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Okinawa's night situation told by an experienced person


Nice to meet you, my name is Kiito Kamiya from Universe Club Okinawa.
First appearance in the column.

I'm single in my 20s, and my favorite things are beer and edamame, old man jokes, and after dinner steak.
On his days off, Kamiya, who likes to drink as much beer as he can, writes frankly about the nightlife in Okinawa, both for men and women.

Foreign countries in Japan

Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever been to Okinawa?

From the point of view of the mainland (that's what Okinawa calls the mainland), Okinawa is a tourist powerhouse.

I think there are many people who feel like they are in a foreign country even though they are in Japan.

Night circumstances of such OKINAWA.Some of you may have an idea.

By the way, Kamiya, who writes the article, used to work at night.For details, please ask directly (?^^?)


First of all, it's different from the mainland...

The excitement level for men's nights is completely different.
Let's play!
Let's party! !

You can stretch your wings to your heart's content! ! !

Even if you come to Okinawa on the pretext of a business trip, perhaps because it's so far away from the mainland, you'll feel like you're visiting a foreign country!

The one who is glaring.

Also, since it's an island country, I've seen many people think that information won't be leaked even if they hang out with women.

Okinawa is a small world, so even from a female perspective

For men from the mainland,"Even if something happens tonight, we don't have to see each other for the rest of our lives."There is also a strange sense of security.

In other words, Okinawa"Perfect place and people to play".

However, there is a strong sense of camaraderie in Okinawa, so there are many people who don't want to get along too deeply with people in the mainland = people from a land they don't know.

And if you go to a famous CLUB, you will see a lot of inland men.

"One night with a cute girl from Okinawa tonight!"

And while the Okinawan girls are planning to "become friendly and have them treat you"...

I got drunk.Meow.I will approach the mainland man with a cute face and a sexy voice.

When a woman walks through Matsuyama, Naha City, a busy street, a drunk man (regardless of whether she is from the mainland or the prefecture) comes up to her and asks, "Let's have a drink together."


In fact, Matsuyama is popular with men, but that kind of thing is actually avoided by women.

Okinawan women live in Kumoji and Chatan in Naha.

Unfortunately, you can't meet OLs on their way home from work, female members of the family, etc. in Matsuyama!

If you want to go to a cabaret club, Matsuyama is the place to go, but if you want to interact with the locals, Kumoji and Chatan are definitely better.

In particular, Chatan is a recommended spot because there are many soldiers and foreign ladies accompanying them.

And that's it for today.
The night situation in Okinawa continues...

Kii Kamiya


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