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Club Activity Diary Vol.2 ~ For Magnolia

Last time"Club activities, started"So, I, Magnolia, told you how I got the offer, but this time I would like to report on that date.

By the way, I borrowed Magnolia from the title of my favorite movie.

Magnolia, Japanese name is Magnolia.
An ensemble drama set in LA, depicting nine men and women for 9 hours.

It's a long piece that is over 3 hours, but if you're interested, please take a look.

Three offers and three consecutive dates

By the way, three offers coincidentally overlapped, and when I adjusted the schedule, it turned out to be a date for three days in a row.By the way, the three men were of different generations, different occupations, and of course, completely different types of men.

The common thing was that the meeting was in the hotel lobby.

In particular, the meeting on the first day was my first experience, so I was so nervous that I wanted to run away from the place.

It's a strange thing, but on the second and third days there is a certain amount of tension, but you get used to it.

I can't go into specifics about the details of the date, but... (I think it's an important role of women not to divulge the details).

All three of the men I met were fun to talk to and had unique personalities.

Talking about work, hobbies, family... Of course, we had a lot of fun talking about club activities.
The conversation was so much fun that some people ended up having a hectic time when they were dating, which they regretted later.

adult dating

Yes, adult dating.A few hours after meeting a man for the first time, she has sex with a man she doesn't quite understand, even though she has almost the right to choose.
‥I think that there is considerable resistance for young women, and it is natural.

However, for Magnolia, who has accumulated experience commensurate with her age, adult dating, or SEX, is one of the most important forms of communication.

No matter what you call a bitch, I think that conversation and sex are the best ways to get to know a person.
Conversation can be cool, but SEX doesn't work that way.It's an act that you have to put out your own element.

Especially men are more sensitive than women.
It is true that physical compatibility does exist.

What does the man in front of you want?

Magnolia always explores it, talks and has sex.
People say I don't have to be so particular about it, but I like it.

to know peopleI don't think it's an exaggeration to call it my life's work anymore (laughs).

All you need is concentration.
Focus on the man in front of you without paying attention to unnecessary things.And I also get pleasure (not acting).

It doesn't always go well.
Still, if you can have sex like having a conversation, I think you can continue to have a pleasant relationship with each other.

Depending on the quality of SEX, you can also predict whether it will lead to the next one.
(It seems that it is not a matter of good or bad sex, but a matter of mutual feelings.

Is it someone you can open yourself up to?I think that respect and trust for the other party is necessary there. )


Let's get back to dating.
From about two hours after eating, the man was a little nervous... (especially his gaze lol).

Conversation is fun, but I'm also interested in the future... That's the atmosphere.
Magnolia had no reason to refuse, so I accepted, but I think it's cute to see a man like that.

Fortunately, the three men I met this time were not the type that Magnolia was not good at.

If this was an arrogant, ill-mannered man, Magnolia would have been racking her brains over how to say no during the meal. (It is possible that I will not have the opportunity to meet such a man in the future. Including that, human observation is very interesting.)

and salary negotiations.Actually, I don't think this is helpful.

because they don't negotiate.

Regarding allowances other than transportation expenses, I tell them, "I'll leave it up to Mr. ◯◯, so it's fine if Mr. ◯◯ decides."
Magnolia follows the values ​​that men attach to Magnolia.Even if it is a small amount, I accept it as consideration.

Whether the man spent a few hours comfortably, not the size of the amount.
That's what I'm worried about.In other words, Magnolia's negotiating technique is not to negotiate.

Then you shouldn't have to accept the money, right?
Some may think so.

Club activities and money.The relationship cannot be explained in a simple way.
I would like to bring that story over to the next time.

After that, I was promised the next time, and although the club activities have just started, I am grateful for the good relationship.

And in this way, I was given a place where I could output, and club activities became more and more interesting.

Thank you for all the connections.

Magnolia, Japanese name is Magnolia.

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