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When I prioritize being a dad Vol.2


every year valentine

On this day, men are surprisingly conscious of women even in Japan.

Why do I never miss Valentine's Day when I'm a dad? There's a solid reason for that.

It may not apply to everyone, but I'm not the only dad I have a contract with.

So, for example, if it's a birthday or something like that, it's not that you won't be happy if you do something in return for your dad unless it's on the same day, but the effect will be greatly reduced by half.

However, I may be the only one who feels this way, but is it fair to say that Valentine's Day chocolates won't make the other person feel bad even if they're about a week late?

I guess you could say that compared to birthdays, it doesn't feel like it's the actual day.

In my experience up until now, people don't really hate it if I give it to them a little late, or rather they're just happy with it.

Especially for women like me who have contracts with multiple dads, it is difficult to express gratitude and give chocolates to all the dads on Valentine's Day.

For some women, if they view fatherhood as a business, they tend to prioritize their time toward the person who has the best conditions for them, such as benefits.

And, to put it simply, she treats her dad a little rough, or doesn't have time for her, or to put it simply, she treats her father a little coldly.

Especially if you're a woman who is working as a father, you probably won't use LINE or make phone calls with another father while you're spending time with your father.

So, even if some other dad tries to take action on the day, I think I'll just ignore it, or there's nothing I can do about it.

Of course, successful women might secretly send messages to their other dads by going to the bathroom, etc., but I would never do that.

I don't think they'll say anything if someone finds out that I'm a father with a long contract, but I'm sure he'll feel lonely, and I don't want him to be in a bad mood because of that.

On the other hand, it would be more difficult to respond that way, and I generally don't respond even if it's a private message if I'm with my dad right then and there. (Unless someone has had a misfortune or something else, my first priority would probably be my dad, who is with me at the time.)

In my case, I start making chocolates a few days before Valentine's Day every year, and it takes about a week to distribute them to all the dads. (It will be sent by refrigerated mail to dads who have contracts in rural areas.)

Chocolate can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator.

Also, even if the date is off, the other person won't look too bad about Valentine's Day, so even if it's a little off, I usually prioritize my dad's activities this week and manage my schedule.

Also, for me, Valentine's Day is the only day of the year where I can definitely give out homemade sweets.

Also, if you give a gift like chocolates and a tie on Valentine's Day, you can expect something in return from your father on White Day or other occasions.

Also, even if you don't schedule all the dads on White Day, they won't hate you so much.

When it's my birthday, some cute dads say things like ``Who are you going to be with?'' and have a hint of jealousy, but usually on Valentine's Day or White Day in return, that's what I said. Based on my experience, I have the impression that this is unlikely to happen, and I have never actually had a problem.

Therefore, it can also be said to be a time to earn some light money in preparation for White Day.

Actually, I'm just sending Valentine's Day to express my gratitude.

At first, I thought so, but as I do the same thing every year, I find myself starting to look forward to giving back on White Day. (These days, I think I need to change my way of thinking a little.)

So, even if I had a boyfriend in my private life, I would prioritize being a father.

When I told my friends about this story, I got a lot of sympathy from women who are also fathers, so I wonder if everyone feels that way. That's what I think.

When you are not satisfied with your private life

Many women who are working as fathers keep their private lives quite separate.

And aren't there many women who have boyfriends in their private lives? I have times like that too sometimes.

However, I understand that you and your father are completely different in age, but don't you sometimes find yourself comparing them? Do you ever end up feeling unsatisfied or dissatisfied with your boyfriend no matter where you go or what you eat? I had quite a few. (I don't have a boyfriend right now, so it's past tense.)

What do you all do at times like that? I think many women try to bury those feelings in their private lives.

I was like that too at first.

I thought that my private life could only be filled with my private life.

However, when I actually had the motivation to do so, I felt extremely fulfilled when I started working as a father with a slightly strict schedule. (Just my personal opinion)

Strangely enough, when I feel like that, I prioritize my fatherhood rather than doing it half-heartedly.

If you prioritize your father's life above all else, the dissatisfaction you had with your boyfriend in your private life will somehow disappear, or should I say that your father will erase it. (He gave me luxuries and made me happy, etc.)

In the end, I think women who are trying to become fathers can understand that it's almost impossible to have a private relationship with a man who is wealthier than a contracted father and who is the same age.

So, for example, your boyfriend is a cheapskate.

All those small complaints will disappear if you prioritize your father's life. (It was such a small thing that I thought I was worried about it.)

Then, after putting a certain amount of effort into prioritizing being a father, when I meet my private boyfriend again, I can say that I feel mentally stable, or perhaps I can say that I feel like I've come back to a different place.

For that reason, in my private life, if I had a boyfriend and I had something on my mind, I would prioritize being a dad in my schedule.

If you haven't done it that way.

Please try it once and see.

Maybe all the women who have been dads for a long time are doing the same thing as me.

In fact, my friend didn't have that problem, but after I gave him the above advice, he became mentally stable.

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