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My dad life rules 2024 Vol.5

Make some changes to your makeup

When you sign a contract and have a long relationship with your father, don't you find yourself becoming spoiled? Is it okay to call it sweet? I guess you could say that the tension is starting to fade...

In my opinion, makeup is where the signs of this begin to appear.

I think all dads work hard with a certain amount of nervousness for about six months after signing a contract.

That's why it's absolutely impossible to meet someone without makeup.

However, when she starts spending more than half a year with the same father, she starts cutting corners, citing busy schedules.

I am aware of it myself.

First of all, why do we become less conscious about makeup? This is not an excuse, but it has something to do with sex with daddy.

Before you have a physical relationship with your father, don't you want to show your true face to a man? This might just be my case, but since I'm wearing a lot of makeup for a while when I meet my dad for the first time, it's hard to show my face without makeup. (Isn't this true for every woman?)

However, when you have a physical relationship with your father, there will always come a time when you will show your face without makeup.

And when dads see you without makeup, it's almost impossible for them to say, ``It gave me a bad impression,'' right? (I guess he's acting like an adult)

Well, even if someone had said something to me, based on my past experience, I would have often misunderstood it, such as saying, ``You look more beautiful without makeup.''

I think I'd start to worry about that if someone said something like, ``You look completely different with makeup than without it!!!'' or ``You're not cute without makeup.'' But...

Every man is a gentleman when it comes to being a dad.

And since most of the men are a certain amount older than me, I have never encountered such in-depth conversations.

I wonder if there are any women who are working as fathers who have been told something too negative like the above? Even if there is, the real cause is somewhere else, and isn't it purely the makeup that is the problem? That's what she thought to herself.

Maybe Dad's line, "You don't have to wear makeup," is what he really means.

However, if you think about it as a woman's etiquette, it seems a little strange.

However, it was a good thing that my dad didn't point anything out to me, and I gradually lost consciousness about it, and started giving reasons to myself, saying things like, "If daddy says so..." She begins to develop habits that are not good for women, such as going out on dates with no make-up and wearing fancy glasses. (This is currently ongoing and sometimes happens.)

Of course, if my dad says something like, ``I'm a no-makeup fanatic!!!'', I'm sure he'll recognize this as a kind of ``play,'' and on the other hand, he won't think so negatively of himself for not wearing make-up.

However, is it really wrong for me to go out without makeup and show my daddy my makeup? That's what I think.

And when I think about that alone, I end up thinking, what does being a dad mean to me? I run into a question.

``Papa life = work'' Yes, it is work.

It's work, so why cut corners? As a result, I ended up thinking to myself, ``Maybe it's time to set some stricter rules?''

With that in mind, once I set some ``slightly strict rules,'' the next thing to consider is makeup style.

When I think of this as a job, I'm the kind of person who can easily handle anything.

So why haven't I been aware of this until now?

There was a part of me that was being kind to myself, but more than anything, I think somewhere in there I was thinking, ``My dad is older than me, so there's no problem to some extent.''

However, this idea is really wrong, and men are also very selective about women.

One of the reasons may be that he was not aware that he was being chosen out of many women.

I have set ``hard rules'' for myself that include trying to get rid of that, but it doesn't mean that I just have to wear make-up.

Each woman has a different makeup style.

And dads always have their favorite makeup.

So, starting in 2024, I have started asking each dad who has a contract about their favorite women.

The reason is that she decided to adopt the make-up of the woman she liked and play the role of a woman that her father would like. (You could also say that it's easier for her to act.)

Of course, you can't imitate her hairstyle or the clothes she wears.

However, it is possible to incorporate and imitate makeup to some extent.

So, I brought various fashion magazines to my dad, whom I met over the past month or so, and casually showed them to him.

When I asked ``What kind of women like dads?'' I noticed that they were surprisingly biased.

This is my "trade secret" so what kind of makeup should I use? I won't reveal it here, but my first impression was, "Huh? All dads have similar tastes."

I haven't asked all the dads yet, but to be honest, I don't think it's necessary to have so many makeup tools.

If I had to choose just one thing, it would be red rouge.

This was every dad's favorite.

I think there were a lot of dads who liked it even more, especially if it was a slightly darker red with gloss.

In Tokyo, you can find all the good stuff on the 1st floor of Shinjuku Isetan, so if you're already familiar with it, check it out, but if you're new to it, it's worth a visit.

When it comes to make-up, you can find almost everything you need for being a dad.

By the way, I use something from Saint Laurent.

2024 has only just begun, whether it's going without make-up or changing the way people think about make-up, so I plan to continue doing so.

Dad will be happy if you change the color by making the red a little lighter each time.

Surprisingly, I see the feminine side of daddy as he said that.

I've always thought that it's really important to set rules when it comes to being a dad, and I think I need to keep thinking that "dad life = work" more than ever.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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