.

No matter how much I think about it, I can't seem to come up with an answer, so I'll just say a few words.

"Eh, I don't know!"

And immediately after replying cutely,

"I hope it stays like this forever. I hope it continues like this. I want time to stop."

I replied with a smile and deceived.This is true.

If this relationship continues in this state, it would be wonderful, but I also know that it won't last.

Right now, I just want to be in this good relationship.

I was eating, but I couldn't see the eyes of my dad on the other side of the table, and I couldn't understand the correct answer, so the pace of eating increased.

It seems that the upset has been transmitted, and Papa

"Sorry for bothering you"
He followed me, but it was the first time I drew the future in my head.

A future with this person...?

Then I thought about the answer in my mind...

"After all, you are not in the future"

English learning is necessary to prepare for life, learning and interaction with the global environment. <br> IT Skills (programming logic) is necessary to prepare for the needs of the future.<br> Financial literacy is necessary to prepare for creating, managing and being smart with time and wealth.<br>

good match

I might have drawn a future with Papa if it was just an affair.

I want this person, I want to be with him.

If you are in a relationship like that, you may want a future.

But we are related by money, in my mind"A solid mistress"The connection of a dating club that is a bit different.

Having a moderate connection, it is a relationship that is the best and convenient for taking good things to the last.

A perfect relationship that is neither shallow nor deep.

It does not get hot, does not feel cold, and has some warmth.

Am I the only one who feels this isn't cheating?

Adultery, mistress, and dad life are certainly doing the same thing.

But somehow it's like an outdoor style of manners...

I often feel that I am a prostitute.

There may be times when you want to meet someone without giving or receiving money.

Depending on the content of the date, if you receive a gift or your satisfaction level is quite high, even if you forget to receive an allowance"Well, I wonder if I can do without an allowance today?"There may never be a day when I think about it.

Well, almost never...

However, this is still a place for dad activities.

The relationship between men and women in the field of dating clubs.

I try to be aware of the importance of being with someone who is convenient and can settle things with money.

Unconditional love is the most dangerous

I have yet to meet a dad who is so absorbed in devoting everything.

After all, I haven't met such a man in a long time, even if it's not in a dating club.

However, this papa, who is the main character this time, always says that he will give everything to me.

Sometimes, I often think about what to do if I become a stalker.

In order to have a moderate relationship, you need to pretend to be a lover well, and sometimes you have to heal deeply.

But don't cross a certain line.

It goes without saying that this fixed line has stretched farther than I thought when I first started working as a dad.

In the end, I don't want to be an adulterous partner, but I want to be his little comfort and close playmate.

He's in control and can shift to a younger woman whenever he feels like it.

But if such a day actually came, how would I feel?

Even on such a day, I wonder if I can get a shape of feeling thinking about the total amount so far.

Under the autumn sky, I suddenly looked up, and it was an around-for-leaf that made me feel uncharacteristically sad.

Thank you again for reading.


I love humans!She shows interest in everything, and her head is always full of erotic things.She wants people around me to be happy, not just for herself.I want to be a special existence that makes everyone feel surrounded by negative ions just by being there, but sometimes makes their heart beat faster.This is a column that suggests a little eroticism, enjoying "dates" at dating clubs, neither papa activities nor mistresses.

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