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My dad life rules 2024 Vol.2


Quit the daily life of being a dad

In 2023, most of my week was filled with being a dad.

When things get really bad, I don't have any days off and when I get home, I just change clothes, take a shower, and eat a light meal.

After that, I got in touch with my friends and immediately went to meet a different dad.

You could say that I lived a life where I was almost never at home.

So, my utility bills were almost the lowest every month, and I was wondering, ``What's the point of renting a house?''

During the coronavirus pandemic, the country itself was in self-restraint mode, so I often stayed at home, but before the coronavirus, just like in 2023, I was mostly going out and doing my fatherly activities.

For me, it was better than taking time off, and as someone who tends to be lonely, it felt right.

I think there are probably a surprisingly large number of women who are like me who are working as fathers.

Plus, I get an allowance for seeing my dad, and my savings increase.

For me, it killed two birds with one stone.

But you know.

Starting in 2024, I'm thinking of making some changes to my lifestyle.

why? That being said, if you just look at it as a dad, you'll save money, and your dad will be happy, so no matter how you look at it, it might be a win-win.

However, unlike daytime jobs, being a dad doesn't mean you have to go to work.

I believe that if you don't take good care of yourself before meeting your father, you won't be able to function as a basic service industry.

To put it simply, the more beautiful I am, the more likely I am to contract with a nicer father than I am now, and the more my income will directly change.

There are some dads who say, ``I don't judge women based on their looks,'' but I think that's only because they have a long-term contract with me.

In the first place, nothing will happen if you don't get your dad to think, ``I want to date this woman.''

No matter how busy I am, it doesn't work to say, ``I haven't been taking care of my skin and my skin is getting really rough.Will you accept this?''

This is especially true for me, who views fatherhood as a business.

Such self-improvement will also be an important weapon in your father's life.

In particular, the man I'm dealing with in my father's life is much older than me.

However, don't you think that if your skin looks similar to the father you are contracting with, you won't be able to succeed as a father? The father who signs the contract is looking for something that he doesn't have. (The same should apply to women.)

Of course, I think that youth is also included.

However, 2023 was a year in which my schedule was packed with my father's activities.

As a result, I was neglecting to maintain myself, and even my dental cleanings, which used to be done every month, were now every three months.

This is bad because you're selling your appearance.

That is not all

I didn't even have time to go shopping for clothes.

Therefore, most of my shopping is done online.

Therefore, there were quite a few cases where I accidentally bought the wrong size or the design was different than I expected.

Normally, I would never make a mistake like this, and I always try on clothes at the store before buying.

However, maybe because I was too focused on being a dad last year, I felt a little selfish. he reflected.

Originally, this part should have been provided in the past rules...

In 2024, I'm thinking of cutting my dad-activity schedule in half compared to last year.

I thought I'd make this a rule.

No matter how much my dad tried to appeal to me, I thought it would be better not to bend this point.

Also, thinking about it now, I wonder if 2023 was beyond my tolerance? There was a part of me that felt that way.

I think that giving them a little leeway will help them take better care of each father.

This year, I'm thinking of doing it 2-3 times a week every month and taking the rest off (maintenance for myself).

Also, if I'm always busy being a dad, I can't meet up with my regular friends.

After all, talking with people of the same generation is extremely important and mentally soothing, and I feel that by spending more time talking like that, I can focus more positively on my life as a father.

If I give off too much of a work-related aura when I'm a dad, my dad will probably find it boring to be with me.

So, does creating free time in your schedule reduce your income as a dad?

I think this is the part that concerns me the most.

To be honest, I don't think it will decrease that much, or maybe it will increase. I believe.

Certainly, many people think that if they reduce the number of times they meet, the allowance they receive will also decrease.

However, I think that you should be able to reduce the number of times you meet and instead say, ``I'm looking for a man with whom I can sign a contract with favorable terms.''

I am currently under contract with multiple men, but each one has different conditions.

There are some men who are not worth it.

I'm sorry to say this, but I think there is an idea to cancel the contract and aim for better terms.

It may seem like I'm treating men a little harshly when I hear this, but for me, being a dad is a business.

Of course, if it doesn't fit your business model, the deal won't go through.

This is common sense.

That said, she doesn't do something extreme like, ``The other guy is giving me a better allowance, so I can't do anything other than those conditions.''

I think it's just a gradual process.

Or maybe it's time to say that? That's what I think to myself.

Up until now, I had signed a contract for everything as long as certain conditions were met.

However, it is also true that because I did this too much, I started neglecting the maintenance etc. that I was supposed to do.

There are only so many hours in a day.

My true opinion is that even dads who are under contract need to separate themselves to a certain extent or else they won't be able to turn around.

For this reason, we have set a rule for 2024 that says, ``Allow plenty of leeway in your schedule + select fathers in stages.''

It's still a trial for me, but I think I'll keep it.

But don't make a mistake, it's a rule we've decided to respect every dad.ThatI think we should never forget the premise.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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