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Club Activity Diary Vol.5 ~ Continuation

This time, about the continuation of club activities.

Magnolia is currently dating two men she met through Universe.

One person has a regular relationship.
The other is a relationship that feels like enjoying a date about once a month.

It's just the right pace for Magnolia, too.

In addition, I sometimes send a little greeting to the man who received the basic offer.

With the feeling of the reply at that time, is it likely that you will invite me for a meal again?You can judge that it doesn't seem to be hated.

All of the men Magnolia has offered are very sincere in their responses, even if it is only a short exchange, and so far I have never felt bad about it.

A man who offered to date me on a regular basis said to Magnolia:

"If Magnolia wants to quit, she can quit at any time. The choice is yours. Remember."

Thank you for your kind words.It also became a decisive factor in trusting this person.

need toughness

However, unless club activities are tough, it is unlikely that they will be able to continue.
I'm dating pattern A!Mental toughness is required even if it is declared to be.

Keeping up with men's conversations.
Don't show your negative mood.
Don't let men overwhelm you.

And if adult dating is added, be even more careful.

I have to be able to manage my physical condition well.

Magnolia will be exhausted on a date day!
So, I'm planning a date so that I don't overdo it.

Instead, I've decided to go all out on dates and spend a few hours together.
In the morning, I go out on a date after cheering myself up in front of the mirror (laughs).

The only thing I would like to say is that all the male members who received offers are really wonderful.

You all have some kind of philosophy.

That's something Magnolia doesn't have, so every date is a lesson.
Sometimes it's not a college seminar, is it?I'm turning my head about.

Continuing is just the beginning.
1 month later, 3 months later, 1 months later, XNUMX year later... Are we still dating?

In the first place, whether Magnolia can continue the dating club itself is at the precipice in terms of age, and the possibility is low.
That's why I understand that Magnolia's club activities are far from being a reference for daughters who work hard as dads in the world.

I need the charm of plus α

If you want to receive financial support, a continued relationship is a must.

Universe's blogs and columns are also persistently written,Women have to give to men in return for the help they receive.

It's not something as simple as going out to eat or having sex.

It is a plus α that makes you want to meet again.

The charm of plus α.

for example‥

The youth that brightens the surroundings.The twinkling eyes that tell her dreams.She is a healthy beauty full of dynamism.She is an idea from a free perspective.

Her charm is invisible when she is young, but when she reaches Magnolia's age, it is very dazzling.
There must be more than a few male members who see the appeal of club activities there.

need self-improvement

Therefore, women who receive offers should not neglect to improve themselves more than ordinary women who have nothing to do with club activities.

Magnolia believes that self-improvement is inner depth.

Because the inside is stronger and brighter than it decorates the outside.

Even if I say self-improvement, it may be too abstract to come to mind.
First of all, thank the man who offered you the offer, and even if the man is not your type (basically, most of them are not your type), try to be interested in him.

Don't build a barricade yourself.
Because no one hates someone who takes an interest in them.

Inspired by such a dazzling young woman, I want to leave my living proof!The main character who strongly desires this is a masterpiece of Kurosawa's movie "Ikiru".

In Magnolia, the scene where Takashi Shimura, who plays the main character, sits on a swing in the park and sings "Gondola Song" is unforgettable.

next time

Next time, I will write about Magnolia's thoughts on financial support while exposing Magnolia's embarrassing past.

Magnolia, Japanese name is Magnolia.

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