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Beware of spear throwing away!Why You Should Join a Dating Club! ~Part XNUMX~

Raw going out 8, with rubber 5

I think it is a keyword that many women have seen on SNS.

When doing SNS, it is not uncommon to receive messages with these words.

Please listen to my past mistakes before registering for the date club.


・10 outings
・I want to be a dad

That was the message that came to me.


"I'm afraid of getting sick, so please wear a rubber band."

Is it 5 if there is rubber?No, I want 6.

Stayed in?

"No overnight stay"

Until what time?

"Do you want to go home by the last train?"

I'm afraid I'm underage, so show me your ID

"I don't want my ID because I'm scared."

I won't do it unless you show me

We exchanged like that.

30-year-old image is also handsome

I was wondering why this person would give such money, so I asked honestly,

"Because I'm running a company and I want to play safely."

So that's it.

Then I went to see you to see if it was safe.

I remember doing my best to look as cute as possible, putting on makeup more carefully than usual and curling my hair.


Let me know when you get there.

Even in blunt exchanges, the ikemen magic of SNS images is not bad

I thought something like an idiot.



As soon as you type, you will receive a LINE call!

Come in front of ○○.

I was excited because I was told

that? (I just write what I think)

A plump and clumsy old man has arrived! ! ! !It's different from the image! ! !

If you met normally, you might not think anything! !

But, but! ! !If you get excited when you see an image of a good-looking guy who looks like Hayato Ichihara, then the impression will be even worse if there's an old man who makes Okazaki's gym quite dirty and aged.


But 10.

hello.Once a woman binds her belly, she can't back down.


"Nice to meet you"


I smiled and spoke softly.

"Ah,! (Syu) Thank you. (Fupyu) Nice to meet you.”

Are you nervous?

I heard a strange onomatopoeia.Let's be clear.

Bad feeling.


No, but, but.let's do our best

This make-in is 10 yen.She is a talking potato.

That's what I told him.


"My ID. Show me."


"No, I'm in trouble if you don't show me."


After about 10 minutes of this exchange, this one finally broke I showed it.


Don't say you're working.

"I don't know about girls these days."

Well, this May Queen said to be safe. .

If I thought that

“Can I stay at home instead of the hotel?”

home is scary

"If it were you, would you give 15?"

(What, what? 15? This make-in is dangerous!! I think I can get paid for my hard work!!)

In conclusion, I accepted.


"Then let's move. Get on the back."

When I looked at May Queen, who regained consciousness after tripping with money calculations, she was looking this way with a (dirty) mamachari in hand.

"Give me a job"

(High school student!!!!!)


Well, come on.

and about 15 minutes to ride

(It's so far away!!!)

I arrived at a tattered apartment.

In a word, dirty.It smells strange.The area around the water is dark and dirty.


It's already smelly & dirty & messy & dirty

(Wow, rich people, what is it, right??)

no!This May Queen is an ugly lady who can't have sex without paying that much money!

And I was even more surprised to see the naked body that I took off.

(My body is bubbly and dirty..!)


While grinning, Oimo-sama begged for a kiss.

Simply put, it smelled like onions.

I feel that the power of the facial muscles has strengthened.


My feelings are not money at that point.Just one.purely.

"I want to go home"


It was just that.

I will write more next time next time.


Without overstretching, I will write what I think about dad life as it is, both good and bad.I would appreciate it if you could join me!

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