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Sex friend is also digested by daddy life

Use daddy activities for sex

Lately, when I've been having dinner with female friends, there's something that comes up a lot.

It's about SEX.

And the people I always eat with are just like me, and they're all working as dads.

Naturally, all the kids seem to have sex with their dads frequently, and I'm no different.

However, this is something that is normal for women who are working as dads, and there is nothing special about it.

What we often talk about these days is what lies ahead.

It's a so-called sex friend.

These days, sex friends seem to be the norm, especially among young people, so it seems like there's no need to hide it that much. (Of course, between women.)

To be honest, I haven't had a real boyfriend for a while, so if I had a boyfriend, would I have a sex friend? If you are asked that question, you will probably answer "NO."

That's because I don't like it when I tell people I have a sex friend because it feels like I'm making myself look cheap.

However, this seems not to be the case with young children these days.

eh? Don't you have a sex friend? Are you satisfied with everything with your boyfriend? He seems to speak in a light manner.

In fact, I have a female friend who is in her early 20s, and she says to me quite casually, ``I have a sex friend!!!''

Young people living in this day and age seem to feel that way.

However, what do you think about sex friends? I don't feel like doing it, but I guess what I'm actually doing in my father's life is something similar...


Actually, I guess it's safe to say that when someone calls me a sex friend, I don't get it.

I think there's probably something about it that I don't agree with.

Now, on the topic of sex friends, I recently came up with this topic with a female friend.

When we work as dads, we receive allowances from our dads, and we satisfy them in various ways to make them happy.

As a result, we both smile and have a win-win relationship.

But what about the sexual part? Should women who are trying to become dads not seek sex with anyone other than the man who is going to be a dad? This is always a topic of discussion with my female friends.

If you think of dad-hunting as part of a service and a ``business-only'' approach, you should respond only to the needs of the customer.

However, if ``something beyond business was born between her and her father,'' wouldn't it be okay for the woman to also seek ``sex as a human being?'' Such.

He is quite serious and often talks about it among his female friends.

So we came to a certain conclusion.

Wouldn't it be better to make a sex friend through daddy activities? That's what it is.

Certainly, if you can have a sex friend while working as a dad, you can kill two birds with one stone.

I can get an allowance and satisfy my sexual desires.

If you're having sex with a man while being a dad, you already have a sex friend.

There are some people who would take that.

However, I think this is true for the majority of women who are active as dads, but how many women who are active as dads are having sex only to fulfill their sexual desires? There are probably very few of them.

I think most women who are active dads think, ``I'm answering because my dad wants it.''

I feel like there are almost no women who pursue only their own pleasure and have sex on their own as part of their father's activities.

What I am saying this time is the complete opposite idea.

It's quite difficult to find your type of sex friend in daddy activities.

Probably, if he wanted a sex friend, he would be selfish in various ways, such as preferring someone of a similar age to him.

However, I thought about this part a lot.

It's true that if you're looking for a sex friend in a dad-hunting group, you won't be able to find one if you like younger men.

However, I like older people and not younger people.

Therefore, if you are looking for a sex friend within Daddy Katsu, it will be easier to find one than a woman who likes younger men.

Next, if I'm looking for a sex friend in Daddy-Katsu, it's better if the man is also energetic to some extent.

Regarding this as well, almost all of the men I've contracted with so far have been quite energetic and have strong sexual desires.

why do you think so?

Most of the men wanted to hug me every time I met them, and they were so excited that I thought, ``Aren't they really trying to hide their age?'' (Maybe he was secretly taking Viagra. That's how energetic his father was.)

Next, facial specifications are important when a woman chooses a sex friend.

It is true that if you ask for a facial deviation value from a father, it will be difficult to create the sex friend you want from him.

However, I recently came up with a better method.

It is a strategy to change the ``papa who has signed a contract or the father who will sign a contract in the future'' to his liking.

It's true that there are many dads who are stubborn and don't want to change.

If a dad says that, I'll put him in the category of someone who only has a casual relationship with dads, and remove him from the sex friend category I'm looking for.

However, if the father is willing to accept the woman's opinion and change things, things will go quickly.

I'll make my requests one by one and create the look I want for my dad.

What will happen then?

I know it's rude to be rude to men when you're a father, but do you naturally not look for their type that much? I guess you could say that I lower my level of looking at men and try not to worry about them.

However, as daddy gradually changes to his liking, he starts to feel like ``I want to attack him as a regular sex friend.''

Isn't this rare? Some people may think so.

Surprisingly, that's not the case.

In my case, I've been speaking to about 4 out of 1 people lately.

Isn't it quite reckless to choose a man who is much older than you based on sex friend criteria when you're a dad? Most people probably think so.

However, by using the above method, I am able to have a sex friend while being a regular dad.

Women's sense of being active as dads means they have no sense of sex with men, right? I think most people think of it as a ``feeling that men have.''


However, in my case, I am able to find ``the sex friends I want'' within Daddy Katsu, so I am able to ``resolve my sexual desires'' within Daddy Katsu just as much as I do in my private life.

Isn't this amazing? If you think about it to a certain extent, I realized that you can use it in many ways other than just getting an allowance, depending on how you do it.

Maybe in my case, I can't get a boyfriend because I have a sex friend and I'm satisfied with it. (I would like to think so)

For all the women who are active as dads, please try finding the sex friend you are looking for on Daddy Katsu.

I also received an allowance, which killed two birds with one stone.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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