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Club Activity Diary ~ From a conversation of one day, in idleness

"Affection and jealousy are in direct proportion"

dating date, one day conversation

Mr. A speaks while grilling skirt steak in front of him.
When we met for the first time, it seemed that we were doing our best to be fashionable, but after meeting several times, we became closer to each other naturally.

High heels, which Magnolia doesn't like, are now in the back of the shoebox.The make-up is almost close to no makeup.

"A stalker is the epitome of that."

Magnolia thinks for a while before answering.

"But there are people who aren't jealous, aren't they? I'm not jealous of the people I love either."

"It's the state of enlightenment (laughs). It's hard for men to be that far-sighted. Women are strong."

"Mr. A, would you be jealous if I had a man's shadow?"

"Of course. No.1 is not a luxury! At least I want to be No.2 and No.3!"

Magnolia blows out unexpectedly.

"No! If I deal with many people like that, my body won't last (laughs)."

Mr. A gave a skeptical look.But what Magnolia says is true, so I take her seriously.

Kanjuro Arashi's anecdote (I don't know lol)

"...Do you know? Kanjuro Arashi"

"You know, Arakan, right? Kurama Tengu, I saw an old black and white movie."

"You don't know! That's right. Arakan seems to have had nine concubines."

“As expected of you.

"There were nine of them, and it seems that there was not a single concubine who took care of them when they died."

"Oh, that's sad..."

"The gold cut is the cut of the relationship. The woman might have thought that I'm one of the nine anyway."

"Mr. A, you're fine. I'm sure your wife is holding your hand until you're about to die, isn't it? (laughs)"

"Ahu, that's not the case. If I could say hello to the people who took care of me in turn, that's fine. Hey, should I leave my inheritance to my young mistress (laughs)?"

"It's a source of conflict (wry smile) As a parent, it's best to leave it to your child, right?"

"I have no children. I have no intention of leaving them behind. I've taught children how to live, so that's okay."

"It's certainly more important than money."

"That's right? (Laughs) That's why I spend my money as I like."

Personality of Mr. A

Mr. A, whom Magnolia is dating, is a very friendly and affectionate man.he is in his 60s.
If you listen carefully to some of the companies that are run, it seems that the philosophy is Mr. A himself.

How can we match people who want to work in the area and want to work, not just win alone?How to raise young people who want to learn?
Mr. A talks passionately, but he also reveals that he is worried about the gap with the recent younger generation.

touch the younger generation

"Since I'm registered in the club, please offer me a new girl. I don't know when I will disappear (laughs)."

"If I could have a daddy who would pay more, would you say bye-bye? (laughs) Well, that's just a joke, but I think it's important to listen to young people. I've met a few people before.We didn't talk at all, and there was one time when I just gave him transportation expenses and let him go home.Even if I have a physical relationship, I can't say that it feels good, but I know that. I want to go home as soon as I get the money."

"I'm not trying to defend young women, but...it can't be helped. It's the first time I've met you, and I don't think I've had that many sex scenes, so I doubt if I'll be able to get to a point where it feels good."

"Well, I met a girl called a nurse before. I was surprised when I heard her monthly salary."

"Surprisingly low, isn't it?"

"That's right. I'm going to do the night shift and get that monthly salary, so I'm going to register for a club like this."

Generation gap, value gap

Mr. A doesn't say everything, but he somehow understands what he wants to say. Mr. A wants to give something more than money, and he himself probably wants to touch the young sensibility.But young people are increasingly too young to understand its value.

young values

While you are young, try to get interested in various things and plunge your head into it.There will be failures and embarrassing experiences.
That's why what you get there will be a lifetime treasure.However, because he is young, he doesn't take an interest and try to approach him.

Take, for example, a woman in her 20s. If you are in your 60s, you are just old.What's more, in today's world where nuclear families have advanced, it is becoming less common to interact with a wide range of age groups.
So for them, I think it's an honest impression that they don't know.It's just that the allowance is generated, and the value can only be found there.

You can buy the hardship

20 years more experience than Magnolia. The story of Mr. A's hardships when he was young and how he challenged all kinds of jobs are all interesting.

It's much more interesting than the dubious stuff on the internet because it's the experience of the truth coming out of people's mouths.
To put it in preachy-sounding words, it's a guy who says, "Even if you have to pay for the hardships you had when you were young."

dating is inefficient

It's inefficient to go out of your way to work hard.Not smart.I think there are many people like that.
For Magnolia, the relationship itself is inefficient.

It's not efficient at all, and it's a pain.But it's fun and rewarding.You have something to lose.
I think people who lament that their relationship isn't going well are people who mistakenly believe that dating is a quick and easy way to make money.

Same with men.Some people have the misunderstanding that they can quickly find a friend in a relationship.

You should change that way of thinking immediately.

Life as seen in the movie "Hibana"

Before entering this yakiniku restaurant, Magnolia and Mr. A were watching a movie.The movie is "Hibana", a work by entertainer Naoki Matayoshi who won the Akutagawa Prize.
The momentary brilliance of the two entertainers who formed a subtle master-student relationship is like a spark in their lives.

I'm poor, I have nothing, and I'm frustrated every day, but I'm straight and have no hesitation when it comes to making people laugh.

It was a movie where the back view of Kenta Kiritani wearing a sukajan was deeply felt. There was something similar to the person important to Magnolia, and I felt a tightening in my chest.

Magnolia feels like crying at such a clumsy way of life of a man, but is this what motherhood is all about?I want to hug you.
Clumsy, shabby, no money, lonely.It's a way of life that women can't easily do.

I think it's hard to be a man, and I'm glad I'm a woman.
However, a man who has experienced a similar situation may want to be born a man again.

Incomprehensible man and woman

Magnolia believes that men and women will never understand each other.That's why they are attracted to each other.
Mr. A said when we piled up our bodies.

"Magnolia's body is round, or rather stable... A man can enter without worry."

“…A long time ago, a doctor who corrected my pelvis once told me that your pelvis is a pelvis that wraps around men. I wonder if it's a problem with

“I understand.

real winner

Mr. A also said that when he saw the movie, he remembered his own youth, when he was poor and poor.However, Mr. A, who talks about the situation at that time, seems to be having fun and has a cuteness like a boy.

That is also the charm of Mr. A.

Magnolia believes that those who can laugh about their old struggles are the winners.

Magnolia, Japanese name is Magnolia.

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