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How to sell love in daddy life


Meaning of receiving allowance

When you're working as a father, you're bound to find walls that stand in your way.

When you overcome one wall, another one will appear.

Some kids may not think of this wall as a wall, but I always see it as a challenge.

Therefore, the more girls don't think of being a father as difficult, the less they feel that these walls are a wall.

That's why you can digest your life as a dad just by having fun.

However, as you have been working as a father for a long time, and you have become accustomed to it, and you are thinking of it as a business, and you are trying to make a living just by being a father, how do you deal with each father individually for a long time?How can I increase my allowance?You should start thinking about things like this.

So, through trial and error, I am working hard to become a father.

That's who I am now, and I think that's the path that women who have been fathers for a long time should take.

Well, first of all, it can be said that the most important part of dad life is how to sell your love to your dad.

Of course, if a woman is on the selling side, her father is on the buying side.

Normally, I don't think buyers and sellers should exchange words that much. (Even more so if it's a real business)

However, dad-hunting is the exact opposite; if there is a lot of exchange of words between the seller and the buyer, and there are mutual benefits, I think it is a very easy-to-understand business that is easy to understand and connects.

Essentially, it is a ``business where there are buyers and sellers,'' and there are many cases where someone, such as a trader, intervenes and conducts negotiations.

However, dad life only exists between the two themselves.

And the buying and selling of so-called intangible things called love.

That is why it is necessary to make it visible, to make it appear as if it exists, and to communicate between men and women.

Simply put, it's impossible to sign a long-term contract without seeing this love at all when you're a dad.

At some point, women have to arrange things in a way that makes them visible to men.

I see that as essential for long-term contracts with men.

And I think that giving form to that love will also lead to the meaning of receiving allowances from men.

How do you actually sell love?

In my case, I always listen slowly from the beginning and try to understand what the man is looking for. (That's exactly what you need to take note of.)

For example, has this man ever been married?Or do you prefer eating out?Or are you a self-catering type?Make an effort to know the details.

So, let's use food as an example.

If I'm a self-catering type, then I'm going out of my way to arrange meals out for me.

Then, as a father, I'm sure he won't see any benefit in continuing to eat out like this forever.

So what would I do?I purposely go to places where there are no restaurants (for example, picnics) and I bring something to eat, such as a packed lunch.

Afterwards, even if we meet at a hotel, I'll cook and prepare some food for them to eat.

In fact, this is something I do naturally to my dad, but I wonder if this kind of behavior makes him feel love?That's why I continue working as a dad. (Incidentally, I don't think I'll ever do it outside of my father's activities.)

That is not all.

What if daddy gets sick?

This also actually happened.

By chance, my father, who I had a contract with, was sick and had to be hospitalized.

I've known my dad for 2 years.

For that reason, I received a monthly allowance.

However, since he was hospitalized due to illness, he originally thought that the contract would have been canceled.

However, to express my gratitude for the past two years, I went to the hospital in Ginza every three days to see him.

Every time I went there, I brought some easy-to-eat food with me.

The reason was that I didn't think hospital food was suitable for my father.

The patient recovered surprisingly quickly and was discharged from the hospital in about two weeks.

But isn't my body in good shape?When she met her father after being discharged from the hospital, I told her about terminating her contract.

Then my dad said this.

``Yeah? Do you want to cancel the contract, 00-chan? I have absolutely no intention of doing so, and that's exactly what I was thinking of to increase my allowance, right?'' was the answer I never expected.

So I asked, ``Isn't dad a nuisance?''

Dad thanked me and said, ``It was more of a help than a nuisance, wasn't it?Actually, I had a contract with another mistress, but he never came to visit me, and the only one who came to visit me was 00-chan, right?'' .

And he also said this.

``You brought me some delicious food to visit me, right? It was because I ate that that I was cured. None of my other mistresses ever treated me like that. I felt so loved.'' .

That's what I thought at that time.

I guess my actions weren't wrong.

At this time, my dad increased my allowance.

I used to receive about 15 yen a month, but they increased it to 20 yen.

Was this my way of selling love?That's what I thought.

People around me sell love differently.

For example, my dad is lonely.

So, if her father calls her at any time of the night, she always makes an effort to answer or return the call. (This is something I also incorporate without thinking it's a hassle.)

When she meets her dad every week, she always asks for a kiss. (This seems to be quite effective for shy dads. I always do it naturally, but the child can't do it naturally, so I guess I force it a little.)

Daddy Life is a business that can be started very easily.

However, if they want it to continue for a long time, it won't last long unless each woman comes up with various ideas and sells her love to her father.

Of course, some children may continue for a long time without thinking about it.

However, my guess is that the girls who say that kind of thing have naturally learned how to sell their love well, and are able to interact with men naturally.

I'm not a genius, so I'm trying my best to sell my love to my dad through trial and error.

Why don't you all think once about how to sell love?

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

Articles by Kumiko Mine

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