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Sex situation in daddy life 2023 Vol.2


Is acting necessary?

While working as a dad, I meet dads with various habits.

This is also largely due to the fact that daddy activities have sex.

Of course, as a father, he also wants to help women.

That's why he's becoming a father.

Having said that, there is no point in listing only beautiful things that are convenient for women. (I'm getting paid, after all)

After all, there are almost always patterns where sex is always required.

Therefore, there must be some women who suffer from frigidity.

I'm pretty sensitive.

However, there are surprisingly many women around me who suffer from frigidity.

There are women who live their lives with a complex about men.

Sex is not the only thing between men and women.

So I often get into discussions with my friends.

Do you include acting when you have sex with your dad?Of course, this has nothing to do with frigidity.

In my case, I'm normally sensitive, so I feel things without acting, but children with frigidity seem to have to act after all.

Actually, if you ask some of your friends, they'll all say the same thing.

``If you don't include acting, the atmosphere of the place will be strange.''

Certainly, I know that feeling too.

I don't have frigidity, but sometimes I'm forced to play abnormally.

At times like this, I may pretend to feel something even though I don't really feel it at all.

Maybe it's similar to that feeling?I thought to myself.

At this point, I would like to say that I clearly decline any abnormal play that I find too unpleasant. (This is an important part of dad-hunting, and there is a possibility that the dad side might think that they can do more and escalate the situation, so if you think it's impossible, be sure to say no.)

Certainly, from a father's point of view, he would want to see how a young woman feels, and that might be a source of excitement.

Plus, most dads are much older.

And the important parts of daddy aren't always healthy.

If you think about it that way, the performance on the part of the woman may be quite important when it comes to sex during dad-hunting.

There is also the possibility that it will become a catalyst to cheer up dad in many ways.

Women always receive support from their fathers in the form of allowances, so in the sense of giving and taking, perhaps they should provide some kind of service by acting. (I've said it many times before, but I actually felt it before the service, so I'm embarrassed to say I'm in a position where I can enjoy it together.)

Sometimes there are dads who request public sex.

I refuse without hesitation.

I think there are many children who are fine with this, but you need to be careful.

Let's say we allow a certain amount of abnormalities, such as in hotels. (This is just my personal opinion.)

The reason is that it only happens in that room.

But when it comes to public sex, people's eyes may be on you.Yes, there is a possibility that you will be involved in some kind of crime.

For example, stealing pictures of others.

That's why I don't recommend it at all, and if I had to say so, I think it's better to quit.

In this day and age, you don't know where someone is taking a video with their smartphone.

There are quite a few dads whose way of thinking is too early in the Showa era and who still don't realize the danger. (Of course, there were no smartphones in the Showa era.)

Therefore, if dad doesn't understand that, you need to firmly convince him, and if he doesn't seem to understand, you should consider canceling the contract immediately.

This also includes the meaning of protecting women's bodies.

Once you engage in open sex, this line begins to become paralyzed, and there are many cases where your demands become more and more demanding.

I refuse before that point, so I have no experience, but surprisingly many people around me have.

For example, I was asked to sexually harass someone in a car, right in the middle of Omotesando.

I've heard many stories, such as people asking me to wear no bra when walking around Ginza during the day.

Then, after listening to these requests, Daddy is no longer satisfied with just that, and escalates to places where he can be seen in public, such as having sex in the open.

It means that there is no end to it.

How about increasing your allowance by being a dad?There are also dads who say that. (I have had such negotiations in the past, but I canceled the contract immediately.)

Therefore, there are quite a few women who are tempted by the immediate money and end up dating.

But, think about it.

The on-the-spot benefits you get from being a dad aren't that big of a deal when you consider the future of each woman.

Of course, I understand the feeling of being out of money on the spot, or seeing a lot of money and being moved by so-called material desires, such as, ``I have something I want, so I want to buy it.''

But, please learn that there is a hidden meaning behind those sweet words.

I will never be moved by such sweet whispers.

After all, if something were to happen to you, your life could end.

Even if you get paid a lot of money on the spot.

Because the only person who can protect yourself when you're a dad is yourself.

Of course, you can also consult the dating club.

But what if there is no evidence?There's nothing we can do, right?So, if there's a possibility that you're going to worry about something troublesome, don't you think it's better not to turn yourself in a strange direction from the beginning?i think so.

Besides, as women who are already working as fathers will understand, most men are gentlemen.

A true gentleman would never make such an abnormal request.

It's probably just a small percentage of dads who make strange requests.

I've been a dad for a long time, but it really only happens once in a while.

That's why it's better to get to the point where you can date on your own.

Basically, if you are asked to have slightly abnormal sex with your dad during a daddy activity, it is a good idea to have a limit at which you can complete it at a hotel etc.

Basically, when something happens outside, I think it's better to look at it with suspicion and not get involved.

At least that's what I do, and even if I don't get into it, I'm sure a gentleman dad will take good care of me.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

Articles by Kumiko Mine

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