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Choosing a dad who sometimes fails Vol.5


Dad gets turned on by something.

When I'm working as a father, I sometimes feel that I don't have the eyes for men.

Certainly, this can be said even in private life.


I am aware of it myself.

Having said that, I always feel that men who are able to become fathers are generous and mature, unlike the young people around here.

Having said that, not all dads find it so wonderful.

In fact, there are many things you can learn after signing a contract and starting a relationship.

Do you see that as a failure?Do you see it as studying?Surely where do I put my own feelings?It makes a big difference in how you receive it.

Many people would consider me a failure because I haven't yet matured to that degree on the inside.

If you are a woman who is working as a father, you must have experienced this at least once.A sermon from daddy.

This is also the content, isn't it?

For example, if you say you're going to be late, there's no point in getting yelled at.

But what I sometimes experience is something a little different.

Talking about something that happened recently, I had a conversation with my dad that started off with the wrong words.

I often consult my dad about life.

For example, dad life.

Is it okay for me to continue being a dad like this forever?Or is it better to get some kind of qualification?Such.

However, it's not like I'm talking that deeply, it just feels like I'm talking about something.

My hope is for people to listen to my story in a slightly dry and light atmosphere.

However, talking about things like this can turn on some dads.

Honestly, there have been times when my dad has told me things so strongly that I've been turned off by them, and I've said things like, ``Huh? We haven't really talked about it that much.''

``If you're really thinking about life, isn't it the time to be a dad?'' I was told while working at night.

I've been told, ``If you think so lightly, you won't be able to enjoy the rest of your life, right? You need to cherish each day more.''

No, I don't say it on the surface, but I'm thinking about it, right?When I retort, I get told, ``I don't see it that way,'' and my mind is filled with the feeling that I'm being scolded by my parents.

Of course, I don't think it's all bad.

Most of the fathers are business owners or have a certain status.

That's why I understand that each word carries weight.

But one thing I don't want you to forget is this part of being a dad.

It is true that I have a serious responsibility for publishing such stories so easily.

However, if you make a unilateral decision and try to undermine it with a just argument, I think women who are trying to become fathers, including myself, won't be able to keep up.

Especially after a night's work with dad.

If this is a wonderful father, he will be able to handle this conversation really well.

He's good at conversation and makes me feel at ease.

I think women who have been dads for a long time can understand this.

Just as men want to feel comfortable being dads, women also want to be happy dads.

You can't even call it a service industry.

That's why I don't like dads who suddenly flip a switch in the middle of a conversation and start preaching.

If you sign a contract with this type of man, you will regret it every time.

Having said that, this type of contract doesn't always last long, so the contract ends quickly.

If possible, I would like to avoid this at the initial contract stage.

hairy men

I think there are pros and cons to this, so I'm just saying that I'm not good at it.

Depending on the father, the male hormones are too strong, and sometimes the hair starts from the chest to the back.

Of all the dads I've contracted with, I'd say it's less than 2%.

However, the reality is that there are quite a few.

This is something you won't understand until you start working at night.

When you meet someone for the first time, you can't ask them, "Are you hairy?" even if they blurt it out.

When it comes to nighttime activities, I'm the type of person who wants to do my best for the other person.

Therefore, if the father has hair, it will inevitably interfere with his playing.

Maybe, if you like hairy people, you might find it flaming.

However, I myself am removing hair all over my body.

That's why I don't like body hair.

In this day and age, there are probably many women who remove hair all over their bodies. (Especially if you are a woman who is a father)

For modern women, hair removal is considered a form of etiquette.

Isn't the delicate zone even more so in the summer?

If you don't do that, you won't be able to wear modern bikinis.

However, men may not have to worry about such things as much as women.

To begin with, I have never seen a man who has become a father remove hair from his entire body.

There are many young men out there, but it is extremely difficult to find such a man in a daddy activity.

I am very aware of that.

Let me just say that I don't like bristles.

Whenever I go with someone who has said that, I always end up finding some of my dad's hair on my clothes and underwear when I get home.

I'm really bad at that, too.

But can you say something like, ``My dad is hairy, so could you cancel my contract?'' in a daddy activity?I can't say for sure, and my judgment is clouded because my father, who is surprisingly hairy, is the head of a doctor, or comes from a certain family background.

And all the hairy dads I've met are pretty sweet and caring.

Simply put, I don't hate it, and if you remove the hair part, I get the impression that most people think it's perfect.

However, no matter how many times I am told, I am not good at things that I am not good at.

So these days, when we meet for the first time, I try to look at my dad's wrist.

Hairy men often have hair sticking out from their wrists.

So, for some reason, I decided not to sign the contract and went home.

If you're a dad and don't like hairy men, you should try it once.

It's quite effective, and men who can't see hair on their wrists have a surprisingly low bristle rate. (This is just my personal opinion)

By the way, all the dads I'm currently contracting with are normal and don't have hairy hair.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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