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This Christmas, dads are also very busy Vol.1 


Christmas is the time to earn money every year

This is the long-awaited time.

I'm sure all the women who are self-employed and run father activities as a business have been waiting anxiously for this period.

I'd like to say I'm one of them too...

Maybe my idea of ​​``Christmas with my dad'' is a little different from everyone else's.

First of all, one of the reasons is that Christmas, which is spent with dad, is a busy season in the world.

Therefore, there must be many women who are working as fathers and only focus on "the money they can earn on their own."

Of course, if you look at daddy life as a business, I think that's the correct answer.

However, I have been a father for quite some time.

That's about the longest I've been with my friends around me.

That's why I know from experience that just thinking "I'll make money during this period" won't earn you that much money.

These are women who are confident in their appearance and personality, and some of them earn an incredible amount of money just during the Christmas season. (Dad life has dreams)

However, I am aware that I don't have the looks or personality to match that.

That's why I've stopped trying to become a father in the past, just thinking about ``earning money for Christmas.''

Rather than that, I make plans with the assumption that I will bring some joy to my father, and that I will earn double the amount I would have earned on Christmas ``after Christmas.''

This is my father's life formula, even though I don't have the appearance of a model.

So how did I spend Christmas with my dad this year?

Here, I would like to tell you in order.

To begin with, Christmas lasts two days, including Eve.

Everyone should have noticed this.

For that reason, I have to decide which dad I will spend time with every year out of the dads I have multiple contracts with. You have to decide in advance, and you also have to decide early on who you want to spend time with and make an appointment.

My Christmas season has already started at the end of November.

And this is what I tell every dad every year.

I try to tell every dad, ``This Christmas, I want to relax by myself.''

However, some fathers put pressure on them by asking, ``Why don't you spend time with your father?''

If you go by the percentage of dads who contract with me, it's about 4%.

However, at this point, I make sure to elaborate and tell my dad something that no one else will be able to elaborate on, such as, ``I'm planning to have a video call with my parents.''

This is just my strategy for dads who don't plan on spending Christmas day together.

In the end, all the dads I contract with are old men.

For that reason, when words such as home and family are included, there are many cases where the topic of Christmas is not mentioned any further, and in fact, it has not been mentioned this year either.

However, is it okay to treat a dad like that who doesn't spend Christmas with him? If you ask me, that's different.

Even if I don't spend Christmas with him, he will still be my father, who I am indebted to.

Therefore, the topic that I mentioned earlier, ``Christmas season starts from the end of November,'' is linked here.

Like me, there are many women in this world who contract with multiple dads and engage in daddy activities. (Almost everyone around me feels the same way.)

That's why every year I carry out a strategy to make Dad feel like Christmas a little earlier.

I think there are many women who are active fathers and think of Christmas as ``only when they earn money.''

However, I approach Christmas with the feeling that it's a time to repay my father.

For that reason, how can you make money at Christmas with dad activities? This deviates from the theory.

So why am I using these methods even though I can earn money by being a dad during Christmas?

I have my own reasons for that.

As I said earlier, I'm not confident in my appearance or personality, but in order to survive as a father, I need to do things that other women aren't doing.

Plus, if you're a single dad, you can incorporate your schedule into it.

However, I have multiple dads.

In reality, it would be a different story if there were more clones of me, but that's impossible.

Therefore, by having the feeling of congratulating the child rather than receiving the congratulations, it will help to suppress the ``unreasonable demands'' that the father makes of the child, and at the same time, it will leave a good impression on the father. It's easy to get lost. (There may be a saying that the first move wins.)

Besides, Daddy doesn't expect himself to be celebrated on Christmas.

Most dads have the idea of ​​``doing something for a woman,'' but they don't think of ``having someone do something for them.'' (This is just from looking at my contracted father.)

And when it comes to celebrating, you can celebrate anytime during Christmas.

If you are in a position to celebrate this, it is necessary to set it on the day of the event.

Also, from my experience, if you are the one who celebrates Christmas without asking for anything from your father, there is always a big return from his father the following year.

This is how I deal with my dad who can't spend Christmas with me.

As I've said many times before, this is only a response for dads who can't be with them for Christmas, and the response for dads who do spend time with them will be different.

However, since I started using this method a few years ago, I honestly don't have to think about Christmas schedules anymore, and in the past I've never had to say goodbye to my dad because I couldn't see him on Christmas. There were many.

But now that that is gone, the biggest present is the gift of being a dad.

Since I started celebrating my dad during Christmas, the amount I received in return the following year has more than tripled.

Then, I ask them to give something back in return, which brings us closer together and leads to a long-term contract.

My dad has known me for a long time now, and when I celebrate Christmas in advance, he sometimes returns with a present even though it's not even Christmas itself.

And for dads who are naturally in a position to celebrate, it's also a good opportunity to compare me with other dad-hunting women, and it's a real challenge in the sense of, ``Who cares about dads more?'' I also think it can be done. (This is quite important)

Lately, I've been thinking that being a wonderful dad is very popular, so I have to win this battle.

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