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Fashion that is popular on dates ~ Useful items for winter ~

I studied fashion when I was in junior college.
I am studying fashion every day by looking at various magazines,
this time women'sWinter fashion items, etc.I would like to introduce you to.


My feet get cold in winter.
I really want to wear tights.
Tights are actually quite useful items.
Even a small change in tights can give you a completely different look.
I often ask you to wear black tights for interviews,
After all, my legs look thick and I can take them off.
In addition, If you wear black tights, you can't help but look at the whole outfit at once.
That's right...Also, my beautiful legs look thicker
I will.

In such a case, the recommended color of tights isgray tights.
I think there are some people who think gray is plain and difficult to match.
However, there are variousColors that are good at bringing out nuancesso,
Show softer than black tights,Items that change to an elegant impression.

Various colors of gray are sold in the store.
I tried various tights, but I would like to recommend
Charcoal gray.
It's a mouse achromatic charcoal color close to black, so it's easy to match with various clothes.

Denier is also important when choosing tights.
If the denier number is small, it is thin and transparent,
The higher the number, the thicker and warmer it gets.

Even if it is too thin, there is also concern about the transmission.
long-awaitedI ran out on a date… cries.
How laughable, isn't it?

Recommended denier60 to 80 is safe and moderately transparentBecause
I think it's recommended to wear tights on a date.

[neck part]

The neck is also an important part.

Although it is important to show a sexy neck and clavicle,
By wearing this fluffy item around your neck
Shows cuteness like a girlcan.

Date wearing a scarf and fur firmlyI would like you to
You can also get a small face effect by wearing a muffler or fur.
that time,Be careful not to overstate with leopard or flashy patterns.

Also, when you remove the muffler or fur, you can wear it with a simple outfit.
FirmlyIt is important to wear accessories..

Fashion can change even from the neck.
Let's be fashionable from the neck.

[Other usable items]

Knit dress is a winter classic.

It is recommended when you have trouble with clothes.
One piece + knitwear is the standard of popular clothes.

It is recommended that you can clearly see the body line.
It's not too short, not too long, and knee length is perfect for a date.

Knitwear is prone to pilling, Because the collar and cuffs are made of a material that is easily distorted by washing
"Sloppy"Don't change your impression, check it out and go on a date!

What did you think?
This time we introduced useful items for winter.
By all means, I would appreciate it if you could refer to it.


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