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Compensation and Knowledge for Ability Gained Through Night Jobs and Papa Activities

Nice to meet you, I'm Bell♪(*´▽`*)

It's been XNUMX years and XNUMX months since I started working as a dad.

I've met a lot of people until now.A total of about XNUMX people.

Dating club, Daddy activity app, I've come all the way.

I would like to share my experiences and impressions in it and help you even a little.

Before I started working as a papa, I worked at night and worked as a hostess in Ginza for about XNUMX years.

I have been working as a hostess and a dad for about XNUMX years.

Today, I would like to write about the points that I think are different in terms of senses and values ​​compared to people who don't work as a daddy or work at night ('ω')ノ


I've been a hostess, so I've met a lot of people in my life.

As a result of seeing a lot of people, the way people speak, the way they look at them, the way they look, the way they behave, etc.

The character of the person is usually spot on.

I'm not a fortune teller, but there is something close to it (*´艸`)www


For example, "This person has a lot of pride, so he tends to prioritize himself over the other person's feelings."

"This person is a person who prioritizes the feeling of wanting to be understood rather than the feeling of trying to understand the person in front of him."

Being with people like this often hurts.

Because both of them lack consideration of the other person's feelings.

You can't weigh your own feelings against the other person's feelings, and your own feelings always come first.

As a result, even when we are together, I feel lonely,

Just to satisfy this person's desire for approval, I feel like I'm with him, and I feel alienated, and I can see things that don't go well (;・∀・)ww

I think some people think, "Isn't it a little overthinking?", but this really hits the spot.

There was a time when I even thought that I was worrying too much and went out with him.

But in the end, I was right about the discomfort I ignored, and there were many times when I broke up with him because of it.

As a result, my intuition is correct.I came to the conclusion.

How many friends have you led to marriage by making the best use of it lol (I can't use it myself lol)

People often say, "I envy you for being able to see through" and "I want that ability."

It's too easy to understand, so if you see it before you like it, you won't be able to like it.

This is common not only with hostesses, but also with people who interact well with people of the opposite sex.

Especially for people who have mastered the hospitality industry to some extent.In terms of general occupations, for example, a beautician


"Ignorance is Buddha" It's true ( ;∀;)

I thought it was a price to understand too much, to see too much.

I think it means “loving people” including their flaws.

You can still love someone even if you find fault with them after you fall in love with them.

If you see too much before you fall in love, you will never fall in love with that person, because there is no love (´;ω;`)


I don't like middle-aged people, but my dads, who don't know me very well, tell me, "Your ideals are too high."

It is, of course, not zero.We all want to date good people.The ideal should be freedom.

But in reality, it's rare for the ideal person to appear and fall in love, and I know that it's a miracle or a scam that my ideal person appears in front of me.

Ideals are just ideals, and it doesn't matter how high your ideals are.I'm not looking for an ideal person.


When I met my dad for the first time, he asked me several times, "Is it bad that you can't get married at that age?" (laughs).

Furthermore, I have been told that "Isn't it better to get married instead of being a daddy?" (This is really terrible... (ノД`))

I was annoyed at the fact that some people didn't want to get married, but they insisted on getting married as a matter of course. (You can see the bad things about your uncle.)


In this way, there are many dads who say heartless things without offense.

Don't get hurt there.If you get hurt too often, you'll get sick (+_+)

"I hope you feel free to say whatever you want. If you don't say such low-level things, your self-respect won't be preserved. Your words will never hurt me."

I decide!

This is already a decision! !If you're going to do dad life, please feel like that.

But please try not to let it show in your attitude.

Let's pretend to do what the other person says and behave smartly!(^^)!

Papas will choose those who are lucky enough to have a good meal ♪.

I often hear from my dads, "When a girl talks about money right away or sees money, she feels that it doesn't have to be me, and she withers."

Papa-katsu is also a relationship between humans, so I understand that it is meaningless if money is not a match, but it is natural to wither when money comes to the fore.

Let's do it well (*´ω`)

That way you can have a long-term relationship.


I hope you can meet a wonderful dad (^_−)−☆

2nd year as a dad, late 30s. In my twenties, I was No. 20 hostess in Ginza. At the age of 1, he left Ginza and had a lot of things to do, such as breaking off his engagement, and since then he has been working as a dad only for rice.

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