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Frequently Asked Questions Ranking in Papa Katsu

Nice to meet you all!
My name is Ueda and I am in charge of marketing at Universe Club (*˙︶˙*)

Today, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions from everyone before the interview.
I wonder what dad life is like, what kind of place is a dating club.
To my friends around me,
I can't hear much,,(,,- -,,)

 | ・ω・)   Daddy life?what?
 |⊂ no

I'm interested in dad life,
I don't really know.
I want to go for an interview, but I'm worried. .

"Fuwa~, I've heard about it, but I can't take a step (´・ω・`)"

What is dad life! ?
I hope it will be helpful for those who say.
First, a question about the interview!
To enroll in the dating club,
First, you need to go to an interview!
Because we didn't meet on the app,
Once, a man and a woman who proved their identity to the dating club side
able to register
It's an adult date club.

It is essential to register (ㅅ´³`)

①How long is the interview?

The interview time is
Within 1 to 2 hoursIt's over!
if after the interview
If you have an appointment,
I think that you can have a margin if you can set it after 2 hours ♪♪

②Is it okay if I never go to an interview?

yes!for the interview
You need to come directly (。 ㅅ 。) Onegai
In addition, since we cannot bear the transportation expenses at that time,
I hope you can choose the interview venue closest to your home!

The interview venue is
From Sapporo in the north to Okinawa in the south (〜´-`)〜
We are located all over Japan.
At the time of the interview, we will take a photo and a self-introduction video.
I think that it will be smooth if you can think about self-introduction lightly.

Example: I want to meet a kind dad who I can talk with ( ⸝⸝ ᴗ ⸝⸝ ) 

③ What to bring and what to wear at the time of the interview?

All you need is a photo ID!If you don't have one with a photo,
Please bring 2 items from your health insurance card, resident registry card, student ID card, employee ID card, cash card, etc.!

Regarding clothing,
I think clothes that show your shoulders and upper arms will make you look sexy and girly ( ơ ᴗ ơ )✶*
It will be posted seasonally.
Even in winter, there are people who bring summer items,
Re-shooting is also possible, so if you registered in winter, please come back before summer.
If you can devise it, I think it will be easier to get an offer (´,, ω ,,)♡

There is also a full-body silhouette shoot, sohigh heelIf you can bring
You can also shoot in style!

You can also rent it here,
It is best if you bring your own.
Black stockings also give a heavy impression, so
flesh colored stockingsI recommend (`・ω・´)b

④ I don't have confidence in my style, maybe there is a limit on my appearance.Can I register even if I am chubby?

honestly, men
A picture of the girl on the screen,
Watch the video and make an offer
So, there's nothing better than looking good! ! !
As a woman, if you are not a person who can take care of the bare minimum, even if you register
We cannot guarantee that you will receive an offer (๑°ㅁ°๑;)

Also, the offer came because I'm ostensibly clean!

But,Actually, the inside of the makeup pouch is dirty,
My wallet is full of receiptsΣ(゚д゚;)
etc. .
Celebrity men, from the inside of such a human being
In fact, the places that have appeared without noticing,
Firmly, most people are overlooked.
I don't think there are many celebrity men who want to see a woman whose heart is messy.
Possibly, even if it happens the first time, it may not happen the second time (゚´Д`゚)゚。

Let's make the most of this great offer opportunity ٩( ᐛ )( ᐖ )۶
Oh, I want to go on a date with this girl!
I want to see you again and again! ♡

And the facial expressions, posture, speaking style and voice that can be confirmed in the video that can make you think of a man ♡

Somewhere in the layer, I might hit? !Is there a demand?If you think that
Please come and knock on the door of the Universe Club once (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

⑤ Do I have to show my face?I'm afraid I'll find out.

For example, if you are a model or an entertainer and don't want to show your face,
Those who think they want a daddy!
The local community is small and likely to find out.And those who are worried.
It is possible to blur the face, and it is also possible to lower the display on the member page.
But if you don't blur it, it's easier to get an offer (´・_・people)
There is
Whether you put it out or hide it, it's up to you!

⑥ It's my first time and I want to go with my friends!

Is possible!
It is possible, but I
It's kind of embarrassing to say "I'm looking for a kind daddy♡" in front of my friends (*・ω・)lol
So,I want to speak frankly with the concierge!
For those who say, it may be better to make a reservation individually.

However, it is possible to make a reservation, so it is more reassuring to go with a friend!
If you are interested, please come and visit us!
Even if you come with me, if there is space in the room, it is possible to talk to you separately.
Please contact us once!
L( ^ω^ )┘My friend Daiji└( ^ω^ )」

⑦Is it really difficult to get an offer?Don't you come here?

Can you imagine how the offer will come in? ?

First of all,
It starts when you try to register(੭ु ›ω‹ )੭ु⁾⁾♡
That day is the start (`・ω・´)⚑︎⚐︎
It's up to you whether you grab the chance of the offer or not.
Please come and visit us first (*˙︶˙*)ノ"

We will advise you how the professional concierge should be active!
A concierge is an entity that stands between male and female members.
If you're this type of woman, I think you'll be a good match for this person! !

I would definitely like to introduce ──=≡Σ(((tsu ̀ω ́)tsu
If so, it's early.
As soon as possible, if your schedule is right,
Concierge, it is possible to go on a date with a recommended male member a few days later.

 ((・∀・∩ can!
  \ 〈
  / ̄ /)
  ( ̄ ̄ ̄)

  / ̄
1¯丶 / 丶
  / ̄
2 ¯ 丶 / 丶
3 ̄ ̄丶/

So I think the impression you make at the interview is very important.

The above is only a part, but from a woman who is thinking about registering before the interview
Excerpt from the top items in the question ranking!
Shall we try to live as a dad?Hope this helps everyone!I think (*^^*)
Thank you for reading for me until the end.

Fate and superstition are the type to believe.I'm Ueda, a back office who loves traveling but doesn't like adventures (^O^)

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