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Beware of spear throwing away!Why You Should Join a Dating Club! ~Part XNUMX~

Excrement is not food! ! !

Well, last time, "I want to go home" is over.

This is a failure story with the sweet potato.
I will continue to write the lines just barely, so please proceed as is only if you are okay.

The words that were said after the kiss were negotiations that I couldn't believe my ears.

"Is there such a thing as NG?I want you to let me pee!Or yes, let me eat!Then I'll give you as much money as you want!How about plus 10? 』

what did you say
This pig, no, potato...
How about,,,?So? ?

Or, the contrast is staggering! !
Excrement is not food! ! !
It goes against human ethics! ! !

Even Tsukishima, who has a strong service spirit, won't go that far!

I'm already laughing past the disgusting.

Fixed Tsukishima.


The answer I squeezed out

"I did it in the toilet at the station earlier ><I won't go out><"

I haven't received the money yet, so I can't take a bullish stance.

"please!I want to see a cute girl like you, uh, dignity collapse! 』

,,,, ! !
Kinmoi! ! ! ! ! !

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about? ? (Second time)

If you don't go out,

"Sorry! The excretory system is a bit..."

(But I kept saying that even after I went to bed. By the way, the bed smelled bad, maybe it was the body odor.

Papas, if you bring them into your house, please take care of the aged odor of the bed. (seriously)

That's the story, isn't it?

Another point of despair.

Yes, this potato pig.

It was (uselessly) unmatched.

Here is the beginning of hell.

The eyes are completely dead fish soles.

Looking at the clock, how long has it been?

Also, I've been wondering how long this hell will end.

I feel like the body odor of this potato pig has faintly transferred to my hair.

About two hours later, I got used to the strange story.

I managed to get through the field by calculating the average of this work time.

And don't wake me up next to the sweet potatoes that have fallen asleep after making a mess

I quietly turned my back and played a puzzle game.

That was the only time I ever played a game with such a sad feeling.

Now it's time.

"Come on! I have to go home. ><"

I managed to get up and get dressed.

I quietly waited for that moment, smelling the other person's body odor in my hair.

“I have 20, so I will give you the missing amount later! Take the bag.”

I can't complain about this cheap camouflage backpack for this price.


"(Rustling) Huh? !I don't have my wallet!picture? ?Why Why? ? 』

teeth? ? ? ? ? ? ?What is this?Search all over.

``Oh!It might be in front of the store safe!I'll go to the store to pick it up and give it to you! 』

(He said that he also runs a restaurant and is going to work from now on.)

(Don't be silly... this sweet potato pig...)

But I can't make you angry and spoil your mood

"Do you want to go to the store?"

Tsukishima's eyes are completely dead fish soles.

The location of the shop is a different station than the one I used to go to.

While saying that, I picked up the bike again.

I feel the cold more.

I kept waiting outside until the last train with thin hope in my heart.

Talking about trivial things

"Oh! I made a mistake!"

What, this guy,,, I don't even have the energy to get angry anymore.

"Be careful w"

I've said it many times, but my eyes are still like those of a dead fish.

After more than 10 minutes, the slope came into view.

"As expected, the slope is tough, so get off once."

Certainly this slope is dangerous if you listen carefully

Hmmm.do you want to get off


"If you go straight, it's a station!I'll meet you at the station after you get your wallet."

So I stood up and went ahead.

Yes,,,,,? ?
no! !Wait! ! ! ! !I have a bad feeling! ! !
This is it! !Escape! ! ! !

I thought so for a while.

The pig had disappeared before my eyes (laughs).

I waited by calling and lining up about the station.

I will reply.

So I waited outside for 12 minutes under the cold December sky until the last train with a thin hope in my heart.

yes.that's right.I was able to escape (laughs).

I guess I took a detour and made a mistake so that I didn't know the way.

I wish I had gotten it earlier! !

I mean!

If it was a dating club, this would not happen! ! !

Women reading this before registration should definitely register.

Because men will never run away, much less have to go through such a terrible experience.

Tsukishima's request is to reduce the number of women who feel that way.


Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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