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Many women's troubles ~ I registered, but there are no offers ~

What is the big difference between those with offers and those without?

Although there is an examination for admission, there is no cost to register, and it is a dating club that you can easily register.I registered, but no offers! !It is true that many women are in such a situation.it's not work.Just because she's registered doesn't guarantee that she'll get an offer.Of course, there are many women who meet wonderful men and live happily every day.

I want an offer!I want more dates!If you can meet me, you can understand my goodness ... There seem to be many women who think so, so what should she do to get an offer?I would like to write based on the opinions of men.First, and most importantly, Efforts by women are necessaryPlease remember that.

Men check these places and consider offers


This is absolute.It doesn't matter!Men make their judgments by looking at your photos first.Tastes vary, but they do matter.I can't judge whether it's good or bad, but the expression of the photo is important.


There are many men who check with insistence.・Bust cup ・Tall ・Small ・Constricted ・Slim ・Large buttThe downside is that you can't control yourself.Women who are looking for a feminine roundness and a moderately comfortable hug are popular, be healthyis first.A delicate body like a model is not necessarily good.People who are on a diet and have dietary restrictions are not preferred.You can't enjoy a date if you can't eat deliciously, regardless of whether you like it or not.


It is NG to come to an interview wearing clothes that you like.Clothes that appeal to women are often unsatisfactory for men.It's best to come in clothes that men who are registered with dating clubs like.Of course, there are various tastes, and the male uke is also different for each person, but the female announcer style may be the iron plate.It feels clean and neat.It's too flashy, it's not embarrassing even if you go on a date together.Rather than clothes that are bulky and don't show your body line, it's better to wear light clothes to some extent.It might be good to wear clothes that are not too sexy, but are easy to imagine when you are naked.


・People who are basically cheerful (Even if they say they are cheerful, it is conveyed by the atmosphere of photos and videos. I can not lie) ・Positive people (because it is not fun to be with negative people) ・I am interested in many things.・A straightforward woman (wagamama, selfish people are NG) ・Someone who can follow manners (No embarrassing people to be with) ・People with common sense


Some people are looking to meet women they don't usually get to know.・Models ・CAs ・Teachers, etc. There are times when you choose someone based on their occupation, but you should never lie because you want an offer.If she isn't an honest woman, she can't build trust, so men aren't attracted to people who lie.Lies are the source of trouble.There are many men who want to support women who are doing their best in any kind of work.Be confident in your work.


Educational History

・University graduate ・Study abroad experience ・What kind of study did you do?Many men prefer intelligent women.If you can appeal, let's appeal.


Conversations are more lively when there is a common topic.・Golf ・Watching baseball ・Visiting hot springs ・Training etc. Men are also curious about what women are interested in.

Birth Place

If you are from the same hometown or know the area well, they may be interested.

Registration motive

Men understand that they need money.What is it necessary for, and are you making efforts elsewhere to achieve it?Do you just want me to donate?・Do you want anything other than money?


During the interview, I check whether you can have a smooth conversation and whether you can respond properly.This one may not lie.You can see these things in the video as well.

Sense of money

・Accustomed to dating clubs ・People who have dated many people ・Woman who has money ・I love brands I often check these places.Money is probably the biggest concern for men.It's fine if you spend your money in a way that suits you and live a decent life, but women with high pride tend to be shunned.

These are the things that are checked in your profile first.Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not you can enjoy the date.This will be the boundary between whether or not to make an offer.Different men want different things.・Healing ・Stimulation ・Extraordinary ・Adult dating etc.


It's whether it will be a date that will be a plus for both of you.It's ok if you get money!Women who feel that way may not get offers.A humble attitude is important.

next time

I was able to get an offer, but I won't continue.There's a reason why they don't lead to long-term relationships.I would like to write for such people.



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