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How was my life as a dad in 2023?


Did you actually earn money as a dad in 2023?

This topic becomes a hot topic with my female friends.

In particular, I have many friends who are active fathers.

I get asked a lot of questions like, ``How was this year?'' (Although I don't think I'm the type of person to ask many people around me.)

To be honest, I haven't done all the calculations yet (because I have to file my final tax return), but if you look at it only in terms of monetary income, there is a big difference in the amount before and after the coronavirus.

The difference in amount means that it is negative rather than positive.

Of course, since I'm a dad, the numbers have fallen considerably when plotted on a graph.


Seriously, some kids might be worried if they see this much and wonder, "Are you okay?"

However, I think the opposite and think that the negative problem of corona has been occurring in Japan for several years, and I often think that it could have been prevented by this much negative problem.

After all, just two years ago it was difficult to even meet people outside, and if you were just meeting people outside and having fun, people would look at you as if you were evil, right? Also, since the world was in full self-restraint mode, there were quite a few kids around me who had their ``contract with their daddy canceled''.

However, in my case, I almost never had to cancel my contract due to the coronavirus.

Then, in 2023, as the people began to be freed from the negative effects of the coronavirus, sales in the year of dad-hunting were negative, but they did not have that much trouble making a living and were able to continue working with their dads, who were originally under contract, as usual. In my life, I was able to meet my father, and for the most part, he never left me.

Honestly, I thought it was a miracle.

I think this is quite a thing when it comes to food and drink.

It's true that during the coronavirus pandemic, there were some of me who made a lot of effort.

Make video calls as much as possible.

In addition, it seems like the economy for dads is definitely starting to recover compared to 2021, and there are three dads who have signed new contracts this year.

I have a female friend who has quit being a father.

She says that she can no longer make ends meet because she is a dad.

However, I have been watching her for a long time, including during the coronavirus pandemic, and it didn't seem like she was making any effort at all.

Even during the coronavirus pandemic, he didn't try to contact his dad on his own, and even when I was with him, he sometimes ignored his lines.

In my heart, I knew that it was times like this that women needed to take action. (Of course, she didn't give any advice to her because she believes each father has his own way of doing things.)

However, based on what she said and the results alone, I felt that maybe he simply wasn't cut out to be a father.

Especially for someone like me, who considers being a dad a business, I guess it felt like something that just happened.

Dare to move when everyone else is not moving.

This is commonplace in any business, and in the case of Dad-Katsu, it's even more so since it's the same position as a sole proprietorship.

There are many women who are doing it for fun, and there are also many women who are doing it because they can easily get paid.

However, I feel like there are quite a few people who receive a reasonable amount of allowance each month.

I think anyone who is actually a father would understand.

Also, if you have a job as your main job and think of being a dad as just earning some pocket money, I can still understand.

However, my answer is that it's not that easy when it comes to making a living solely by being a dad.

If a child is making a living just by being a dad, then she definitely has something that makes men happy.

For example, an active round girl, model, or entertainment person.

Basically, other than that, I feel like girls who make a living solely by being dads aren't having that much fun.

If it appears to others that the child is having fun and making money, isn't that just because the child is making it look like they are having fun to those around them? That's what I think.

If you're going to be a dad, you'll have to dedicate a certain amount of time to him, and depending on the situation, he'll ask you to do things like have sex.

Of course, compared to a normal daytime job, you can earn a good amount of money on a monthly basis.

However, unlike daytime jobs, if you make a mistake, you have to take responsibility for it, so you can't rely on anyone else.

Because they are dad-katsu, they can do things like just be spoiled by their dads, and some kids actually do that, but I have seen kids who are dad-katsu with that kind of personality, and their dads immediately ask them to break the contract. It may have been done.

This means that there is no stability in receiving this much money every month.

If you want to stabilize your life by being a father, services for men will become an important element.

This will be a turning point for him to continue living as a father year after year. (This is just my analysis result)

In my case, I was able to do that well, so the number of dads who have contracts hasn't changed that much after the coronavirus compared to before the coronavirus, and I'm still able to make a living as a dad. I think that's what I mean.

I really feel like I wanted to earn a little more in 2023.

Speaking of greed, I wanted to earn more money and have more free time than last year.

However, in terms of amount alone, it's negative (meaning that income is decreasing year by year), but the amount of gifts from dad has increased considerably, so where do you want to end up? I think that.

I don't go to a pawn shop and sell the presents I received from my dad, so I calculate things purely based on money. (If I sell it, it would be disrespectful to my father, and if I have a long-term contract with him, I feel like he will find out at some point. That's why I don't do such things.)

It's better not to start out as a father thinking that it's just something you can make money from.

In my experience, it goes better if someone who thinks they can properly give and take to the dad does it.

I hope you will take this as just my opinion.

However, I realized that in 2024, I would have to change the way I work as a father a little bit compared to 2023.

I feel like there's no point in everyone doing things the same way, and there needs to be some differentiation somewhere.

I felt like I wanted to get on board with that differentiation.

I could make a good living as is, but if I was going to make a business out of being a dad, I wanted to put myself in a better environment than those around me, including time.

In 2024, I would like to see dad activities become even more popular among the general public than now, and I would also like to think of various services that I can provide to dads to increase my income.

I felt that I needed to be more professional than I am now as a father.

I felt that this would directly lead to an increase in income.

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