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A shocking opening!First date failure story! !

First meal only.

One day in April, that day came.

It is the first date after registering for the club.

My first date after registering for the club was Mr. Universe!

Characteristics of a man conveyed along with date and place.From my experience so far, just be a good person.I couldn't help but hope so.

This is Tsukishima, who has had a lot of different thoughts until now.

There is also some chatter.

The selected relationship type is B type.First meal only.

Well, the day has finally come.I was having a BBQ with my friend that day.

I bought Febreze at a convenience store because I was worried about the smell of smoke.

(A feminine, floral fragrance)

An hour and a half to be shaken by the train! (It was a little far)

I didn't remember the staff's explanation, so I desperately checked the flow of the date.

Perfectly prepared.

On time!

Here we go! ! !


"I'll pick you up by car! 』

Eh, are you coming by car?I don't like it
With that in mind, I waited to be picked up.

in my head

"Simulation of a peaceful way home when someone with a yoke comes"

It's full of

"Sorry for the wait."

The person who opened the window and talked to me was a kind-hearted uncle.

good!It's a relief.Then talk bluntly,

The meal starts in a relaxing atmosphere at the restaurant.

It was good at first, but things started to get weird.

Skinship becomes more and more intense.

I put my hands on my feet and start rubbing.

[Isn't it just a meal today? ? It's B, right? ? ]

I have nothing but anxiety.

here already.I have no choice but to crush this uncle!

(I have a little confidence in alcohol.)

I'm glad I made that decision at the time.

Little did I know that this decision would later strangle me.

Japanese sake sponge

[Crush it]

The action after thinking so was early.

"Eh! I've never had this! Let's drink together!"

"This area's sake is delicious! I want to taste it, so I want to order this and this!"

I will ask for bang bang sake with that hand.

Tsukishima at that timeJapanese sake spongeI drank so much that I could have been given two names.

Aside from that,Women should ask for a chaser (water to drink between drinks) when drinking strong alcohol.

Slightly raises HP.

Well, it's been about an hour since we went out drinking.

"Let's go out soon~^^"

In one word,

I can finally go home~~~~! !I remember being relieved.

I asked the store to call a representative.

I'll buy eggs with the transportation expenses I'll receive today.I was thinking about going home while thinking that the garbage bag had run out.

,,,yeah? ? ?

wait! !hang on!Different from the way you came! !

"Is it troublesome if I can't go home by the last train?"

I will say it firmly.

"are you OK!Just take a break! 』

unknown land.A place far from home.

I have nothing but anxiety.30 minutes until the last train.It's not okay.

there is no time.

Hotel with la

I arrived at a convenience store.I was asked to buy some water.

sorry.Did you drink too much

With that in mind, I went shopping.

When I came back, there was no acting brother,

growing anxiety

"I'm in trouble if I don't go home by the last train!"

"Then let's move a little! 』


What the hell! ! !

Having said that, I can't say it's fashionable to say that I was taken to the place where I ran the taxi.

A hotel with a la! !

hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey! ! ! ! !

"Hey!i won't do it today !I have to go home! ! 』

When I looked at the clock, the last train had already passed.

yeah yeah .Stuffed stuffed. . .

fool!I'm an idiot!I let him drink too much and even took away my uncle's ability to make decisions! ! !



It's a big deal.

Are you dating type B? ? ? ! !picture? ?You don't have to do it! ! ;;

I'm already panicking.

I didn't get any money for it

I can't even go home.There are no taxis running.

"Because I won't do it seriously"

I told him so and reluctantly went in with him.

The old man immediately took off his pants and lay down on the bed. .

At least I was sitting on the sofa and measuring the distance with some resistance.

"Don't come here"

(Who goes!)

It feels like it's hard to push.

"I haven't had enough to drink-><I want to drink more!"

I have no choice but to crush it further.I decided so.

After drinking sake to death, I ordered two decanters of red wine.

When this happens, it's time to crush each other.

A busy creature whose emotions change from time to time

We can't afford to lose until one of us falls down.

The incident happened around the time I emptied a decanter of wine.

Old man spilled red wine on the bed!

(I did it!)

I rush over with a tissue in my hand.

"are you OK?!"


,,,teeth? ?

Simply put, I was overwhelmed.


While whispering in your ear, your name will be called and cute will be called repeatedly.

He was forced to hold me down and my resistance was in vain, and I was kissed without any strength.

I didn't intend to do that even XNUMXmm, so I tried to resist while crying,

10 minutes to resist

suddenly.I came up with it.

"Is it because I drank too much? Shall we take a short break?"

said kindly.

My partner accepted it, and I waited like a dead tuna until he fell asleep.


Outrageous snoring will usually make you angry.

I have never been happier with snoring than at this moment.

I quietly and swiftly ran into the bathroom like a ninja.

I want to go home, but I can't!

And disgusting! !

Completely unacceptable.or rather than that

"I want to throw up"


I just had that feeling.
I put my finger in my mouth and spat it out very carefully.

Humans are busy creatures with changing emotions.

The feeling that came out after the desire to throw up

I feel sick and want to sleep.


Fortunately hereLocked castle (just a puke-smelling private toilet)

,,,, only here.

I spread a lot of toilet paper on the floor and spent the night half-crying there.

In the morning, my uncle told me a shocking word.

"Sorry Sorry!You were B, weren't you?


Moreover, the amount of money I received was enough for transportation expenses. . .

It was an incredible first date.


Negotiate before going to the hotel!

Talking about money is difficult

The first lesson I learned at that time was that I thought it would be better to talk about immediate medical treatment when I go to a hotel with a la.

Also, make sure to check the last train.

Set the alarm 30 minutes early with plenty of time to spare.

You protect yourself.

Negotiations and schedules are early and act early!


Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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