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At the end of 2023, you can be pampered as much as you want with Papakatsu


I am very busy at the end of the year as a father.

How was the end of the year, everyone? I? That being said, I was doing my best to be a dad.

Did you know that you can make a lot of money by being a dad at the end of the year? is it only me? To be honest, Christmas is a day for giving to others, and at the end of the year, I may be seen as a way to get back what I've already given.

At the end of the year, perhaps there isn't that much of a "special feeling" among women who are active fathers, but in my case, my favorite father is often free.

Every year, my dad, who I take care of the most, is always free.

To give a quick explanation here, there are a number of times when I invite some of my favorite dads, they often decline my invitations because they say they are busy.

Some of the dads had said in the past that they had contracts with other women, so I imagined that they were spending time with women who were nicer than me.

Well, it's something that happens naturally when you're a dad.

So, I don't really care that much, but if I'm going to be a dad, I think everyone would want to spend time with their favorite dad, right? I'm one of them too.

Therefore, of course, I have hardly ever spent time with my ``favorite dad,'' even at Christmas.

Now, to avoid misunderstandings, I would like to say that basically all the dads I contract with are wonderful.

However, if you were to rank them among them, how would you rank them? That's what I'm talking about.

However, dads who seem to be popular among women who are working as dads are easy to contact at the end of the year.

Every year, I take advantage of the end of the year to spend time with my dad.

This is so comfortable that I forget that I am a father (business).

Because the dad who said that really understands women's feelings, so even if I don't ask for anything, he will escort me to a wonderful space with a feeling of "Do you want to come with me?" That's it.

If this is a man who is not very used to being a father, he will be worried about it because he will have to make some ``suggestions'' from me.

You know, if you're too direct about what you want to do or what you want, you can't build a long-term relationship with it, right? Therefore, I refrain from doing so.

However, if you hold back too much, you'll have to fly at extremely low altitudes to be a dad, and you'll end up feeling like the money isn't worth the time and effort.

But I can't say that out loud.

It's common sense, isn't it?

This then turns into worries and leads to stress.

This may lead to a so-called negative chain reaction.

I'm sure women who are active fathers on a daily basis will empathize with this.

I was able to spend the end of the year with my favorite dad, but what was it actually like?

First of all, from the 29th to the 31st, I was able to spend time with my only dad.

Did you spend Christmas with different dads for half a day each? Some people may say so.

If I really like my dad, even if I stay overnight, I feel like he wakes up too early, so I always ask him to give me a few days. (This time, it was the 2nd and 3rd day.)

First, on the first day, we met at noon, had lunch at Roppongi Hills, and then went shopping.

He said he would buy me anything I wanted, so I went to Louis Vuitton and bought him a few bags.

At this point, I got my gift money back that I bought for another dad for Christmas.

From there, I moved to Shinjuku Isetan to do some shopping for my dad.

In the end, I ended up buying Louboutin shoes and other shoes there. (He has arranged for all the things I have purchased so far to be shipped to my home. This is also the adult part of my dad. He takes care of me perfectly without me having to say anything.)

Then, it was time for dinner and we headed straight to Wolfgang's.

So, while drinking wine, I talked with my dad about the future.

During that somewhat serious conversation, I gave him the gift that I couldn't give him at Christmas. (Recently, my dad seems to have trouble with his legs, so I gave him a cane. Good canes are quite expensive and not very wallet-friendly.)

Then, my dad made a suggestion.

Shall we raise your allowance a little more? That's what he said.

However, I have been a father for an unnecessarily long time.

I declined this, thinking it was a simple trap.

Normally, many women who are active fathers would think that refusing a request might be considered disrespectful to their father.

However, if I smile and say "Please," here, I know that the following may happen.

1. There is a possibility that your father will request you to do various unreasonable things, including sex.

2. Possibility of being asked to review contracts with other dads.

3.As of now, even though we haven't met that much, we still receive a fair amount of allowance. Do you compare me to other women who are working as fathers and are greedy about money? Possibility of trying.

Honestly, if you think about the possibilities, there's no limit.

But this is all I know.

The point is that you should not receive an allowance that you are not satisfied with.

It may be my own rule when it comes to being a dad, and I may be considered a bit strict, but so far I have been following these rules and have basically never had any trouble with the dads I have a contract with.

From now on, I want to continue to be connected to this dad.

That's why I made the above decision.

Dad's reaction was, ``Really?'', but I'd like to think that his judgment at that time was not wrong.

To be honest, life continued like this for the rest of the year.

I went shopping, ate delicious food, and was spoiled by my dad.

There was also a heated pool in the hotel, and the time I spent with my dad was like a dream.

Every year around this time, I think that if I wasn't active as a father, I wouldn't be able to enjoy this kind of luxury.

I want women who have never been a father to experience the same feelings as me.

It's true that some children may not be able to return to a normal life, but is that a bad thing? I suddenly think.

I want to say out loud, ``Dad life is the best!''

I hope you all will try your hand at being a dad.

It's amazing.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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