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Club Activity Diary ~ Record of Date, Part 1

Magnoliais.It's all about the content that deviated from club activities, but this time, I would like to report on the date as much as possible.

There are surprisingly many reports of dating by men on blogs, etc., but I also thought that there were not many reports by women.

First of all, I think that the first setting is basically lunch or dinner, and depending on the feeling, it will be an adult relationship, change the place and go to the second house, or break up if the feeling does not match.

So, this date report is about the second date.

President A

The other man is Mr. A, who is about 20 years older than Magnolia and is in his 60s. He is the president of several companies.
A few months ago, his mistress left him, and when he was disappointed, he was introduced to the club by a friend.

Female members, do you care about Ms. A's appearance?
I don't mind Magnolia as long as she's like that person (I don't care if her personality and clothes are inconsistent).

As for Mr. A, he looks quite youthful.
It's a bit of a bad boy-ish outfit that was popular a while back (laughs).

The body is of medium build and middle height.
I'm not bald, but I think I'm thin for my age.That's what I feel.Cleanliness is perfectly fine.

It seems that you really liked it the first time,
Mr. A: "How often can I see Magnolia?"
Magnolia "If it's once a week or once every 10 days, you can make time."
Mr. A: “That’s fine. Nice to meet you.”

So, second date.

conversation between two people

It seems that Magnolia remembered that she liked hot springs when we first met, so that day we drove from the meeting place in a luxury foreign car driven by Mr. A, aiming for a hot spring area in about an hour.

In the car, we reported on each other's recent situation, listened to stories about the company, and had endless conversations with Mr. A.
She likes to talk and is full of curiosity (same as Magnolia, lol).

Anyway, Mr. A is powerful and yet friendly.

When it comes to conversations, Magnolia is careful not to let the conversation slip.
Don't be embarrassed to ask if you don't understand something.

Also, if I think "that's not right", I don't dare to argue, but I try to take that kind of attitude.
After all, there is only a president, and there is a one-man place.

How about that behavior?There are occasional scenes that make me think.
Magnolia would say silently at those times, 'So you are.But I don't think so."

By the way, always smile. ← This is important

I think Mr. A was aware of Magnolia's situation because he was able to overcome various things.

Mr. A: “Magnolia, you have hair growing on your heart (bitter smile).”
Magnolia "I'm often told (laughs)"

Things to be aware of when eating

You will reach your destination in less than an hour.

Magnolia's outfit for the day was a Vivienne Tam dress.
Since this is my second time, I chose shoes with low heels that are easy to walk in.

Mr. A seems to be accustomed to treating women, and he compliments me a lot.It's nice to get compliments from time to time.
I believe that women can be beautiful by being praised (laughs).

We talked about having a meal first, then going to the hot springs, so we had a meal first.
It was a buffet centered on local vegetables, but it was very delicious.

What Magnolia pays attention to in her diet.
Of course, it is important to pay attention to the way you eat, as well as the balance between conversation with the other person and the timing of eating.

You may say it's troublesome, but Magnolia is not limited to dating, it's something I do on a regular basis, so I never thought it was too troublesome.
On the contrary, I enjoy the arrangement of the buffet.

How can you serve the food you want to eat in a delicious and beautiful way (laughs)?

Magnolia teaches children how to serve food at a buffet.
It's not beautiful to put more food on your plate than you can eat!

It's delicious, it's spicy, I like this, and other impressions are properly transmitted.
A meal that doesn't react doesn't taste good.

It's nice that you can get a little bit at a buffet, and you can change what you want to eat.
There is also dessert fun.

Mr. A is very considerate, and while Magnolia is having a meal, he prepares a drink, so there is no waste.

Relationship with A

After enjoying the meal, we moved to the room reserved for day use.
A spacious and beautiful room with a view of the courtyard.

After changing into a yukata in your room, go to the hot springs, set a time to come out, and go to the separate baths for men and women.

This was the second time I had met Mr. A, but since the first time, I had felt that he was "precise with time", so when I got out of the hot spring about 2 minutes late, I was a little impatient.
As expected, Mr. A was waiting first.Reflect here.

After returning to the room and resting for a while, we enjoyed adult companionship.
Mr. A, I was surprised from the first time.. No, I'm sorry.confess

Magnolia didn't have high expectations for sex with Mr. A, considering her age.

It was my first time to have sex with a man this much older than me.

‥Overwhelmingly, it ranks quite high (in Magnolia's experience with men who do not have both hands, but)
From the technique, from the vigor of the man himself, the resilience from the first to the second.

Magnolia, who is confident in her physical strength, never thought she would be exhausted.
All female members.Let's stop eating and disliking (laughs)

Sex has compatibility.
And for a woman to feel and become cool, the emotional side is very important, but I think it's quite difficult if you don't have good sex and develop it.

Mr. A and Magnolia seem to get along very well.
Mr. A is the second man who is physically compatible with me.

on the way home,From Mr. A, "Yes, business trip expenses (laughs)"I received a folded bill.
with both hands,"thank you"and thank you.

I leave the amount to your imagination, but it was increased from the first time.Thankfully.

In the car on the way back, Magnolia was moderately tired.
But I think it's also important not to worry too much about the lack of conversation.

If it's a person who doesn't feel right, it's painful without saying a word.

After returning home, thank you and make a promise for the next time.
It was a date like this, but I hope it will be helpful for male members.

Recommended movies

I wonder if there was a movie about a couple with an age difference... well, how about "Leon"?
Will it be a combination rather than a couple?

Natalie Portman as Matilda is still beautiful as a mother.

It's the season to miss human skin.I would love to hear about your dating experiences.

Magnolia, Japanese name is Magnolia.

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