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Two characteristics of successful dads

"Misato-chan?"With a gentle voice, my name was called out and I turned around.

"Sorry, I'm late. Did you wait?"Said,"No"and shook his head.
"Well, let's go."said and started walking.

I was wondering if I should take the initiative to hold hands, but he held my hand.I have mixed feelings about his natural demeanor, which makes me think it's a little acting, but instead of the hand that was offered to me, "I like this one," I wrap my arm around his arm.

Sasaki is an anesthesiologist and works at a hospital in Tokyo.This is the 10th time we've met like this.

"Are you busy with work today?"
"No, not much. It's past the busy season."
Just as he said so, the elevator came.

The lobby of a luxury hotel in Tokyo at 2 p.m. on a Friday evening is packed with people.A couple of office workers who seem to be having a meeting.Next to it, a trio of middle-aged women discussing an apparently shady investment story, and one woman explaining the difference between mutual funds and stocks.In this age where asset building is important, I can't hide my surprise that there are women of this age who don't understand such a basic difference.

Mr. Sasaki became a father and mistress until the standard course was established.She meets in the lobby of a luxury hotel in Tokyo, and from there she has dinner at a restaurant with a nice view of the same hotel.Thanks to his favor, we have not developed into an "adult relationship", and he always gives me XNUMX for meals alone.

I have several "dads" who help me.Mr. Kimura, who works for a foreign financial institution, Mr. Ikeda, who works independently as a freelance system engineer, and Mr. Sasaki, an anesthesiologist.Other than Mr. Sasaki, he is dating in an "adult relationship", and has an income of about 25 per month.

In this column, Misato, a mid-level class daddy girl, introduces two characteristics of successful dads!If you're going to be a daddy, let's make it a success and get a lot of pocket money!

Be careful when choosing clothes for dad life!

Choosing clothes for a date is very important when doing dad activities.Since you were nominated by Daddy, there is no doubt that you have the look that Daddy likes. "In order not to disappoint daddy's expectations, I will wear clothes that will please daddy."

Raise your dad's tension and think about coordinating so that you can get a lot of money!

A-line silhouette is recommended for petite girls!

For petite and cute girls, we recommend wearing a soft A-line dress.If possible, soft pastel colors will accentuate your femininity, so it will appeal to middle-aged and older men.

Also, when going on a date, be sure to wear heels of 5 cm or more.In addition to showing off your style, heels also have the effect of stretching your spine.

As Shan next to Daddy, play the girl who gets a double look no matter who you pass by.

Tall children should wear a tight mini dress that shows off their body line!

For taller children, we recommend a tight-fitting mini dress that shows off your body line.However, from a girl's point of view, it's embarrassing to wear a tight mini dress because it shows your body line.However, there is no man who does not fall in love with the sight of a tall girl walking gracefully on her slender legs and arms.No matter how old a man is, he yearns for a "nice woman" like Fujiko Mine.Let's show off your slender limbs and make daddy mellow!

XNUMX secrets for talking when doing dad activities!

Papa-katsu has an unspoken rule that can never be overturned: "Don't hurt Papa's mood."

If you say or behave in a way that offends your dad during a date, if he gets upset, we won't get any money.

Papa-katsu has a rule like nagashi-somen that flows from top to bottom.

To receive the nagashi somen, you have to keep the somen flowing.If we mistresses strongly refuse something, the nagashi somen will be sold out and we won't be able to get somen.

Let's take care of the mood of the person who runs it so that they can receive as many noodles as possible!

I'll listen to you

Many dads have social status or have a responsible job.Many people complain about work and home because they accumulate a lot of stress.Even at such times, it is not good to change the topic by saying, "It's nothing to do with me and it's boring," or to think about something different in my head.

Listening to what the other person has to say makes men happy.There may be things that you don't understand about the economy or social conditions, but please listen carefully.

It may be difficult at first to say to someone higher than you, "It was tough, you did your best."So, start by choosing words that you can say, "It's amazing, it's hard," and take good care of your dad!

don't deny someone's goodwill

Daddy may be older than your dad.Even so, even if you think, "Why do I have to do this with such an old man...", be careful not to deny it.

For example, let's say Misato went to a cafe with her dad.

Misato looked at the menu"I wonder if I should have a straight tea."when my dad said"Do you want any cake?"I will ask.

"Well, I'm going to get fat, so I'm on a diet."
"Huh? Even though you have such a good style? Then I'll order one shortcake, so would you like to have one?"

You say you're on a diet, why are you asking me! ?At least put the forks aside!I would like to say that, but let's nod and say "Yeah! I'm happy!"When the cake is brought to you, open your mouth wide without refusing a big strawberry and sponge cake.
You may be hesitant at first, but make your daddy your first priority and act accordingly.


This time, I told you two characteristics of successful dads.The important thing is to keep in mind that dads are different from friends.You are a lover to Daddy, but from your point of view, Daddy is a business partner.Carefully choose your words and demeanor each time so as not to offend the business partner.If you do this thoroughly, you should be able to last a long time with any person.Please try it!

Nice to meet you, my name is Misato.I will write what I want to convey through my own experience as a dad.As a way to relax, I like doing housework that I can do without thinking about it, such as washing the dishes and cleaning.Her hobby is watching movies, and she often gets various ideas from movies.Thank you for her

Article by Misato

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