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Extra Club Activities - To Be Beautiful

I would like to ask all women.

"Do you think you are beautiful?"

Most women would humbly answer, "I'm ugly!" or "Not at all!"

As expected, if you are a woman who is registered as a dad, you should be confident in your appearance.
Words can lie no matter what.

Now let's change the question.

"Do you like your face?"

premise of beauty

Previously, Magnolia had an opportunity to talk with Mr. S, who is in charge of the insurance.

Mr. S: “My daughter will be in her fourth year at university next year.”
Magnolia "Are you looking for a job now?"
Ms. S: “Yes.
Magnolia: “Eh!…Does it feel like you have a complex about your appearance?”
Ms. S: “No, my daughter doesn’t care. It’s definitely better to have a double look, isn’t it?

Magnolia thinks she doesn't need plastic surgery if she doesn't care.
Also, I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a very good reason.

No matter how simple surgery or procedure, there are always side effects and risks.Even simple procedures such as Botox injections, which do not require a scalpel, are highly dependent on the skill of the doctor performing the procedure.

Women strive every day to be beautiful.
From clothes to hairstyles, make-up, esthetics, diet...the list goes on and on.

However, Magnolia's concept of beauty is based on the premise of being healthy.

listening to your body

What should I do to stay healthy?

I don't think it's necessary to stick to organic foods, take supplements, or jog every day.

All you need is to listen to your body.

For example, do you know when you're hungry and when you're not hungry?
Is there something you want to eat now?
Is your life irregular?
Are you getting good quality sleep?
Do you feel the changes in your body and mind due to your menstrual cycle?

About the menstrual cycle and taking the pill

In particular, the menstrual cycle is the axis of a woman's life.
The menstrual cycle is about a month..During that time, a woman's body changes.

The size of the breasts, the shape of the buttocks (because the pelvis loosens and tightens repeatedly), the posture, the rough skin, acne, the luster of the hair, the feeling of hunger, the sensitivity of sex, the waves of sexual desire, the ups and downs of emotions...

PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is recognized, but even if the symptoms are not that severe, women's bodies continue to change every month, every week, even within 1 hours.

As an aside, taking a pill is one way to regulate your menstrual cycle.

The pill can also be used to prevent pregnancy, but it does not prevent STDs, so be careful (especially if you have multiple partners).

In addition, although it depends on the person, there are side effects such as thrombus formation.
Magnolia had been on the pill for about three years, but at one point she noticed that she felt lazy.

It doesn't go as far as muscle pain, but it feels like walking too much and your legs are lazy.

I played sports regularly, so I didn't think I was tired, but it was time to get a prescription for pills at the gynecologist as usual.

Doctor: "It's been a year since the last blood test, so let's do another test."

As a result, thrombosis is likely to occur.

In order to see if it was the pill's fault, I decided to stop taking the pill and have another blood test a month later.
And when I stopped taking the pill, the laziness in my legs disappeared like a lie.

Since then, Magnolia has been off the pill.
However, it was really useful because my menstrual cycle was in order.It seems that this only depends on the constitution.

Some boyfriends and dads may say they want women to take the pill.

I would like you to know that there are circumstances on the female side, including constitution.

first step to beauty

And Magnolia thinks that the first step to beauty is to know what your body wants right now.The next step is to make it come true as much as possible.

If you want to eat meat, make a meat dish on the menu or go out to eat.
If you feel that your body is tired, get a massage, soak in the bath, and get some sleep.
If I want to talk to people, I go shopping or have lunch with my friends.
If you want to cry, go see a movie that makes you cry.
If you think you haven't exercised recently, walk one stop.
If you think you ate too much last night, eat lightly today.
XNUMX% of the time is a saying that the Magnolia family has been saying since they were little.
If it's horny, let it go too.

It may seem like a simple task, but it is also difficult for busy modern people to do.
That's why I try to be conscious of it.

While you are saying that you are busy, you cannot hear the voice of your body.

One of these days, I'm going to be paralyzed, and my body will scream.
There are even cases where the heart is sick at the same time.

Then get absorbed in your hobbies and do what you love.
For women, this works great.

It may sound old-fashioned, but love makes a woman beautiful.

Recommended movies

I would like to introduce three movies that deal with the pursuit of such women's beauty.

helter skelter

The first is "Helter Skelter" directed by Mika Ninagawa, which I introduced in my previous erotic movie review.
Ririko, the main character played by Erika Sawajiri, is a beautiful actress.She tells the story that her beauty was all made up.


The second is the work "Monster", which also deals with plastic surgery beauties, starring Saki Takaoka.
Actually, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I've read the original by Naoki Momota, so it's a work I'd like to see someday.
From how to recognize plastic surgery to the side effects after plastic surgery, the original is detailed, so would you still have plastic surgery?It is a work that makes you want to say.

forever beautiful

The third is "Forever Beautiful...", an old black comedy directed by Robert Zemeckis.She is so obsessed with beauty and youth that she takes an elixir that promises eternal beauty, but at the same time, she becomes immortal.
The fierce battle between the two women who drank such an elixir is a must-see.

About shaping

Coincidentally, just the other day, I was doing a plastic surgery special on TV.
A woman who is unable to look at her face properly after being repeatedly spoken to by her husband decides to undergo plastic surgery.

Magnolia doesn't recommend plastic surgery, but seeing this woman's bright and positive appearance made me think that there is a choice.But choose your doctor carefully.

Magnolia, Japanese name is Magnolia.

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