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My dad life rules 2024 Vol.1


rules are very important

Do you all set any rules for yourself when working as a dad? In my case, at the beginning of every year, I always write down on a memo pad what I call ``this year's rules.''

Why do I need to write it down? That's what people around me say.

There's a reason for this, and it's my "rule," but if you write it down somewhere, you can quickly check it and express your requests when signing a contract with a man, and it's also easier to remember if you write it down.

In fact, it's been a few years since I started writing on my notepad, but I've never felt any disadvantages to it, and now, in addition to the rules, I even write down things like ``These are the conditions'' when signing a contract with a man for the first time. .

The memo pad that I carry is extremely important in the business of being a dad. (You could call it confidential information)

Now, these are the rules I write down in my memo pad, but I try to make some changes every year.

When I say change, I don't mean to drastically change anything.

If anything, it's more like an afterthought.

In fact, there are times when I make revisions to the content I wrote out the previous year.

I often think of these things when I'm on the train, in a taxi, or relaxing in a room alone.

So, what kind of rules did I set for my dad life this year? I would like to introduce.

Treat all dads as equally as possible

Are there any men who tend to favor you when you're working as a father? In particular, I tend to be especially kind to men who give me a lot of allowance or who bring me "big benefits", or if I say that my sense of equality diminishes a little. Is it good?

To be honest, this can't be helped until then.

For example, I think that dads who receive gifts on a regular basis tend to smile in a way that they don't show to other dads.

I think there are many women who only have a contract with one man, so this topic may be aimed at women like me who have contracts with multiple men.

Even if you try to be kind to other dads, there will always be times when things don't go well.

To give you an example of what I actually did, my dad bought me the bag I wanted the day before.

Then, two days later, I meet another dad.

My dad isn't the type of person who usually buys me something.

Then, I was meeting with another dad, still feeling happy that the dad I had met the day before had bought me the bag I really wanted.

This is a very disrespectful story.

Normally, if I were to meet another father at a later date, I would have to change my mindset.

However, she is not able to make the switch well, and even then, she meets another father while wearing the bag that the other father bought her.

If I were in this man's position, I would feel extremely disappointed.

What's more, if I've been under contract with my dad for a long time, he'll always notice and ask me, ``What's wrong with that bag?'' and my only response at that time is to lie and say ``I bought it myself.''

Honestly, no matter how much you beat the situation, they'll probably find out that another dad bought it for you.

After all, if I had a long-term contract with my dad, I would wonder how I would shop and how much things I would buy myself. I know it.

However, just because every dad has noticed that, they are all adults.

Naturally, I didn't show any jealousy on the spot, I just smiled and said that I was glad.

That's what I always notice.

``Why did I bring this bag?'' or ``I hurt my dad,'' and I went into remorse mode.

He is always slow to realize this, and his actions are extremely disrespectful to his father, who is always indebted to him.

No matter how careful you are elsewhere, there's no point in ruining it here, and I always reflect on myself, saying, ``I need to put myself in the other person's shoes and think about things.''

This part of dad life is extremely important, and I'm sure it's the same for men as well, but if women can understand things from the other person's perspective, things will go much better as a business. And above all, it leads to long-term contracts.

I think I'm getting better and better every year, although it's just a lot of self-reflection.

As a result, more dads are signing long-term contracts than before.

I think this is one result, but I think there are still many things that need to be achieved.

It's surprisingly difficult to treat all dads equally.

I meet various dads every month.

There are dads that I haven't seen in two months, and dads from rural areas that I haven't seen for six months.

If you're a woman like me who has multiple contracts with multiple men, you probably know that it's hard to maintain the same motivation as the day before (especially at the beginning of the week) when you meet another dad. This is really difficult.

Sometimes I get into arguments with my dad, and since we're both human beings, there are a variety of situations.

However, when meeting with a different father, refrain from saying, ``Nothing happened the day before.''I have to meet you.

I think that the children who are able to make this transition perfectly are the pros when it comes to being a father.

I also have a sense of professionalism when it comes to being a dad.

That's why I'm trying to create a space that makes men feel as comfortable as possible, but unfortunately it's still not perfect.

Therefore, I think it would be good if I could master this part perfectly as this year's rule.

If you decide on it as a rule for yourself, it may be a little rigid.

But I think it's important because you can be careful each time.

By the way, I almost forgot about this rule three days ago, and happened to see this memo pad when I was meeting with my dad.

And I think I was able to fix it right then and there.

So, dad shouldn't be offended either.

If you have any rules, please feel free to write them down.

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