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Nice to meet you, my name is Nika Kakimoto!Currently, I am enjoying being unemployed in Tokyo lol

 I had a relationship with my dad on the dating app Tinder, which triggered me to be a dad for about two years.

 I would be happy if my article could solve your anxiety and worries about dad activities.

The pros and cons of being a dating dad


First of all, I would like to talk about the difference between dating dads and dating club dads.

The big difference between dating clubs and dads you meet on dating apps is purpose.

 Dating clubs are mostly men who want to be healed by young girls.

Dating sites are not recommended for those who are active without adults as there are many men who aim for one chance.

 With that in mind, we will discuss the differences, advantages, and disadvantages.

・Fast meeting from appointment
・ There are many dads who can talk with each other
- Get help in a short time


・It is easy to ask for an adult
・There is little allowance
・There are many last-minute cancellations


 The biggest advantage isAppointment meeting is quickIt is that.

When I'm in a pinch this month and I want help right now, I have a lot of peace of mind to be able to make an appointment right away.It is also recommended for those who already have a dad who meets regularly to use a dating app to prepare for occasional expenses.

There are many sudden invitations,Get help in no timeIt's a lot of things, but sometimes it's money and there's less allowance.

 However, it is true that some dads cancel at the last minute due to their light footwork.The trick to find out isMessage frequency".

 The point is the message after taking the appointment.If you are relieved that you have made an appointment and do not feed the fish you caught, you may not be able to have a good time even if you meet.

 Based on that, I think it's a good idea to use dating apps and dating clubs according to your purpose!


First Papa Activity (40s)


 It was good that I went to school as a motherless family, but I had to prepare my own tuition.

I managed to get into school by working part-time, but after school started, I couldn't get into shifts as I had hoped, and I spent my days worrying.

 At that time, I missed human skin and installed Tinder, "i want to be a daddy' came the message.

At that time, I was interested in dad life, and I was pushed back by that word.

 After that, the conversation progressed quickly, and it was decided to meet immediately.

I remember that the man who came to the meeting place was very clean and had a good impression.

Even when I was enjoying my meal, I couldn't help but wonder why they would pay me an allowance even though I could do a good job and seemed to be popular.

 When I asked Papa a question that came to my mind, "Since Nika-chan is spending her precious time for me, it's only natural to pay her allowance."They said.

 With this word as a trigger, I have been able to do dad activities with confidence since then.

 In two years, I will learn a lot of important things about dad life from that man.


Young Dad (Early 30's)


 Dads on dating apps are relatively younger than those in dating clubs,Even if you don't check the news in advance, you can get alongSo I feel at ease.

Another advantage is that you can choose whether or not you want to go on a date after looking at the other person's photo, and it's also good to be able to easily act when you're in a pinch this month.

 When I arrived at the meeting place, there was a dad who was much more casual than I expected.

Just arriving 10 minutes before the appointed time gives a good impression, so I tried not to worry too much about my clothes.

 When I asked where I was going today, I was told, "I haven't decided yet. I'll decide after shopping."I was surprised because I had an image of making a reservation at a store when I said Papa-katsu.

 I enjoyed window shopping and was successful in begging for some clothes.

The place I arrived at wasLove hotel.When I told him that there was no adult for the first time, he made a disgusted face and suggested that I think about it after going out to eat.

It was close to the curfew that I had told in advance, so I decided to accept the proposal, thinking that I would be going home after finishing my meal.

 What was the destinationFamily restaurant.When I was stunned by the unexpected development, Papa-san recommended the menu, saying, "You can eat a lot."Am I a middle school boy growing up?

 I finished the meal thinking that there would be no repeat visits.

 Thanks to my first dad, I was able to determine if I was a good dad without selling myself short, so now I think it's a good experience.


Ikeoji (50s)


for the first time in my lifeDrive datinginvited toAt that time, she didn't have any friends around her who had a driver's license, so she was a little nervous and full of anticipation.

The man who came to the meeting place was a tall man who looked good in a jacket.To be honest, the moment he entered my field of vision, he was so nice that I thought I would like this person.

 It seems that the car is parked nearby, and the man who doesn't skimp on such things looks very attractive.

I buy a drink and sit in the passenger seat.

"For now, let's run along the coast."

 The coastline was sparkling and I felt like my heart was cleansed.People who have a cool first impression look cool in all their actions.

 After about an hour of lively storytelling, we were offered lunch.He was hungry, and above all, he was interested in what kind of shops this person would introduce.

 We were escorted to a Hawaiian shop.The acai bowl eaten on the open terrace was exceptional.

After that, I was told that I wanted to be alone with him, so I hesitated for a while, but I agreed because I felt like a good person even though I spent two hours with him.

 After the adult relationship more than I imagined, he took care of my body, saved the bath after the fact, and handed me a drink.

I thought that it wasn't that someone looked cool because he had a good face, but that he became handsome because he acted cool.


This time, I would like to introduce you to my dad life with three men!

I thought that even in the case of dad activities on dating sites, if you can communicate in advance, you can build a relationship of mutual trust.

Thank you to everyone who read to the end.See you soon!

I'm in my 20s with only room to grow.

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 Nika Kakimoto

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