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To become a woman who is invited to a second date

Make a first impression in 3 seconds

“Humans unconsciously judge the person they meet for the first time in 3 seconds.”

It is said that the first date is very important because it determines the impression of the person.

To communicate with people

Separate the speaker and the listener.

Papa life has experienced so far

life, society, work, etc.

A story that will teach me

It is also a great opportunity to listen.

And the opponent is the one who is earning tens of millions of annual income.

On a regular basis, you probably interact with hundreds more people than you at dinners and meetings.

A man will definitely see your behavior from the moment you meet him.

I want to see you again, I want to talk to you again

To become a woman who thinks

It is to become a good listener after including gestures, postures and attitudes.

A shortcut to becoming such a woman

This time, I would like to introduce it easily.




Techniques for listening to others

Look into the other person's eyes and blink slowly

Blink speed is very important.

It is said that slow blinking has the effect of giving deeper empathy and goodwill to the other person.

There is even a theory that the slow blinking of a cat is the reason why you can relax and be healed by looking at a cat.

If you blink too quickly, you tend to give the other person a negative impression, such as feeling nervous, impatient, or anxious.

Also, for slow movements,It is said to give the other person a sense of sex appeal.

It means that sex appeal can be expressed through actions.

Aizuchi is polite and slowly

If it was a conversation among young people in their teens and twenties,

That's right!Certainly!I know, I know~!It's so amazing!

I think there is no problem.

However, let's avoid it in papa activities.Of course, there is also courtesy towards others.

Aizuchi isI listen to you carefully.signal thatIt is also.

Let's take the model Laura as an example.

She isn't very fluent in Japanese and is a lovable character at times, even though she speaks loudly.

Why is Laura still loved in the entertainment world?It's in the language.

Even if you don't speak Japanese well, don't use words like "meccha", "yabai", and "super"

"Very" "Very" etc.Always politeSuch you.

I didn't notice much just by watching it on TV, but when you say that, it certainly makes sense.

In addition to her happy aura, her beloved character also came from polite words.

By using moderate and polite greetings, your words will become beautiful.

You can create an adult atmosphere.

And you can make a good impression on others.

People who make a good impression on others = People who pay attention to their surroundings

And there is leeway for those who are mindful of their surroundings.

I think that leeway will appear in action.

I'm pretty and I have style.
I want to be liked by my dad, so I'll do my best on my diet!
I need to go to a beauty salon and get my nails done and buy cute clothes!

I think this kind of thinking is very good.

However, despite our efforts to change our appearance,

To be honest, there are very few women who make an effort to change the inside.

First of all, I don't know how to change the inside.

At times like that, I change my inner self

As a first step, try to be a good listener.

just be aware of this

・The wording becomes beautiful
・Feel calm
・Know your bad points and good points
・Be able to express gratitude to others
・Pay attention to your surroundings
・Like yourself

Such as

Isn't it possible to get closer to a beautiful woman from the heart (inside)?

More than a second date, I hope you can have a wonderful relationship for a long time. .


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