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100% safe, no.

This is Ito from the Tokyo branch, who has been reluctant to write a column.
"What is a column? What is the definition of a column? What is the correct column?"
But I will finally write.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know the history of papa katsu?

[Dating Club = Safety]

who decided?What is safety?Isn't it up to others?

This column, in which I write about my experience, my friend's experience, and the current state of dad activities, is a "question" for everyone.

Aid communication

About 10 years ago, when there was still a Shinjuku Koma drama.
When I was waiting for my friends around the police box near the Koma theater, several men made round trips around me a few times.
She waved at me, who was standing in a sailor uniform without paying any particular attention, with three or four fingers.
Afterwards, I found out that the number of fingers he raised was the number of Yukichi's, as he walked back and forth in front of me many times to check out the items.
There was also a disabled person who circled around me in an electric wheelchair.

A 15-year-old who was shocked to learn that such a situation was taking place right next to the police box.

Around the same time, the Deep Love series of mobile novels became a hot topic, especially among female high school students.
At that time, I was in middle school or high school, and my parents hadn't even given me a mobile phone yet.
Deep Love, which I read after it was published, was shocking.

"Prostitution, Rape, Pregnancy, Drugs, Incurable Diseases, Suicide, True Love"

Now that I'm an adult, I finally know that it wasn't all unreal.

Bulletin board/dating site

Nowadays, it is not strange to have a mobile phone from elementary school age.
For that reason, the number of women (girls) who have lost their minds and bodies is increasing.

"I'll give you money if you send me a naked picture."

"Self-portrait damage," in which naked images of yourself are sent to others over the Internet, has doubled in the last five years.
If you don't want your photos to be scattered around, you'll be threatened to do what you say.

[Compensated dating blog]If you search for , you will find many hits on blogs with photos of men and women having sex and photos of naked women.
All photos are from a male perspective.

"I'm getting permission from a woman, so ww"
"Gonzo was NG, but when I raised the price, I was able to take it easily ww"

etc., but I don't know the truth.

Encounter cafe

The first time I went to an encounter cafe was an invitation from a friend.
"You can get 3,000 to 5,000 yen just by eating, and today is a reverse Nanday, so you can choose not to be disgusting!"

I'm what people call a boxed girl and (apparently) raised as a young lady, so I'm very interested in anything that smells dangerous.

In the end, I was treated to yakiniku on a 2:2 basis, and received an allowance of 5,000 yen.
When asked for my contact information, my friend finally said, "I have a boyfriend, so I can't!" and closed the elevator door.
I whispered, "Me too," and left the building.

Women who come to dating cafe

What surprised me most was the woman who came to the dating cafe.
It's unique, it's dirty, it's not classy, ​​it's morbid.

"Monster that hunts prey"

Because it was a reverse date, the woman examined the relaxing man over the magic mirror, contrary to usual.
The encounter cafe employees are already good friends.

When I asked a woman who was there what she was doing"I'm Wari!"I'm used to it.
later on"Wali"Shocked to know the meaning of.

My friend A "I have 2 left on my card, so I'm coming! I want 1.5."
My friend B: "What should we do after this? I don't have anything to do, so why don't we meet at a café once?"

When I heard that the contents of SEX were different from what I thought,
They said various things, such as it was raw, it was behind, it was three times.

Market price at dating cafe (rumor)

Five or six years ago, many men said that the market price for a meeting cafe was 5 to 6 yen.
I was once told, "But I'll give you 50,000 yen, so how about it?"

In fact, it was said that friends who were quite plump and friends who could barely be flattered to be cute would be paid between 15,000 and 20,000 yen.Even so, I was lucky to get an offer, so it seemed that I was negotiating on the content of the play rather than the price.

At the age of 20, I already fully understood that going straight to a hotel after meeting a man I didn't know without any follow-up wouldn't be safe.

*If you want to know how the encounter cafe is going, I recommend watching the movie part 1 of Ushijima-kun Yamikin.

Dating club

The content I've raised so far is a story from junior high school, high school students to university graduation.
After that, I don't know what kind of changes occurred in the history of dad activities, but before I knew it, I was an employee of a dating club.

The old dad activity (compensated dating, dating site, dating cafe) mentioned in this column
Find a partner by yourself, make an appointment, and negotiate the price.

What do you mean by safety?

The “old dad life” was very dangerous, but even now, if you make a mistake, the same thing happens.
Each of us must take responsibility for our own actions, respect ourselves, and respect others.

・I only received 5,000 yen for transportation expenses.
・I went to the room and it was 30,000 yen.

Do you think it's cheap or do you think it's worth it?
Do you think you wasted your time, or do you thank the other person?

A Final Word

From the perspective of men who have experienced daddy activities in the past, it seems that the market for pocket money has risen considerably compared to the past.

Don't impose your normal or average on others.
Make every effort to understand each other beyond gender and age barriers.

Above all, don't just aim to meet a good man
Acquire the power to raise the men you meet into good dads.

Keep this in mind as one of the dad activities, youth and beauty only now, time to spare only now, sex appeal overflowing with age only now.
I would be happy if you could have an "experience that only you can do at that time" at the Universe Club.

I will continue to be a rookie Ito. talk to this staff

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