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Female version love vaccine "Self-affirmation"

Dating clubs for men are places of pseudo-romance to avoid affairs in the workplace.Both men and women want to fall in love no matter how old they are, but that desire sometimes destroys the life that men have built.The preventive medicine is the love vaccination at the dating club.

What kind of efficacy does this love vaccine have for women?With that in mind, I wrote a female version.

If you are interested, please read the original article on the column site for men.

I don't want to sell myself cheap.I want you to recognize me more than anyone else.

I think that women are the creatures who want to be the best.I want to be valued.

It may have something to do with your relationship with your mother.She wanted her mother to praise her more.

Surprisingly, men don't care about the best.

We live in a vertical society, in a hierarchical relationship, but not everyone is aiming to be number one.

So, on the contrary, companies and organizations may do well.Rather, being incorporated into an organization is a relief for men.Men who aim to be number one may actually be feminine on the inside (laughs).


So is love.Even at the dating club papa activity.I don't want to sell myself cheap.I want you to recognize me more than anyone else.

I want to continue to be the number one existence among the girls my dad surrounds me with.If someone boasts about getting 5 on Twitter, I'm 8, no, 10.I'll definitely get a good papaget and look back.

But,The bottom line is a lack of self-esteem.I wanted more love from my mother.

If I feel a little animal's wounded heart in a girl, if I hear a cry for help in her bravado, I make a point of staring her in the eye.

I feel like I'm the child's mother.She seems to calm down a little.It's not a solution by any means, but to the extent that a crying child can be comforted and fall asleep peacefully.

Your value is converted into money.

It's important to look at each other with your eyes.Hug a woman with your eyes, not your words.Love your heart with your heart.Sometimes it feels like a deeper human touch than sex.

At this age, I have touched many women and many lives.

No, not by touching, but by being a part of women's lives, and by having my own personal pain in not always being able to make them happy, I can understand the pain in people's hearts.

The heart cannot be healed without the heart.

Enough with my narcissistic bullshit, dating clubs translate your worth into money.For girls with poor self-esteem, it must have the effect of satisfying their desire for approval.

Not having an offer can be even more frustrating.

But nothing is taken away from zero.Humans are surprisingly strong.

Women are valuable to us men just because they are women.

Young or old, even if it's just a piece of meat, I can still love you with just the trace that the chromosome is XX (female).Women are like that for men.

So you can be confident enough just by being a woman, actually.

Men just don't say it out loud.Because it's too obvious.

Will it really shine in another ten years?

Why does an old man like me, who is almost XNUMX years old, wants to touch your body and stroke your hair even though he is older than your father?

Because I like youBecause I admire the existence of a woman who feels through you.

Just like you seek your mother's approval, we men continue to seek approval from you, a young woman.Repeatedly repeated.That's the man.

To be honest, ejaculation is quite difficult at this age.I take medicine (laughs).

StillI work hard because I want to be recognized as a man by you.

I offeredBecause I want to be recognized as a hunter by the noble and beautiful beast you are, my prey.

Did you find out by now?The meaning of "self-affirmation" in the title of this story.

Yes, what I'm looking for through you is my own self-affirmation.(laughs)

Assuming you're in your twenties, women don't stay young forever.Will it really shine in another ten years?

I want to run through before the sun goes down.I'm the same.About ten years from now.

Same with the time limit.

The sensibility there is also different from a young man who is still expanding his life, and I can sympathize with him.So I try whatever I think would be fun.I have enough money that I can't use it all up.


How about it?

What I write on the men's site is practical, so I tried to write it emotionally for women.

If there is a demand, I will write the second and third episodes.I would be happy if you could comment (from Mr. Mack).


My registered name at UNIVA is also "Mr. Mac".The registered branch is Nagoya.If the article is interesting, please comment directly using the "It's nice♡" function.It's encouraging.

Article by Mac

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