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Club Activity Diary Vol.6 ~Dreams that come from life.

It's sudden, but... I have something I want to say out loud to the daughters who are working as dads.

Don't compensate for living expenses with the money you get from dad life!! ︎

There is no guarantee that there will not be a daughter who uses the money she earns through her dad activities to pay for her living expenses.
If so, get out early.

Earn or raise the minimum living expenses yourself.
Papa Katsu's money is an income that can be zero at any time.

If you live your life relying on it, you will never be able to solidify your own life foundation.

Oh my God, I wrote something like my mother.
In fact, if you're a decent daughter, Magnolia could be your mother.

Being able to write this may be a privilege appropriate to my age.

In fact, I'm telling my daughter about how to use the pocket money with a demon face (laughs).

Embarrassing experience

Magnolia has a painful, embarrassing experience.

I want to eat with music!The future will be big!I have the experience of supporting a boy who talks about his dreams for about half a year.

O-kun is a gentle and friendly boy at heart.The age is one year younger than Magnolia.
He played the guitar and sang, and was like an aspiring actor.

At the time we met through a mutual acquaintance, he had no money and had to move out of the apartment due to non-payment of rent.
Luckily, when I saw O-kun, who said, "It'll work out somehow," I thought, "That's no good!"

Unable to let go of this disappointment, he took over the rent arrears, supported the moving expenses, and after that, provided support every month with the promise of pushing forward with his music activities.

I couldn't afford the money to support Mr. O from my living expenses, so I sold the Birkin, which I had no use for. (It was Magnolia who was surprised to sell at a high price lol)

However, no matter how much support was given to Mr. O, who did not have a foundation for his livelihood, the money did not bear any fruit, and it only increased his dependence.⤵︎

Magnolia intended to support him, but even after Mr. O moved, he immediately began to fall behind on his rent, and even so, he bought what he wanted.

Even Magnolia gave me a present, what the hell are you doing?
At the very least, live your daily life carefully! … and the end of preaching.

Still, Mr. O, who has tasted the sweet juice once, will not let go of Magnolia.
In the end, thanks to an acquaintance who was quite influential for Mr. O, I was able to push Mr. O away.

Ah, the embarrassing past.It was completed in half a year, and I can't help but think, Magnolia.

I don't want you soaking in lukewarm water

Even now, Mr. O keeps contacting me as if nothing happened (bitter smile).He has said that he will repay me when I succeed in life, so I will wait without expecting anything.

That's why I don't want young people to soak in lukewarm water.
I want you to shine unrefined with a spirit that will bring you back to life again and again!

Even for daddy girls, in this kind of world, you can get to know older men who you don't usually have the chance to meet, so don't just get paid for it. want.

One movie that makes you feel that young power.There has been a string of old movies lately, but this one is relatively new.Director Kudokan, "TOO YOUNG TO DIE! Die young!"

Actually, I went to the theater to see Magnolia three times (laughs).Recommended.

What I learned from being a dad

And I have learned something while doing club activities.

After all, successful male members have a severe sense of money.
The acquaintance who helped Magnolia from Mr. O was also a sole proprietor.

What I thought was good intentions and supported him was actually nothing but cruel kindness. In order to truly support Mr. O, it was necessary to dare to be harsh.
I think the male members of Universe have a real understanding of that.

That's why I think I'm cautious when it comes to supporting Papa-katsu-joshi.

Magnolia does not deny (although I do not recommend it, wry smile) girls who choose the means of papa katsu for their dreams and goals.
However, it is important not to be cross-legged on Daddy's favor.

Always with a sense of gratitude, and with a tenacity to the point that one day I will be able to graduate and reunite with my father in the same arena.
I support such women.

Magnolia, Japanese name is Magnolia.

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