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My dad life rules 2024 Vol.4


Save a little bit of night activities with daddy

If you're working as a dad and you've signed a contract with a man and met him several times, you're bound to be asked for a physical relationship.

Of course, if the contracted father is of benefit to him, then almost everyone will have a relationship with him.

There are various reasons for this, such as for women to sign a contract and receive an allowance, and for men to walk around with women who are younger than them or to relieve their loneliness.

However, money is always involved, and if it's a win-win relationship, no one can get in the way, so it's not something an outfielder should complain about.

However, when it comes to sexuality, men and women approach things a little differently.

This may be a stereotype from a female perspective, but I feel that men are more open when it comes to sexuality than women.

Up until now, I've been surprisingly open about sex among my female friends.

So, if I signed a contract with my dad, I would have a relationship on the second date or so, and I would have been very receptive if asked.

I'm not particularly interested in sex, and I've always accepted what I've been asked to do, and done what the other person told me to do.

That's why I have some techniques to please my dad, and I've learned my own way in the past.

However, I've been thinking about something lately.

The point is, ``Maybe I'm a little too light?''

I wonder if I'm lowering my self-worth? That's what I started to feel.

Of course, I get a fair amount of allowance from my dad and I am indebted to him, so when I thought, ``Is there anything I can do for you?'', I thought that if what my dad wanted was sex, that would be fine. , I also thought that this was the shortest way to satisfy the other man.

When I was working as a father, I always had that thought in mind. (She probably found it easier to think that way.)

However, from around the end of 2023, will he be able to repay his father with this? I started thinking that.

Besides, women naturally age, right? What if most of the weapons are just sex? That made me a little anxious.

Of course, I am also making efforts in other ways.

For example, you can make a home-cooked meal and give it to your dad as a lunch box, or give him a hand-knitted scarf.

However, there is something missing, or is this really a good thing? I've been spending more time recently asking myself this question.

I'm happy that my dad wants my body, and he's in a pretty good mood after sex.

That's why he praises me every time when it comes to sex.

But as any woman who has been a father for a long time will understand, the relationship doesn't end there. I'm sure there are dads out there who have a different kind of bond.

Also, I'm not selling my sex as the only selling point in my daddy activities.

When you think about it, don't you think we need to think a little more seriously about sex in dad-hunting? That's what I thought.

Certainly, I think it's a problem if you sign a contract with a man and refuse to have sex with him all the time, and the man who becomes a father will also feel "full of dissatisfaction."

However, if I become too open about sex right away, my current problems won't be resolved by that alone.

Then I got to the part where I thought, ``Aren't I having too much sex with my dad every time?''

It's true that there are some dads that I don't see every month.

My dad must be feeling lonely when he says that, so I think it's okay to accept him right away.

But there are also dads that I see every week.

Regarding my father, I have set a little rule for him, such as once every 2-3 times instead of every time I see him, in order to add value to having sex with me, rather than every time. Is it okay to take a look? That's what I thought.

By the way, I'm neither a celebrity nor a model.

Therefore, I don't think it's necessary to be that grateful, and if you do too much, you might be told that you're being too arrogant and your contract may be canceled.

Therefore, it is important to maintain a balance.

Also, I personally believe that ``sex is just a form of expression of love for my father,'' and I don't think that I am repaying him with this.

That's why I think it would be better to set some rules regarding sex. That's what I felt.

And part of me also wants to be able to satisfy my dad with things other than sex.

I think this will also help me improve as a woman in my life as a father.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could satisfy your contracted daddy every day without having sex? Women's power should not be zero even now.

But is it perfect? That's not true if you ask me.

Especially if you are a woman who is working as a father, you probably understand that many men who are registered in dating clubs are well-bred. That's why there aren't many people who act sloppy in their everyday lives. (All the dads I contract with are solid)

Maybe your parents' education from your childhood was good? Even just by eating with them, you can feel them in every moment. (Obviously not raised in a normal family)

I haven't actually taken any action to save my nightly activities with my dad yet, and I'm thinking of starting it now. (I briefly tried it at the end of last year, but I ended up accepting it if asked.)

Maybe some dads will say, ``If I can't hold my baby every time, there's no benefit and I want to cancel the contract.''

Honestly, I'm pretty worried about that, and I can understand what Dad is saying, so maybe he's right.

So if you say that, I don't think you can say it back.

However, I have a feeling that I want to be satisfied with things other than sex, so I feel like I shouldn't give up.

I just don't know if this will work in my favor.

However, in 2024, I will continue to be a father as I have been, while gradually saving myself from having sex with my father.

If I thought, ``Oh, this is a situation where there's nothing I can do about it,'' I might just accept it as usual, but I think it's good to have it as a rule so that I can think about it each time. .

I think being a dad is a place where you can try anything, so I think it's worth a try.

If you are thinking about sex as a father, please take a step back and analyze it calmly.

Surprisingly, you may find the answer that suits you just like I did. (Aside from correct and incorrect answers)

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

Articles by Kumiko Mine

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