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Local pattern?

It always becomes very indebted.
I am Ena Nakatani from Universe Osaka.

When I was in my 20s when I started working...
For me, who was not good at talking with high-ranking business partners
My boss advised me that there is a personality test based on where I am from.

"Although not all people in the same prefecture have the same personality,
It cannot be denied that the upbringing environment has a considerable impact on the perception of nature and humanity.
To some extent, you can see a common character and temperament."

“Many men have strong feelings about their hometowns,
Women like fortune-telling, so I think you can use it to create a conversation starter."

When you put it into practice, it certainly becomes easier to talk than before,
I have a memory that the reaction of the opponent was also good.

I suddenly remembered
Wouldn't it be good to create an opportunity for a date for male and female members?I thought,
I will introduce you.

(Because of the huge number of all 47 prefectures,
This time, I will introduce along the base of the universe. )


generous.You are open-minded and willing to take on new challenges.
Hokkaido's citizens are characterized by their strength and purity. 
However, that generosity also has a self-righteous side, and there is also a boss-like side, so
It is a characteristic of the people of Hokkaido that if someone asks for advice, they may refuse to decline, and there is the possibility that they will draw the poor lottery.

【Miyagi Prefecture】

Many people in Miyagi are sociable people.
This is because exchanges with Edo have been frequent since ancient times, and as a result, the area has become very open. 
For that reason, the people of Miyagi have few sticky parts unique to Tohoku,
It is the nature of Miyagi Prefecture to take things at their own pace and relax.


The type that respects others and is trusted by those around them.Even if he looks rough, he is good at caring.
It can be said that there are many warm-hearted and compassionate people.There are many people who are discreet and do not stand out,
It is also evaluated as having no individuality or characteristics.Most people are calm and rational.

[Chiba Prefecture]

I am good at expressing myself, and even if my inherent charm is a flaw,
It is the characteristics of Chiba prefecture that we can make the most of it. 
The way of thinking is free from the ties of tradition, so there is a free-spirited and carefree atmosphere.
The people of Chiba Prefecture on the Pacific side have a dynamic side, and there is also a special element that you don't know what to do.

【Kanagawa Prefecture】

The people of Kanagawa are tolerant of different cultures and values, but they are also very individualistic. 
Kanagawa people are friendly and will not refuse anyone who comes, but if they don't like it, they will leave immediately. 
But what makes up for it is his innate generosity. 
The good thing about Kanagawa people is that even if they leave once, they can come back as Kero as if they had forgotten.


Downtown Tokyo is kind and considerate. 
The people of downtown Tokyo are extremely open and fun to hang out with.

The uptown area of ​​Tokyo is very relaxed and carefree. 
Even the typical young boy and young girl have plenty of time to spare and are not stubborn.
However, because there is a place where you unconsciously take a foolish attitude that looks down on people,
It seems that there are few friends who are genuinely dating. 

In the Santama district of Tokyo, there are many people with gentle and honest personalities who are very trustworthy. 
The people of Santama, Tokyo, have more guts and tenacity than other Tokyo residents. 
However, because of his honesty, he has a weak sense of vigilance and often suffers damage through catch sales.

[Aichi Prefecture]

Even among Aichi citizens, Nagoya citizens are exceptionally obsessed with money. 
However, in reality, I don't spend anything on useless things, and I can pay a lot of money for things I need.
It is a characteristic of the people of Aichi Prefecture to use their money wisely. 
In addition, the plans of the people of Aichi Prefecture are immeasurably majestic by ordinary standards. 
It's so grand that it's almost impossible to understand, but there's a part of us that evaluates it on our own,
The people of Aichi have the spirit of going their own way no matter what outsiders say.


Despite their respect for tradition, the people of Kyoto extremely dislike being interfered with by others, and are indifferent to others. 
The stubbornness of wanting to stick to what you want to do freely without interference is the character of the people of Kyoto Prefecture.In addition, once a successor has been decided, one of the characteristics of the people of Kyoto Prefecture is that they are able to retire immediately and enjoy their old age.


It is Osaka citizens who can casually make jokes while socializing,
In terms of credibility, the worst number one is Osaka's prefectural character. 
It may be because there is an image of talking. 
Indeed, there is no distinction between good and bad,
It may be true that I have a personality that speaks fluently. 
However, in terms of softening the mood, the special ability of the Osaka dialect is demonstrated,
It will be a fun meeting just by having Osaka citizens.

[Hyogo Prefecture]

The people of Hyogo Prefecture have a challenging personality, obediently adopting anything that is good even if it is new. 
It is said that Japanese fashion starts in Kobe.
The people of Hyogo Prefecture rarely hold prejudices. 
However, compared to neighboring Osaka residents, Hyogo residents lack greed. 
I can't feel the power of trying to climb the world. 
Because the locals are comfortable, Hyogo Prefecture's characteristics are that few people go on adventures.

【Hiroshima Prefecture】

Hiroshima citizens are simple and optimistic. 
I am very friendly and can easily make friends with my friends.
On the other hand, there is a selfish side that disappears on the spot if there is a slight disagreement. 
In other words, they are free people who are not bound by any restrictions, but the people of Hiroshima have a weak sense of responsibility to call themselves free people. 
However, the people of Hiroshima are quick-witted and quick to learn.Its upper body is light and active.
However, I don't think too deeply about things, so it's also a characteristic of the Hiroshima prefecture that people tend to be haphazard.

【Fukuoka Prefecture】

The people of Fukuoka, located at the northernmost tip of Kyushu, tend to be a bit wild. 
Chikuzen is open-minded and stubborn, while Chikugo is amiable but mean-spirited.
Chikuho is laid-back and doesn't worry about things.
The common trait of the people of Fukuoka Prefecture is that they are basically rough-tempered. 
The people of the prefecture have a strong sense of self-assertion, a tendency to be bossy, and a clear difference between their likes and dislikes. 
Those who like it thoroughly like it, but those who dislike it thoroughly dislike it. 
This is probably because the people of Fukuoka have very strong personalities.

【Okinawa Prefecture】

Okinawans are extremely wary of foreigners.Therefore, it is not easy to approach. 
I can't quite open up because I'm in my shell. 
This is likely due to its complicated history.However, the original character of the people of Okinawa is that they are cheerful and bright. 
They also have a strong sense of solidarity, and they tend to come together to solve problems.

What do you think.

I think there are various opinions such as "That's right!"
I would be happy if I could start a conversation while saying something.

At that time, I was happy with my boss's advice,
The only difficulty was that I couldn't remember all 47 prefectures (^^;



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