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A convenient woman is suitable for a long-term relationship!

For long term relationships...

If you join the dating club, you will definitely get an offer!

No promises! !

Men also have preferences, and dating takes money and time.

not just anyone,a woman you would like to meetOtherwise the offer will not be accepted.

  • Someone who can't turn a valuable offer into a date
  • slow responder
  • People who can't adjust easily because of their own convenience

At that point, finished.

For those who have trouble interacting with the club, even if there is a man who is interested in you, even if you manage to reach a date, it will not go smoothly from there to a long-term relationship.

The reality is that a wonderful future awaits only those who are chosen.

After registering, I got some offers and went on dates, but it didn't lead to a long-term relationship.It seems that there are many people who have such troubles.

Honestly, at the time of the interview, I usually know if I'm suitable for a long-term relationship or not.Perhaps the men will understand once they meet.

If you think it's not suitable, don't invite more.

Even if you say "I'll see you again" in social terms, it won't be the second time.

Believe in the possibility, even if you meet twice, there will be no third time.

From my experience so far,If you meet three times and want to meet again, you are in a long-term relationship.

1 year, 2 years.I've been dating for about 10 years if it's a long time.

Many of the women who come to me for advice think that if it doesn't lead to a long-term relationship, it won't last.

What kind of people are suitable for long-term relationships?

Put simply,"Convenient Woman"whether you can become

This is the main point.

In short,Whether you can match.

It's easy to say, "I can talk to you."

"I'm the type who can make friends right away, so I'm confident."

No matter what you say...

"With someone XNUMX or XNUMX years older than you? Can you talk to them?"

I wonder.

I think there are many cases where men just think that they are getting along unilaterally, but in reality they act selfishly and men put up with it or push themselves too hard.

If you really can match

  • Can you match the other person's tastes?

→ If you like golf, try golf for the first time, or if you want to play SM during sex, I will respond to that.If he loves kissing, kiss him until he's satisfied, even if he doesn't like kissing.

  • Can you hold a conversation on the same level when political topics are discussed?

→ If you don't understand, try to understand the question.Don't pretend to know.It is necessary to have the feeling of being taught by a man.Instead of just ignoring them, deepen your knowledge, and ask more in-depth questions and convey your thoughts on your next date.

  • If someone asks you about the economy, can you answer?

→ At least check the news.Even if you can't read the Nikkei newspaper every day, record the WBS and play it back at 1.5x to check it.

  • Can you understand the person's work and keep up with industry topics?

→Even if you don't understand the technical terms, keep the latest industry news in mind.

If you can do this, I will bring you closer to a good woman! !

Yes, you can enjoy Okesa Persimmons in the form ofeffort requiredThat means.

Whether or not you can make that effort, I think, is the boundary.

  • I'm young and I'm dating
  • I don't really want to walk with you, but I'm dating you.
  • I'm pretending to feel it when I'm having sex.

If that feeling is even 1 mm,I can't be a good girl.

  • I try to match my date schedule with the man's schedule as much as possible.
  • Don't say anything negative.

These things are also important.

Don't just ask for money!

No matter how much you want a straightforward relationship, it will be difficult to develop a long-term relationship with only money.

In most cases, men are older.He has a lot of experience.No matter how you act, no matter how you lie,is largely broken.

There are many people who understand that and are the opponent.

The man is pretending to be deceived.


  • Gratitude
  • compassion for others

Those who have are for long-term relationships.


Now, can you become a convenient woman?



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