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A woman looks and charms

Hello everyone, this is Megumi Kuroo.

There is something I feel recently while interviewing many women every day.

This is what I've been thinking about lately.

Did you forget your facial muscles at home?

There are too many expressionless, unfriendly girls like that!

There are many possible reasons.


・Are you nervous?

・Or is it shy?

・Because the staff of the interviewer can't look down on you?

・Because pride is high?


Each has their own reasons,

Appearance is of course important when Kuroo looks at a woman.

Personally, I think that a charming woman is very important, so I try to pay attention to it.


"Men are brave, women are charming"

It's been said for a long time.

I think that's true.

Kuroo: Personally, I like ordinary people who are charming rather than unfriendly beauties.

A woman who smiles brightly shines many times and looks cute.


A smile makes a woman look more beautiful.


I re-examined the meaning of affection.


1  Smiley and cute.

2  A funny and lovable facial expression and gesture.

3  Words and actions that please others.


Kuroo saw this andthere is one in the class

 A woman who is cute but can't be said to be stunningly beautiful, but is somehow popular 

was associated with


He smiles and makes the other person happy with his lovable facial expressions and gestures.

She is a woman with the strongest personality just by writing it down.

There may be some people who are nervous and expressionless at first.

But before dad lifePeople who don't smile when meeting people....
give a negative impression to others.

・If you get poked during an interview
→ That kind of attitude towards the staff won't do you any good.
・I have to laugh
→ Even if you can't help it at first, even after you get used to it, you probably won't be able to react to this expression when you're talking to a man.
・Continue talking only about topics you like
→Are you a shy person?Self-centered?

I think.
Staff are human too.
Of course, I'm doing my best to shake off the wall, but just because she's a woman with a bad attitude,
It is also true that the way the force is applied will change slightly.
Excuse me

I'm just being asked to learn.
I work so hard that I can't create an atmosphere where women can smile, and every day is unsatisfying.

It is also the cause of black tail.

I will try harder! !


I had an interview at a branch the other day.

The woman who happened to be in charge was the exact opposite of aegyo.

Summing up concisely
・Do not laugh
・Ignore the explanation
・If you don't like it, it will be a little more quarrelsome and stronger.
・Do not change your opinion
・Talk only about your own achievements
・If things don't go your way, it's someone else's fault

what did you think I was very sad.


Kuroo: How would you react if a man told you something like this?
"I don't know, but I don't care."
Kuroo: No, it doesn't matter if they care or not. How would you respond?
“Since I studied psychology, it’s okay to change the subject with appropriate backlash. 』
↑ While angry


wrong.It's not.
I think it's important to think about what the other person is thinking and looking for in a conversation.


It is natural that there is a difference in the amount of knowledge between men who love cars and women who are not interested in cars.
It's not like it's no good because there's no equivalent knowledge.
Even if you are not interested or do not understand, you can listen to Nico Nico stories that you can react to.
(Ask what you don't understand.)
I need to be able to do that I don't think the conversation will continue.


The interview at that time made me think a lot about the conversation.
It's growing day by day.
Thank you very much.


during the interview,I have no intention of arguing.
I just want to know because I have an interview.
About women.
As much as possible.
What were you thinking and why did you decide to become a dad?
What kind of personality do you have?
What are your values?
How are you living?


Get to know women even a little, set them up even a little,
For men, of course, but for women too I met a wonderful person!I want you to have a wonderful time with me.
maybe it's pure ego


Papa-katsu is not a date between friends.
As long as there are things I've received, I'll just sit quietly and act like a doll
Don't you think bugs are good for getting money?

One of Kuroo's favorite quotes is from Akihiro Miwa.

"Accept me as I am"

What a silly woman.
They say you are what you are.
Brazen without any effort.
For example, even daikon radish in the field,
Pull it out, remove the dirt, peel it, cut it into strips,
Put it on a plate and say, "Yes, enjoy it."
So it will be delicious and accepted.

Don't you think it's rude to stick out a muddy radish and eat it? "

That's it.

A woman without charm, so to speakradish with mudWhat is it?

I want as many women as possible to become delicious radishes.
Kuroo thinks about it every day.
Of course, Kuroo himself works hard every day to make delicious radishes.

Let's work hard together!

Aegyo.Please cherish it.



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