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Watch out for people like this!XNUMX things to watch out for

“Meeting” with Daddy for the first time.
I wonder what kind of person he is... I hope he's not weird...
There must be more than a few people who are full of anxiety, such as whether they will do something scary.

When meeting through a papa-katsu site instead of a membership club,
You are very nervous.
Here, based on actual trouble experience
I'm going to talk about what to be careful when meeting dad for the first time.

After watching this, you should be able to get rid of the tension and anxiety about dad activities and learn to be careful in advance.

Please message me in advance

Don't you have a proper pre-message when you meet?
Before meeting, make sure to communicate your promises and wishes
It is important for both you and your partner.

I don't want people to think I'm too stubborn even before we meet...
Let's meet for the time being and decide by looking at the personality!Such thoughts are dangerous!

Any person can behave like a gentleman in a message.
You will see him as a very kind person.
However, when I saw it, it was completely different from the image!Zara has it all.

What I want to say properly so that I won't regret it at such times
Let me tell you.
Here are some things that you should actually decide in a message in advance:

・Meeting place (specifically, not ◯◯ station)
・The amount of the allowance (this is the most important!)
・Possible length of stay
・Other things I don't like (some people invite me to karaoke)

Be sure to let us know this in advance.
Avoid trouble later.

Always meet in a conspicuous place

If possible, it is better to meet in downtown when meeting with daddy.
However, there are cases where a station or area that is not in the city center is specified for the convenience of the other party.The place to meet is what I want you to pay attention to in such a case.

Speaking from personal experience
Hotel lounges, calm cafes, restaurants with private rooms, etc.
I think it's a safe place.

What I want you to notice here isNever enter a house or hotel room!.

Do not enter the closed room in advance.There is no problem if you tell me in the message,
Even if you are talking in a hotel lounge, there are many people who will invite you to talk there because they have a room, or if you are talking in the lobby of a tower apartment and the office is upstairs. .

Even if you think you won't do such a dangerous thing, in reality, in front of a man
There are quite a few people who say they couldn't say no.

It's too late after you have a problem.
It's okay if you don't get the worst allowance.Think that protecting yourself is the most important thing, so let's decline.

People who touch a lot from the first time are generally dangerous

Even if you are talking in public, some people will touch you.
A person who touches you from the first time even if you have moderate skinship
First of all, you may think that the sense is a little off.

To prevent trouble, it's best to take it lightly
If you don't say anything, it's okay to touch her!I thought
In the worst case, you may be invited to the hotel as it is.
You definitely want to avoid that.

Moreover, it was my first time and I didn't receive any allowance.
There is no merit and such people generally have little allowance lol

From my experience, when I'm having tea at a cafe
If you ask for an allowance when you go home because your thighs are touched all the time
When I asked why my XNUMX yen allowance was XNUMX yen, and when I asked why, I was told that I could pay XNUMX yen if I kissed him.smile
Of course, I received only 5 yen and blocked it.smile

Let's be careful not to do that. .

A person who wants to feel like a date even though it is a face-to-face meeting

After meeting at the cafe for about XNUMX to XNUMX hours
It is common to say that you will receive your allowance and then disband.
Some people don't.

Of course, it's from the woman's side that she likes me when I meet her for the first time.
It's a pleasure, but even after the face-to-face meeting, I went to various places.
There are very few people who want to take them with them, so be careful.

Ask me for a kiss or take me to a shop you know
There were actually things like being made to act like her.
To be honest, I'm tired and I didn't have the allowance to match it.

Even if you don't have any specific business, the face-to-face meeting is short
Done is the unspoken rule.
Let's say in advance whether you firmly refuse.


I've introduced you to the things you should be careful about in your face-to-face meeting.
The best way is to contact us first.Be sure to state your opinion clearly before the meeting.
There are many things that are not planned when you actually meet them.

In the face-to-face meeting, we basically meet at a place where we can see each other, and if someone tries to take us to the room, we firmly refuse.There is no good person who can't take care of a girl from the first time, and even if you start dating in the future, you will definitely endure a lot of things.

If you tell them what you don't like about being done to them, it will help prevent future troubles.
You don't have to feel bad about yourself.no matter how much money
I can't recommend dad activity that wears myself out.

A relationship that makes you and the other person feel good when you meet them
Please find it and connect it to future relationships.

I support you.

Has 2 years experience as a dad.Now I live in Tokyo with my two dogs.

Article by riia

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