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My dad life rules 2024 Vol.3


Try to use trains and buses anyway.

What means of transportation do women who are working as dads go to their dads? I think the vast majority of people, myself included, use taxis.

When I asked my friends around me, almost all of them answered that they use taxis when it comes to being a dad.

I've been thinking about something lately.

This cannot be said with absolute certainty, as the terms of the contract with the father and the reason for receiving an allowance from the father vary from woman to woman, but in my case, it goes something like this.

For example, when you need money for something, you might say something like, ``I want to see something special for the first time.But I don't have enough money...so if possible, I'd appreciate it if my dad could help me out.'' ``I really need something like 〇〇... I would be really happy if my dad would buy it for me.''

This is just one example of mine, but I'm sure all women who are active fathers have had the experience of begging their fathers for help.

So, I don't know if the word setting is correct, but I think that when a woman asks her father for something, she is in a position to make a request to some extent.

I'm sure she doesn't ask her father too much from a ``top-down'' perspective. (If you find yourself begging from above, it's better to quit immediately. This is a matter of manners.)

In my case, when I consult with someone like the one above while working as a dad, most of the time dads smile and respond in some way.

That's exactly why I have contracts with multiple men, and I almost never remember being turned down.

I used to have a contract with my father, and while we were in a suspicious relationship, I once asked him for something, and he either turned it down, or rather, I was able to successfully deflect the conversation.

However, if you don't feel that way, most dads will generally accept your request.

Even though she is a father, as a woman, she is in a position where she has to take care of her father.

If you want to ask your dad for something, you won't be able to convince him if you don't show him at least the physical form of, ``I'm going to work hard to get this,'' and I think once he grants it, it's over. That's right. (Based on my experience)

In the first place, most of the requests I asked my dad for were basically about money. (Especially when it comes to dad activities)

I don't know about other women who are active dads, but in my case, I always receive money from my dad every time we meet.

So, the story may be about a woman who gets paid for her legs, but what would her father think if she took a taxi every time she got there, no matter how much she got paid for her legs? If it were me, I'd probably want to ask, ``Wouldn't it be better to just save that money?''

Well, even women who don't get paid for each trip may be able to say the same thing.

How will the other man see me? Is it important? I've been thinking a lot lately.

This may be a behavior that can be seen in ``Performance'' when working as a father, ``I need money, so I came this far to save as much money as possible.''

However, I don't mind people thinking that way, so these days I try to use trains and buses as much as possible.

It is true that in rural areas there are not as many trains and buses as there are in Tokyo.

Therefore, I am speaking from Tokyo, so please understand that.

Honestly, for the past six months or so, I've been using the train and bus quite often to get to the destination where I meet my dad.

Has anything changed since you started doing this?

Honestly, I don't think there's been that much of a change when I look at my dad's behavior.

However, one father said:

"〇〇-chan, don't you use a taxi? It's easier."

So I answered:

``It's true that a taxi is convenient, but if you go extravagant, it will be difficult to ask your father for a favor...''

When I spoke to her, she said, ``You're great, 〇〇-chan.If you have any troubles, please feel free to talk to me.''

He said.

Personally, when I meet my dad instead of using a taxi to some extent, I feel like I can ask him for a favor more easily than before.

However, I wonder what my father will think about this kind of behavior when he compares me with other women who are active fathers. So, as an action for the future, I'm thinking of taking taxis even less in 2024 than I did last year, and I'd like to make this a rule for myself.

Women who work as fathers start to feel pride when they start earning a certain amount of money, right? That's right, pride that only you are aware of and that has no value.

And has that unnecessary pride gotten in the way, and when you meet someone your age, you end up taking a taxi because you want to be seen as more than you are? I'm honest.

I'm not saying this, but it's a waste of money and a waste of pride, so if there are people who are currently experiencing this problem, it would be best to try to fix it right away.

I will say it clearly.

Nothing remains.

Besides, all men who are fathers like women who know the hardships.

That's why I want to help women through my fatherhood activities.

Do you want to help women who are not struggling at all? If you can get a better impression of us by just changing one mode of transportation, don't you think it's a good choice if you look at dad-hunting as a job? I wonder if this way of presenting women is important to me in the future? That's what I'm thinking these days.

Please think about how you want to show yourself to your father.

There is a father who reacts unexpectedly.

And when someone notices me, I feel like, ``I'm paying attention to that'' for some reason.

To be honest, I was happy when my dad noticed, and I realized that my actions weren't wrong.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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