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Dad has changed over the past three years. Vol.3


I feel a lot of things when I look at my dad.

I think all women feel different things when they look at their fathers when they are active as fathers.

These include kind dads with long contracts, and dads with short-term contracts who have quirky personalities.

I'm sure there will be no shortage of examples.

Dad-katsu allows you to meet dads with various personalities and habits.

I am fulfilled every day.

And, as I always say, I have been a father for quite some time.

That's why there are so many things I notice when I look at my dad.

Women who actually work as dads as a full-time job may feel the same way I do.

I feel like the things that dads look for in women who are active as dads have changed a little in the past few years (more specifically, about 3 years).

Should we call this a change? What do you think, women all over the country who are working as fathers? Have there been any changes in the contracted fathers over the past few years? I feel a lot of change.

When I bring up this topic over drinks with friends who are also fathers, they always say, "Oh, that's true!"

For example, the part that says

The first thing that struck me about the changes in my contracted father over the past few years was the way he communicated with me.

In the past, we basically used lines and other tools to make all decisions in text, and everything until the schedule was finalized was done in text only.

So for me, I mainly communicated with my dad through text, so I managed to get things done even if it only took a while.

However, during the coronavirus pandemic, I was no longer able to complete everything in writing, perhaps because I was able to communicate with my dad through video calls and other means during times when we could not easily meet.

Well, I guess you could say that I started having a quick chat on the phone before making a decision before typing and checking each other's schedules.

To be honest, many women may find this unpleasant since they use their private time to talk to their dad, but I don't mind it that much. (No, I'm trying not to worry about it.)

Even now, I try not to feel stressed, thinking things like, ``Ah, I'm glad my dad is doing well.''

Of course, there are times when I think, ``I'm on the phone with a friend right now,'' and other times, I say, ``I'm currently with my other dad,'' so I can't help but feel a little more constrained than before.

However, if this was ``a behavior that occurs among some dads,'' I wouldn't have cared so much, but in my case, most of the dads I contracted with ended up feeling like that.

It's really an easy-to-understand part that has changed over the past three years or so.

That is not all

There are other things that I feel.

When I was meeting with my dad, the man, who had never been the kind of person to express his joy in an easy-to-understand way, said to me, ``He started to express great joy to me.'' (Sometimes he even comes with a hug. Normally, it's customary for me to give him a hug, as is the case with all dads. However, over the past three years, the things I've been asking him to do have increased considerably.)

What about your contract dad? The part I wrote above.

Do you remember it? Honestly, I think there are some women who get so troublesome that they ignore their dad's appeals during their private time.

I've been thinking lately

If I had a contract with only one dad, it would be very easy to deal with.

However, I am currently under contract with several dads at the same time.

For that reason, depending on the time of day or day, I may not be able to respond to all of your requests, and for me, it was unexpected that my father would call me so frequently.

So for the past three years or so, I've been feeling like my sleep time has been cut short, and I feel like I've been feeling more and more stressed out.

I myself try not to feel stress as I work as a father, so I try not to worry about stress in my life.

That's why, if you feel this stress, will it suddenly come? I feel anxious, and now and then I think about it more and more while taking a bath.

During the coronavirus pandemic, while she couldn't see her father, she decided to make video calls and communicate more frequently than usual in order to avoid feeling lonely.

It is possible that this action lit a fire against Dad, or that it planted a slight misunderstanding towards Dad, thinking, ``Can I contact you anytime without any hesitation?''

But personally, if I hadn't worked there at the time, I think my father would have said, ``No,'' if he were to ask me, ``Would I have been able to extend my contract as before?''

I remember how difficult it was to be a dad during the coronavirus pandemic.

After all, you can't meet your dad casually outside, and you can't receive an allowance even though you haven't met him, right? I have friends who have children who have received it, but I think it's a really rare case, and there aren't that many god-like fathers out there who are normally working as fathers.

Of course, I would understand if my father saw some value in me, but I don't go about my father's life expecting that.

After all, being a confident dad feels like work.

It doesn't make sense to get paid even though you haven't done any work, and it's kind of disgusting, and you won't be able to ask your dad any favors in the future, and your relationship might become a bit distant.

However, I can't ignore these problems, so I'm trying to tell my dad little by little.

“Unlike during the coronavirus pandemic, we can meet normally now, so it would be nice to be able to complete things in writing to some extent.Also, if we call too much before we meet, my enjoyment will be a little less.”

That's what I've been telling my dad these days.

Most dads understand this, but sometimes they ask questions like, ``Are you seeing other men?'' There are some dads who are jealous and easy to understand.

However, over the past three years, I was surprised to find that what my dad really wanted from me was a regular phone call.

While I'm happy, I also feel like I'm being "constrained," so I decided to think about how to deal with it a little more today.

If you are going to deal with any kind of father-related activities, it might be a good idea to think about the future to some extent before doing so.

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